Postcards from Buster (TV Series 2004– )

Season 1

1Meet Me at the Fair: Knox, IndianaMeet Me at the Fair: Knox, Indiana (11 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Feed the cows, take out the garbage, clean the house, all before breakfast?!
2A Sense of Direction: Chicago, IllinoisA Sense of Direction: Chicago, Illinois (12 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - At the Sears Tower, Buster meets Farah, a 10 year-old Muslim girl who tells Buster about wearing hijabs, praying towards Mecca, and shopping at her favorite neighborhood Pakistani shops.
3Buster and Beatrice: San Antonio, TexasBuster and Beatrice: San Antonio, Texas (13 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Buster meets 12 year-old Robert who has been playing Conjunto music on his accordion since he was five with grown ups who share this traditional Mexican-American musical form.
4The Giant Pumpkins: Mt. Hood and Canby, OregonThe Giant Pumpkins: Mt. Hood and Canby, Oregon (14 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Near Mt. Hood, Buster meets some regular-sized kids who grow giant pumpkins for competition.
5Among the Hmong: Madison, WisconsinAmong the Hmong: Madison, Wisconsin (15 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - At a Southeast Asian festival, Buster meets Diana, Caitlin, and Rosie, who share the same last name and Hmong heritage-AND they all live on the same street!
6Sleepy in Seattle: Seattle, WashingtonSleepy in Seattle: Seattle, Washington (18 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - All this traveling has Buster frazzled, and in Seattle, he's developed a bad case of insomnia.
7Up the River: Mandan and Bismarck, North DakotaUp the River: Mandan and Bismarck, North Dakota (19 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, Buster takes a canoe trip with the Stenslie family.
8Rodeo Cowgirl: Houston, TexasRodeo Cowgirl: Houston, Texas (20 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - When Buster arrives in Houston, he is disappointed to learn that Texas isn't all cowboys and open country.
9Buster's Buffalo Round-Up: Rapid City, South DakotaBuster's Buffalo Round-Up: Rapid City, South Dakota (21 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Buster experiences the traditions, history, and adventure of South Dakota.
10Moose on the Loose: Jackson Hole, WyomingMoose on the Loose: Jackson Hole, Wyoming (22 Oct. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Amidst the beauty of Jackson Hole, Buster is determined to track down a moose to show his friends back home.
11Rock and Roll: Boulder, ColoradoRock and Roll: Boulder, Colorado (8 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Amidst the splendor of El Dorado Canyon in Boulder, Buster climbs mountains-literally-and faces his insecurities.
12Hoops and Drums: Lander, WyomingHoops and Drums: Lander, Wyoming (9 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - On the Wind River Reservation, Buster meets kids from the Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes who teach him Native traditions including drumming and pow wow dancing.
13Swimming in the Desert: Phoenix, ArizonaSwimming in the Desert: Phoenix, Arizona (10 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - In Phoenix, Buster checks out the Brophy Sports Campus, an elite training facility for swimmers that Francine has dreams of attending.
14Good Ol' Tyme: Whitesburg, KentuckyGood Ol' Tyme: Whitesburg, Kentucky (11 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Just because Buster's traveling doesn't mean that he gets out of Mr. Ratburn's assignments.
15Buster's Road Rules: Tucson, ArizonaBuster's Road Rules: Tucson, Arizona (12 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Buster joins Carlos and Mora on a road trip through the Sonora Desert.
16Bayou, by Me: Slidell and Larose, LouisianaBayou, by Me: Slidell and Larose, Louisiana (15 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Inspired by the bayou, Buster sets off to capture the "Swamp Monster" on film.
17Best Friends: Winchester, KentuckyBest Friends: Winchester, Kentucky (16 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - Buster is absolutely positive that the latest Bionic Bunny comic book is his.
18Winter Gold: Park City, UtahWinter Gold: Park City, Utah (17 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - At the Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Buster finds out what it really takes to be an Olympic athlete.
