Wildfire (TV Series 2005–2008)

Season 4

1The More Things Change: Part 1The More Things Change: Part 1 (21 Jan. 2008)
The fourth season begins six months after Kris was forced out of Raintree, which has undergone significant operational changes that leave Matt pining for the past.
2The More Things Change: Part 2The More Things Change: Part 2 (28 Jan. 2008)
After Kris unexpectedly returns for a glimpse of Wildfire's next race, she gains an unlikely ally and a place to stay.
3CalmCalm (4 Feb. 2008)
Jean and Pablo are adamant that Kris leave town instead of sticking around and helping to care for Wildfire.
4FlamesFlames (11 Feb. 2008)
Kris and Junior help Matt with his improbable plan to get Raintree back in the horse-racing business, which involves finding Wildfire's offspring, Flame.
5The FriendThe Friend (18 Feb. 2008)
Junior's preoccupation with his and Calvin's business proposition takes time away from his wedding plans, but Laura suspects his loss of focus may have something to do with Kris.
6Friendship/PassionFriendship/Passion (25 Feb. 2008)
The pressure is on Junior to decide whether or not to go through with his wedding to Laura after he and Kris share a moment of passion.
7Commitment IssuesCommitment Issues (3 Mar. 2008)
When it appears that Flame is ready for his first race, Kris decides to fight to get her jockey's license reinstated.
8Life's Too ShortLife's Too Short (10 Mar. 2008)
Kris hopes that Flame's success in the DuPont Stakes might help Jean change her mind about Raintree's future, but Kris isn't so sure about what part---if any---she'll play in it.
9VowsVows (28 Apr. 2008)
Kris and Junior hastily decide to get married, but they're forced to postpone their plans when Jean is injured by one of the horses rescued by Matt.
10The ComebackThe Comeback (5 May 2008)
With Jean still out of commission, Kris and Matt do their best to run the dude ranch at Raintree while also preparing for the next race, which features Dani's new horse in the field.
11Being Mrs. JuniorBeing Mrs. Junior (12 May 2008)
Universal disapproval of Kris and Junior's wedding plans has everyone on edge, and even Kris wonders if she has what it takes to be part of the Davis family.
12The Ties That Bind: Part IThe Ties That Bind: Part I (19 May 2008)
Kris and Junior consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relocate to Alaska for a year to work on a geothermal project in the series' penultimate episode.
13The Ties That Bind: Part 2The Ties That Bind: Part 2 (26 May 2008)
In the series finale, Junior's schedule goes haywire when an urgent matter in Alaska that requires his attention coincides with Kris' ride on Wildfire in the Tucker Stakes---and their wedding.