My Boys (TV Series 2006–2010)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (28 Nov. 2006)
Into female sports columnist PJ's close all-male circle of serious baseball fan friends comes Bobby, a rival columnist who fits right in. Stephanie (PJ's only female friend) delights in tomboyish PJ considering him for romance.
2Mixed SignalsMixed Signals (28 Nov. 2006)
The issue of understanding signals comes up when Bobby gets dissed for giving PJ a gift at the clubhouse.
3Team ChemistryTeam Chemistry (5 Dec. 2006)
PJ fixes up Stephanie with one of Mike's college buddies while Brendan has a one-night-stand that won't quit.
4The SlumpThe Slump (5 Dec. 2006)
The whole gang is in a dating slump, which PJ makes worse when she tags along with the guys to a singles' bar. Afterwards, Stephanie drags her on a "ladies' evening" to help her get in touch with her feminine side.
5The ShowThe Show (12 Dec. 2006)
Divisions are in the air as Andy aims for the suburbs, Brendan heads for marriage, and PJ chooses opera with Hank over poker with the guys.
6Clubhouse PoisonClubhouse Poison (12 Dec. 2006)
Kenny's friend Trouty (whom the guys don't like and regard as a bad hang) joins the poker game. Meanwhile, PJ gets the guys to hang out with Hank in return for agreeing to spend a day with Wendy.
7Free AgentFree Agent (19 Dec. 2006)
PJ is forced to choose between going to dinner with her new boyfriend or competing with the guys in the annual decathlon competition they cooked up several years before.
8Superstar TreatmentSuperstar Treatment (19 Dec. 2006)
Three superstars enter PJ's life: foxy lady Dani (on Mike's arm, no less), surly veteran baseball player Hernando Garcia, and renowned reporter Jack Brisco - all at some point giving PJ a bad vibe.
9ManagersManagers (26 Dec. 2006)
When Meredith goes away for the weekend, the gang helps Andy cut loose.
10Take One for the TeamTake One for the Team (26 Dec. 2006)
Trouty gets the gang into an ultra-exclusive nightclub, but a problem arises between P.J. and the suave owner of the club.
11When Heroes Fall from GraceWhen Heroes Fall from Grace (27 Dec. 2006)
When Aunt Phyllis (PJ's idol) comes to town, PJ's enthusiasm cools when the woman begins dating one of her guys. Bobby is far less enthusiastic about meeting one of Mike's baseball idols, a very self-centered has-been.
12ReleasedReleased (27 Dec. 2006)
PJ, against Stephanie's advice, agrees to go out with a former classmate, while Bobby follows some bad advice on how to handle some inside information about Mike.
13Baseball MythsBaseball Myths (28 Dec. 2006)
When Andy's wife, Meredith, enlists PJ's help in distracting Andy on his birthday, she takes him on the trip of his lifetime.
14The Promise of a New SeasonThe Promise of a New Season (30 Jul. 2007)
PJ's kiss with Brendan falls flat as he moves on to a new girlfriend, Kenny sparks to a pregnant girl, and a boring commute from the suburbs begins to wear on Andy.
15Off DayOff Day (30 Jul. 2007)
PJ gets flustered over her appearance on a local cable sports show, while Stephanie hatches a plan for them to take their boyfriends to Italy. Only trouble is, they don't have boyfriends yet.
16EthicsEthics (6 Aug. 2007)
PJ considers starting up something with the new Cubs pitcher, and Brendan is picked as one of Chicago's Top 50 Sexiest Bachelors.
17Dirty Little SecretsDirty Little Secrets (13 Aug. 2007)
Andy gives Stephanie financial advice, the gang finds out Bobby's financial situation, and Kenny finds a new way to hit on women - no matter what the cost is.
18Second ChancesSecond Chances (20 Aug. 2007)
P.J.'s boyfriend from college comes to Chicago, rekindling old feelings in her, Kenny hires Mike to work in his shop, and Brendan avoids his girlfriend.
19Douchebag in the CityDouchebag in the City (27 Aug. 2007)
Brendan's ego gets out-of-hand that the gang decides to hold a douchebag intervention. Meanwhile, PJ's college friend Lyssa and her all-things-New-York entourage descend upon Chicago while Andy suffers from an overly friendly neighbor.
20The Estates of HoffmanThe Estates of Hoffman (3 Sep. 2007)
The gang heads out to the Hoffman Estates for a barbecue at Andy's house. P.J. runs into a botanist. Mike, Kenny and Brendan compete for the attention of a single mom. Andy receives some shocking news.
21110 Percent Solution110 Percent Solution (10 Sep. 2007)
As a reaction to his impending fatherhood and status in life, Andy buys a boat without telling Meredith. P.J. brings Evan to the poker game, and the guys argue about who's manliest.
22Rome, If You Want ToRome, If You Want To (10 Sep. 2007)
After giving up trying to find a date for Italy, several possibilities make themselves available to P.J. The gang take in the sights of Chicago.