Postcards from Buster (TV Series 2004– )

Season 2

1Mykala, Pono and Buster's Big Hawaii Show (The Big Island, Hawaii)Mykala, Pono and Buster's Big Hawaii Show (The Big Island, Hawaii) (27 Nov. 2006)
Aloha! Buster begins his second season on Hawaii's Big Island where he meets an eight-year-old with her own TV show: "Mykala's Fishing Tips." Buster and Mykala team up with her friend Pono to learn about the science of volcanoes and the myth of the volcano goddess Pele. Plus they visit a "halau" - Hawaiian for hula school and swim with dolphins.
2The Mitten of Mackinac Island (Mackinac Island, Michigan)The Mitten of Mackinac Island (Mackinac Island, Michigan) (4 Dec. 2006)
Imagine Buster's disappointment when he visits his dad's favorite childhood vacation spot, Mackinac Island, and finds it's deserted in the winter - almost. He meets Lou, Scott, and Jeff. These year-round resident's favorite pastime is making short films, and with Buster as second camera they shoot a comedy about a ghost mitten that haunts the island during winter.
3Buster's Baseball Merengue (The Dominican Republic)Buster's Baseball Merengue (The Dominican Republic) (11 Dec. 2006)
Buster travels to the colorful, vibrant Dominican Republic as an unofficial scout for the Elwood City Grebes baseball team. There he meets Danny, a promising young baseball player. He also learns the key ingredients in the DRâ€ôs distinctive merengue music and samples a delicious local foodâ€"pasteles.
4The Case of the Coin Purloined (Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri)The Case of the Coin Purloined (Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri) (18 Dec. 2006)
Los Viajeros is performing at Fort Leonard Wood, an Army base in the Ozark Mountains. Buster meets Erin (9) and Hannah (6) whose father is deployed to Iraq. They help Buster solve a mystery and he helps them make a video postcard for their dad. In the process Buster gains new perspective on dealing with worries large and small.
5Philadelphia Masala (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)Philadelphia Masala (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (8 Jan. 2007)
In this episode Buster explores Philadelphiaâ€ôs vibrant South Asian community. He meets twins Arjun and Varun, who teach him yoga, and Rajbinder, a Sikh girl who invites him to her gurdwara (temple). His new friends also take Buster to a factory that makes what he thought impossible: good airplane food!
6A Capital Egg Hunt (Washington, D.C.)A Capital Egg Hunt (Washington, D.C.) (15 Jan. 2007)
Buster visits our nation's capital for where he meets Keith, Adrianna, Morgan and Jamal. They invite him to an Easter egg hunt, Easter dinner and Easter Monday, an annual celebration of African animals, traditions and foods at the National Zoo. Buster says yes to all invitations and learns a lesson in time management.
7La Belle Poutine (Montréal, Québec, Canada)La Belle Poutine (Montréal, Québec, Canada) (22 Jan. 2007)
It's Carlos and Mora's anniversary, and it's Buster's job to create a romantic postcard of their honeymoon destination: Montreal. At first he's worried that he won't understand the French-speaking locals but soon finds plenty to love about this beautiful Canadian city - ice hockey, the food specialty poutine and legend Ethel Bruneau's School of Dance.
8Your Friend, My Friend (San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico)Your Friend, My Friend (San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico) (29 Jan. 2007)
Busterâ€ôs class at Lakewood Elementary has pen pals in Encinitas, California and Buster is going to meet them! He takes video to send back to Elwood City and learn that the Encinitas kids have pen pals in Mexico. Together they travel to Tijuana to meet their Mexican pen pals. Buster realizes that crossing the border isnâ€ôt as elaborate as heâ€ôd imagined â€" and that itâ€ôs possible to make a pen pal chain across the world.
9This Just in! (Talladega, Alabama)This Just in! (Talladega, Alabama) (5 Feb. 2007)
When heâ€ôs given an assignment to do a news story, Buster goes to the Alabama School for the Blind. At the school he meets best friends Katie and Keyunna and their older brothers KJ and Curtis. With their help, Buster finds out he has some misconceptions about visually impairment. As he puts together his news story he learns that the truth is better than anything he can make up!
10Return to Louisiana (New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia)Return to Louisiana (New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia) (19 Feb. 2007)
After Hurricane Katrina, Buster and Bo check in on the friends they made in Season 1 and take supplies for the hurricane relief efforts. Arthur and Busterâ€ôs families get together to watch the postcards that Buster brings home. This episode portrays the healing power found in helping others, in creativity and in the love of families.