Postcards from Buster (TV Series 2004– )

Season 3

1Ciao Buster (Italy)Ciao Buster (Italy) (7 Nov. 2008)
Buster and Bo go on a rare vacation to the magical city where the streets are water and the buildings are palaces--Venice, Italy! Buster learns how there are no cars and everything from mail delivery to buses is done by boat.
2Buster in Beijing (China)Buster in Beijing (China) (14 Nov. 2008)
On the heels of the Olympics, Buster travels to Beijing, but it's not athletics that's on his mind. Encountering kids who use their talents to help their communities, Buster is inspired to start giving back in his own neighborhood, too.
3Buster's Egyptian Adventure: EgyptBuster's Egyptian Adventure: Egypt (21 Nov. 2008)
Buster discovers there's more to modern Egypt than just mummies and mythology. From the fertile valleys to the desert stretches, Egypt is a film set at every turn, and the perfect location for Buster's adventures with his new friends.
4Finding Family in ChennaiFinding Family in Chennai (18 Feb. 2012)
Buster is ready to hit the beach in Chennai, India but his teacher, Mr. Ratburn, has other plans. He has assigned the class--including Buster--a social studies project to create a family tree that explains the person they are today.
5Vamos, BusterVamos, Buster (25 Feb. 2012)
After watching Daredevil Dario zip line though the Andes Mountains on TV, Buster is stoked to be heading to Chile. But Buster's nervous that he's not daring enough to keep up with the locals.