Wildfire (TV Series 2005–2008)

Season 2

1Try It Without the PorscheTry It Without the Porsche (2 Jan. 2006)
Kris meets Kerry Connelly, a sports agent who takes interest in Kris after the results of the Sandpiper Race.
2Opportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks (9 Jan. 2006)
On the heels of her dramatic second place finish in the Sandpiper Race, Kris is offered an opportunity to star in a commercial with Wildfire, which unexpectedly thrusts Kris and Junior together.
3A Good Convict Is Hard to FindA Good Convict Is Hard to Find (16 Jan. 2006)
Kris is invited back to Camp LaGrange by her friend, Leanne, to attend an event at the Equestrian Center where she first met Wildfire.
4Dangerous LiaisonsDangerous Liaisons (23 Jan. 2006)
Kris is left alone in charge of Raintree when Jean goes on a trip with Charlie, Matt goes with Dani to help her look into a new racehorse, and Pablo investigates a mysterious phone call.
5Family MattersFamily Matters (30 Jan. 2006)
With Pablo away, Matt trains Kris for her first turf race on Wildfire while simultaneously secretly training Wildfire's competition -- Dani's horse Picaro.
6Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the FutureNothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future (6 Feb. 2006)
Pablo is back, but something foul from his past follows close behind... Ken pays Isabelle $500,000 to drive Junior away from her, back to daddy. Junior finds himself in a relationship with Rebecca. Dani offers Matt a full-time job as her horse's trainer. Jean and Pete try to smoothen the grievances between them.
7Taking OffTaking Off (27 Feb. 2006)
Kris learns a lesson in the jockey life as she works under a renowned but demanding trainer.
8FearFear (6 Mar. 2006)
Kris must turn to Junior for help when she is asked to throw a race by John Zack, the figure from Pablo's past.
9BreakdownBreakdown (13 Mar. 2006)
Kris finds herself racing Dani's horse Picaro against Wildfire, as the result of a promise she made.
1051/4951/49 (20 Mar. 2006)
Kris deals with a crisis of confidence after the events of the pile-up, as Junior and Dani find out startling news about their father and Matt struggles with revealing information regarding the cause of the pile-up with Kris.
11Who Are YouWho Are You (27 Mar. 2006)
Kris has completed her term of parole, and faces her hearing. Despite some "poor judgment" on Kris's part, the judge deems that no further supervising is required. Becoming "a free woman", however, does not mean an end to her problems. Jean gets a letter from the Breeders' Invitational, but it is an invitation to spend money. To get Wildfire into the Breeders', they need an invitation from a board member of an expert panel of rich, biased persons. Luckily, Jean's father's friend is a member and invites him for a visit. He seems ready to invite Wildfire, but later ...
12For Love or MoneyFor Love or Money (3 Apr. 2006)
Gillian and Matt are really starting to hit it off, which makes for a really awkward atmosphere when they have to interact with Kris and Kerry. Also, thanks to Dani's sabotage, Gillian is convinced that Kris is only interested in her career and wants nothing to do with her. Dani and Junior are trying to figure out how to run the stable, but it starts to look like their only option is to sell it. Jean has her hands full taking care of the horses of Raintree. Kris and Dani start thinking what is in the best interest of their horses and go to Gillian with the truth and a...
13Best Laid PlansBest Laid Plans (14 Apr. 2006)
Kris must decide between staying at Raintree or traveling to Europe with Kerry to further her career; Wildfire races in the Breeders' Invitational Stakes.