19Star Search: Charleston, South CarolinaStar Search: Charleston, South Carolina (18 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - When Buster meets Justin, a talented 10 year-old actor, musician, and athlete, he decides to produce a documentary for Before They Were Stars.
20We Are Family: Salt Lake City, UtahWe Are Family: Salt Lake City, Utah (19 Nov. 2004)
From PBS KIDS - While in Salt Lake City, Buster is invited to spend the day with of the Hirschis, a Mormon family and old friends of Bo.
21Buster's League of Champions: Virginia Beach, VirginiaBuster's League of Champions: Virginia Beach, Virginia (3 Jan. 2005)
Disappointed with the last Bionic Bunny movie, Buster decides it his duty as a devoted B.B. fan to send a video to the movie's producers with suggestions for the next sequel. He enlists the help of kids who live in Trailer City to create their own action-adventure superheroes in Buster's "Postcard to the Producers."
22A Bridge Back Home: Brooklyn, New YorkA Bridge Back Home: Brooklyn, New York (4 Jan. 2005)
Buster helps Carlos search the New York city borough of Brooklyn for Carlos's family's oud - a Middle Eastern guitar. To find it, they get help from James, a Lebanese boy who leads Buster through his Middle Eastern neighborhood. Buster meets the Kholad family and other helpful New Yorkers who share their lives, homes, and music with him.
23Lost and Found: Guanajuato, MexicoLost and Found: Guanajuato, Mexico (5 Jan. 2005)
Mora guides Buster through his travels in this picturesque and historic city in her native country. Buster gets lost (and found), tries his hand at learning Spanish, and, with the help of some local kids, discovers that communication means more than just speaking the language.
24The Music Mystery: New Orleans, LouisianaThe Music Mystery: New Orleans, Louisiana (6 Jan. 2005)
Fern is writing a mystery story for a writing contest, but she needs help developing the characters. So Buster Baxter, Private Eye, investigates New Orleans's rich music and dance history. Along the way, he meets African drummer Colin, choir director Brittany, and stilt dancer Niya.
25The Lowriders: East Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Lowriders: East Los Angeles, California (7 Jan. 2005)
Buster thought he had his heart set on buying a sparkling new Schwibbermeier 5000 bike direct from their L.A. factory. But when he meets R.J. and his younger cousins Brian and Anthony in east L.A., they introduce him to the world of lowrider bikes. Buster finds out that sometimes the coolest things aren't what you can buy but what you can make.
26Beats by the Bay: San Francisco, CaliforniaBeats by the Bay: San Francisco, California (10 Jan. 2005)
Carlos and Mora's new music video is selected to debut on 2CoolTV. The only problem is the song isn't finished, and they haven't even begun to think about the video! So while Carlos and Mora scramble to finish the song, Buster directs a video featuring hip hop dancers Briauna, Dariane, and Zack grooving their way around San Francisco and proving that hip hop is for everyone.
27A City View: Manhattan, New YorkA City View: Manhattan, New York (11 Jan. 2005)
While taking in the sights of Manhattan with new friends Aryeh and Mattie, Buster discovers that living in a big city doesn't mean you're trapped in giant skyscrapers. The kids help Buster understand a little more about city life and about their traditions as Orthodox Jews.
28Homes Sweet Homes: Miami, FloridaHomes Sweet Homes: Miami, Florida (12 Jan. 2005)
Buster really misses his mom. But Bitzi is stuck in Elwood City trying to write a new food column for the newspaper. In Miami, Buster meets Athena who is half Cuban and half Greek. He helps Bitzi complete her assignment after he picks up great cooking tips from both of Athena's grandmothers.
29Riding the Wave: Cocoa Beach, FloridaRiding the Wave: Cocoa Beach, Florida (13 Jan. 2005)
Surf's up! But beware of the jellyfish and riptides! Buster hits the waves with siblings Forrest and Coral, two native Cocoa Beachers for whom surfing is a way of life. Buster learns how, for this Florida family, the beach is home.
