Wildfire (TV Series 2005–2008)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (20 Jun. 2005)
Kris Furillo is released from the juvenile detention center and begins working at the Ritter family ranch.
2TrustTrust (27 Jun. 2005)
Kris returns to Raintree Ranch after ninety days at Camp Lagrange and begins the healing process.
3MothersMothers (11 Jul. 2005)
Kris' mother Barb pays an unexpected visit to Raintree.
4GuiltyGuilty (18 Jul. 2005)
Kris feels responsible when Oklahoma Crude is injured during a work out race with Wildfire so she gets a job at a local diner to help out, although it might not be enough.
5The Claiming RaceThe Claiming Race (25 Jul. 2005)
Agaisnt the backdrop of a highstakes horse race, Kris falls for Junior.
6Lost and FoundLost and Found (1 Aug. 2005)
Kris and her companions track lost horses in the woods while the Ritter family grows emotionally.
7The TrackThe Track (8 Aug. 2005)
Kris may stress he'll never get anyway with her, Kenny 'Junior' insists they have dinner together. On the track Wildfire starts great but suddenly looses steam completely- he is diagnosed with a dangerous colic, probably from food. Matt and Kris investigate possible poisoners after finding some cattle feed in his trailer. When Matt gets threatened by his new bookie to pay his gambling bets, he thinks that was the poisoner as a warning and sells the motorbike he loved because his dad gave it to him. Pablo, Jean Ritter's new partner, insists they switch from ...
8The PartyThe Party (15 Aug. 2005)
Kris makes an unexpected but crucial discovery about her past when an old friend arrives.
9IdentityIdentity (22 Aug. 2005)
When she gets thrown off a horse and injured, Kris herself realizes that a career as a jockey might come at a high price.
10Tina SharpTina Sharp (29 Aug. 2005)
Kris turns to painkillers to cope with her injury when the possibility of riding in an upcoming race is contingent upon her getting better.
11ImpressionsImpressions (5 Sep. 2005)
Kris and Junior are getting more serious as Junior invites Kris to have dinner with the Davis'.
12LoyaltyLoyalty (12 Sep. 2005)
Matt's gaming problem becomes dangerous, Dani's quest for her mother finally leads her to a confrontation, while Junior and Kris do the nasty.