Totally Frank (TV Series 2005–2006)

Season 2

1Episode #2.1Episode #2.1 (9 Apr. 2006)
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2Episode #2.2Episode #2.2 (16 Apr. 2006)
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3Episode #2.3Episode #2.3 (23 Apr. 2006)
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4Episode #2.4Episode #2.4 (30 Apr. 2006)
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5Episode #2.5Episode #2.5 (14 May 2006)
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6Episode #2.6Episode #2.6 (21 May 2006)
The girls are plunged into darkness as the power fails in the flat. Flo decides to play the hero and searches for the fuse box, but is danger lurking? A smitten Tasha uses the blackout to feign fear and get cosy with Nick, while Charlie and Alex's moment of tenderness is interrupted by an unexpected visitor. And Neve's feelings for Joe are questioned as they become locked in a passionate embrace. Is romance on the cards?
7Episode #2.7Episode #2.7 (28 May 2006)
Charlie throws herself into working for the band to get over her break-up with Alex, and manages to get the girls' single played on London FM - who also want to interview Tasha about giving up a solo deal for the band. However, because of the secret of her £25 grand debt to the record company, Tasha is paranoid about doing the interview, and walks out of the radio station. In the wake of an argument with Charlie, who cannot understand why Tasha has let the band down, Tasha accepts Nick's offer of a £25 grand loan to pay off her debt. Meanwhile, Charlie tries and fails...
8Episode #2.8Episode #2.8 (4 Jun. 2006)
Charlie is reeling in the wake of her break-up with Alex and declares that she wants to give things another go. She's distraught when he rejects her, but her mood is lifted when her dad arrives with bright ideas for the band's website. The atmosphere between Charlie and Tasha is strained, especially when Tasha chooses her boyfriend Nick over her friends. Upset, Charlie calls off their scheduled video shoot and seeks consolation from her dad. Will he help her to see a light at the end of the tunnel? And Neve agrees to go on a date with session musician Marcus, but is ...
9Episode #2.9Episode #2.9 (11 Jun. 2006)
Neve takes the first tentative steps towards forging a relationship with Marcus, but hits a stumbling block when he suggests she meet his son, Louis. They fail to hit it off, but Neve offers to baby sit when Marcus is called away. As they start to get on, she takes Louis down to Electric Jacks to help her set up her kit, but she becomes preoccupied talking to Joe, and disaster strikes... is the tragedy enough to shock Neve and Joe into realising their feelings for one another? Flo parties so hard with her new friend Lisa that she fails to show up for an important ...
10Episode #2.10Episode #2.10 (18 Jun. 2006)
A bootleg remix of the girls' single is released, which doesn't fit the image they were hoping to project. The girls are invited to perform the track at a clubbing hot spot, and Charlie sets about glamming them up. Joe goes along with the girls, but a secret from his past is revealed. Tasha and Nick come to blows at the club when he says that she's degrading herself in the band. Can they resolve their shattered relationship, or will this change in Nick's behavior prompt Tasha to make a drastic decision? And Charlie spots Flo's friend Lisa kissing the DJ that Flo ...
11Episode #2.11Episode #2.11 (25 Jun. 2006)
Nick continues in his quest to control Tasha, as Neve voices her concerns about him to Charlie. Another argument breaks out between Nick and Tasha, and Nick manipulatively infers that Tasha caused the dispute. Tasha is still questioning her feelings for Nick, but are her doubts strong enough to see through his conniving ways? Flo's partying antics lead to her inviting barman Adrian back to the band's apartment, but his true colors are quickly uncovered the following morning. And Charlie gets an unexpected phone call from her mother who delivers some devastating news.
12Episode #2.12Episode #2.12 (2 Jul. 2006)
Charlie struggles to overcome her overwhelming grief in the wake of her father's death, causing a rift with her mother in the process. Can the pair put their differences aside and move on from the tragedy? Tasha's secret is revealed when she confides in one of the girls. But when they betray her trust, she is left with a lot of explaining to do. When a record company representative, Dara, arrives at Electric Jack to inquire about venue hire, Joe sees the chance to boost the girls: is this finally the break they have been waiting for?
13Episode #2.13Episode #2.13 (9 Jul. 2006)
It's the morning the girls are due to sign their record contract and perform at the label party, and they are thrown into disarray when they wake up hung over. Can they regain their composure and pull off the performance of a lifetime? Neve is infuriated when she spots Joe kissing record executive Dara, putting the record deal in jeopardy. Can Neve maintain a professional stance and carry out the deal? Flo forces Neve to admit her true feelings for Joe, while Charlie offers Tasha a way out of her financial crisis. Things are looking up for the band, but will there be ...