Rebelde (TV Series 2004–2006)

Season 3

1Episode #3.1Episode #3.1 (16 Jan. 2006)
Roberta enters with Tomas and saves Diego saying that the music was from Tomas. The definitive reconciliation between Tomas and Diego. Carlos confesses to the secretary that he suspects that there is something between them. Mia asks Lupita if Joaquín goes out with Roberta but she can not tell him the truth because I swear to Roberta.
2Episode #3.2Episode #3.2 (17 Jan. 2006)
Thus, the two continue without discovering the game of Joaquin. Diego tries to hit his father and is stopped by a teacher of ethics who realizes that the boy is wrong Appoint the mother to get her to take the side of her son. Bustamante, in revenge, send Diego to a military school. Joaquin gets special permission to go to a Judged with Roberta and see Marcellin.
3Episode #3.3Episode #3.3 (18 Jan. 2006)
There, Roberta meets Alma and says that is that It is your mother. Discussion between them. Roberta ends by telling him that she is expecting a child of Joaquin. The men are so in love with Lulu that they decide to be part of the group of chore Mia about to have her first relationship with Joaquín.
4Episode #3.4Episode #3.4 (19 Jan. 2006)
There, Roberta meets Alma and says that is that It is your mother. Discussion between them. Roberta ends by telling him that she is expecting a child of Joaquin. The men are so in love with Lulu that they decide to be part of the group of chore Mia about to have her first relationship with Joaquín.
5Episode #3.5Episode #3.5 (20 Jan. 2006)
Leon gives Diego a motorcycle. Karen invites the fourth class to Nico's coffee. Nico learns that his family is in ruins. Roberta shows Mia that Joaquin cheated on them. Teo tells his mother that his brother was on drugs. Roberta tries to convince Mia to act against Joaquin.
6Episode #3.6Episode #3.6 (23 Jan. 2006)
The lodge meets to welcome you to the new member "caregiver". It is made clear that the theme of Teo and Roberta was a verse and that Roberta she is not pregnant. The teacher of ethics has deep talk with Diego. Next day: Mia He signs signatures so that men do not do gym but can not get them out. Thanks to Roberta, she it produces reconciliation between Diego and the breast. Diego returns to school.
7Episode #3.7Episode #3.7 (24 Jan. 2006)
Alma and the teacher of Ethics decide to integrate parents into the school giving special classes, despite opposition from Roberta. Mia asks Giovanni to find out why Joaquin left her.
8Episode #3.8Episode #3.8 (25 Jan. 2006)
Roberta takes Tomas with Leon and Tomas is blamed for the recording on the radio. Celina tells Mia that Joaquin understands Roberta. Professor Carlos tells Alicia that Gaia gave Madariaga a gift. Roberta confesses to Lupita that Joaquin is her boyfriend. Alicia tells Pascual her suspicion of Galia and Madariaga. Giovanni's parents visit him at school and they find him kissing with Vico.
9Episode #3.9Episode #3.9 (26 Jan. 2006)
Diego returns the blow to his father; Madariaga stops them. Joaquin manages to get permission to go see Marcelino. Madariaga speaks with Mabel, Diego's mother. Mia gives Calina a uniform that I command her to do especially. Leon tells Diego that he will go to a military boarding school. In the home, they tell Roberta that someone wants to adopt Marcellin.
10Episode #3.10Episode #3.10 (27 Jan. 2006)
Pepa introduces herself to Roberta and tells her that her mother is helping her adopt Marcellin; Alma appears and Joaquin discovers who is Roberta's mother. Miguel shows Mia who knows how to dance and can enter the choreography group. Roberta gets mad at Alma and makes her think that she is pregnant with Joaquin. Diego leaves school and Roberta convinces him to stay where it was Marcelino's hiding place.
11Episode #3.11Episode #3.11 (30 Jan. 2006)
Miguel tells Joaquin that Mia's father is a narc so he can get away from her. Alma listens to Mia say that she almost has relations with Joaquin; She advises that when she surrenders, she does it out of love. Lupita tells Alma that Roberta is not pregnant.
12Episode #3.12Episode #3.12 (31 Jan. 2006)
Roberta takes Mabel with Diego on the condition that she does not reveal it to her father; Mabel tells Diego not to go to the military boarding school. Giovanni investigates Joaquin and discovers that he left Mia because Miguel told him that Franco was a narc. Mia looks for Miguel in the showers.