30Buster's Lucky Year: San Francisco, CaliforniaBuster's Lucky Year: San Francisco, California (14 Jan. 2005)
Ever since arriving in San Francisco, Buster has been plagued with bad luck. His fortune takes a turn for the better when he meets Hayley and Kery, two young Chinese American girls who share their customs: a big family meal before the Chinese New Year parade-the biggest in the country!
31Spring Break: Iqaluit, Nunavut, CanadaSpring Break: Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada (31 Jan. 2005)
Spring break near the North Pole?? While Arthur is hanging out at the beach, Buster spends his spring break in far northern town of Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut. Buster quickly learns that the weather, as well as the way of life, is very different than what he's used to. But some things, like sledding down hills, are just like home!
32Buster Gets on Board: Los Angeles, CaliforniaBuster Gets on Board: Los Angeles, California (1 Feb. 2005)
Inspired by his arrival in Hollywood, Buster decides to direct a skateboarding action flick featuring Sue Ellen's pen pal Brandon and his skateboarding team. Buster discovers that courage and dedication are two key ingredients to becoming serious skateboarders.
33Sugartime!: Hinesburg, VermontSugartime!: Hinesburg, Vermont (22 Mar. 2005)
Buster explores Vermont life with the help of Emma, Lily and their families.
34Buster's Sweet Song: Leiper's Fork, TennesseeBuster's Sweet Song: Leiper's Fork, Tennessee (3 Feb. 2005)
Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.
35Family Reunion: Nashville, TennesseeFamily Reunion: Nashville, Tennessee (4 Feb. 2005)
The Read family reunion is in Nashville, and Buster joins them as the official cameraman. But when D.W. meets Barin, a 9 year-old girl from Nashville's growing Kurdish community, she decides it's much more important to help Barin make her own video postcard for her dad who works in Iraq as a translator.
36Alien Adventure: Roswell, New MexicoAlien Adventure: Roswell, New Mexico (28 Mar. 2005)
Buster's obsession with space aliens reaches new heights in Roswell, where UFO fans from all over the country come to the annual Alien Days Festival. During a car ride with his incredulous dad, Buster swears he's seen an alien crash landing. With the help of local kids, Buster sets out to find the truth.
37Coming Together: Seattle, WashingtonComing Together: Seattle, Washington (29 Mar. 2005)
During their visit to Seattle, Los Viajeros are performing to benefit a local senior home. Buster's new friend DeShe shows him how he helps others through his family's gospel ensemble. It gets Buster thinking: what has he been doing to help others?
38Treasure Island: San Juan, Puerto RicoTreasure Island: San Juan, Puerto Rico (20 Mar. 2005)
Los Viajeros are stuck in a recording studio in San Juan, and Carlos has writer's block. So he enlists Buster and Bo's help to uncover some of his childhood memories and stimulate his songwriting. While in Puerto Rico, Buster discovers the beauty of Old San Juan, secret beaches, and the rainforest. He also puts to use the Spanish that he's learned on his travels.
39Step by Step: Hartford, ConnecticutStep by Step: Hartford, Connecticut (31 Mar. 2005)
Francine and Sue Ellen need to learn the 1-2-3s of Puerto Rican dance. So Buster explores the Puerto Rican community in Hartford where he meets 10 year-old Katerina. She shows Buster the traditional bomba and plena dances, and the modern salsa. She also shares her hearing impairment with Buster, proving that nothing can stop her from doing what she loves most.
40Buster's Big Goal: East Boston, MassachusettsBuster's Big Goal: East Boston, Massachusetts (1 Apr. 2005)
The first game of Elwood City's soccer season is coming up, but with all the traveling, Buster's game is a little rusty. So he enlists the help of his new Brazilian friends and soccer experts, Rafael, Pedro and Eduardo. Buster gets all the practice he needs just in time to impress his friends back home.