My Boys (TV Series 2006–2010)

Season 4

1Addition by SubtractionAddition by Subtraction (25 Jul. 2010)
P.J. and the guys must replace Andy in their weekly poker game.
2Gourmets and ConfusedGourmets and Confused (25 Jul. 2010)
When P.J., Bobby, Stephanie and Kenny decide to have a couples-only dinner, Brendan and Mike answer back by going to a fancy bar together.
3Mike-FestMike-Fest (1 Aug. 2010)
The gang goes on a pub crawl to celebrate Mike's birthday. Stephanie's book piques the interest of a film producer.
4Be a Man!Be a Man! (8 Aug. 2010)
Brendan's new girlfriend is too much for him to handle. Bobby re-evaluates what it takes to be a man after meeting NASCAR driver Brian Vickers.
5The NTOThe NTO (15 Aug. 2010)
P.J. worries that the spark has gone out of her relationship with Bobby. Brendan makes a connection with Stephanie's sister. The bad economy hits Kenny's memorabilia shop.
6Hanger ManagementHanger Management (22 Aug. 2010)
Brendan announces he's moving out of P.J.'s apartment, Bobby looks for a new career, and Kenny tries to get into the business of organizing closets.
7Puss 'N' GlutesPuss 'N' Glutes (5 Sep. 2010)
P.J. and Stephanie conduct a "dating intervention" on Mike and Brendan, respectively, to change their habits. Kenny and Bobby try working out to solidify their friendship.
8Extreme Mike-OverExtreme Mike-Over (12 Sep. 2010)
Mike's relationship with Marcia continues to grow. A group of obnoxious college students ruins Crowley's for P.J. and the gang.
9My MenMy Men (12 Sep. 2010)
Brendan must make a decision that could affect everybody, Stephanie receives an offer to work in London, and P.J. can't help Mike plan a birthday party for Marcia.