My Boys (TV Series 2006–2010)

Season 3

1Welcome Back, Kalla FötterWelcome Back, Kalla Fötter (31 Mar. 2009)
P.J. has to deal with both her relationship with Jack and Bobby's doubts concerning marriage. The boys have a mustache-growing contest, and Meredith gives birth.
2Private EyesPrivate Eyes (7 Apr. 2009)
P.J. tries to keep her new relationship from the guys, Brendan works over plans for his new club, and Mike decides to keep his mustache long after the contest is over.
3The Boyfriend HatThe Boyfriend Hat (14 Apr. 2009)
Mike has P.J. questioning her qualifications as her paper's new columnist. Andy gives Bobby boyfriend advice. Mike and Kenny find they sorely lack Brendan's animal magnetism.
4Decathlon: Part DeuxDecathlon: Part Deux (21 Apr. 2009)
The gang's annual board game decathlon at Crowley's causes conflict between P.J. and Bobby. Stephanie studies the habits of the guys for a research project.
5Carpe BurritoemCarpe Burritoem (28 Apr. 2009)
Brendan asks P.J. to run his life, Stephanie uses Mike in her new seminar, and Kenny goes all out for his new band.
6Madder of DegreesMadder of Degrees (5 May 2009)
An unusual break in a cold Chicago winter has an odd effect on the gang.
7Facebook the PastFacebook the Past (12 May 2009)
Bobby is shocked to learn P.J. still talks to her exes. The gang debates the minutiae of Facebook.
8Friends of FriendsFriends of Friends (19 May 2009)
Andy can't stand a new friend of Mike and Kenny. P.J. meets one of Stephanie's friends.
9Spring TrainingSpring Training (26 May 2009)
The gang heads out to Arizona to watch Cubs spring training.