13Episode #3.13Episode #3.13 (1 Feb. 2006)
Roberta tells Teo that her brother put Joaquin's brother into drugs and he gets angry. Nico's mother arrives at school accompanied by Karen, Nico's girlfriend. Pilar tells Lupita about Karen and she gets sick. Madariaga puts Mia and Miguel together to do a job on them so they can get to know each other. Mia asks Miguel if she brings him dead.
14Episode #3.14Episode #3.14 (2 Feb. 2006)
Teo asks his father if it is true that his brother was drugged but he denies it. Roberta drives Joaquin's boat and accidentally causes her to hurt her ankle. Mia and Roberta go back to school. Vico's brother visits her to tell her that he received a call that took a man to his home. Mayra calls Alma to tell her that Roberta is sad. The kids go to Nico's cafe and Lupita sees him kissing Karen.
15Episode #3.15Episode #3.15 (3 Feb. 2006)
Celina tells Mia that Vico slept with Miguel. Vico proposes to Miguel that they keep their relationship in silence but he does not accept it. Roberta throws juice on Joaquin. Karen's dad tells Nico that RBD likes coffee and wants to hire them. Vico tells Mia and Celina that she and Miguel are dating.
16Episode #3.16Episode #3.16 (6 Feb. 2006)
Roberta tries to talk to Joaquin but this angry and mocking tone mentions that he is with Teo. Roberta becomes angry and goes against Vico; Miguel rescues Vico. Diego puts himself against his father by telling him that he would go to live with his mother if the divorce occurs. Roberta arranges things with Joaquin in spite of making Teo feel bad.
17Episode #3.17Episode #3.17 (7 Feb. 2006)
Mabel notifies Diego that Leon will be no longer going to pay school fees. Mia asks Miguel to walk with Vico. Nico talks to his mother about Lupita and gets sick when she learns that Lupita is not Jewish. Diego asks Tomas his house in Cuernavaca to do a car hijacking.
18Episode #3.18Episode #3.18 (8 Feb. 2006)
Roberta asks Joaquin about Teo's brother and Teo tells him that Teo's brother was apparently drugged when he died. Giovanni sees Joaquin flirting with Pilar. Mabel asks Diego to stay and live with Leon but he does not accept. Roberta tells Teo that her brother did not die because of him but because he was drugged.
19Episode #3.19Episode #3.19 (9 Feb. 2006)
Alma makes Marcelino look like he was beaten and thus ruin the appointment of Roberta and Joaquin. Karen's dad opens a coffee and tells Nico that he will be the future owner. Lupita tells Diego and Giovanni that Roberta is Joaquin's other girlfriend. Roberta returns Marcelino to her house and discovers that everything was a lie.
20Episode #3.20Episode #3.20 (10 Feb. 2006)
Celina sees Vico going out with Miguel to the movies. Diego tells Roberta about Joaquin's deception. Miguel spends the night at Vico's house because they are late in their appointment and they will not let him enter the school anymore. Mia goes with Joaquin to Teques and Celina tells Roberta.
21Episode #3.21Episode #3.21 (13 Feb. 2006)
Madariaga tells Diego that he can trust him. Mia is given the task of getting Alicia to be his father's girlfriend. Jose Lujan sends a message to Roberta about the symptoms of panic attacks. Roberta tells Miguel that Giovanni wants to go out with Celina for doing the favor to another girl. Miguel hits Giovanni; Esteban decides to expel him but Madariaga fixes the situation.
22Episode #3.22Episode #3.22 (14 Feb. 2006)
Nico ends with Lupita. Pilar tells Joaquin that he does not know about anonymity, but it sure was either Mia or Roberta. Nico tells Miguel and Diego that Jacobo wants to hire them. Alma calls Franco by posing as the school nurse and tells her that Mia is sick.
23Episode #3.23Episode #3.23 (15 Feb. 2006)
Lupita tells Roberta that they do not know Jose Lujan well. Leon receives an anonymous saying that his family is in danger; This decides to put an escort to Diego and not let him out of school. Mendiola, the majority partner of the school, threatens Pascual with replacing him with a complaint he received from a family man (Franco complaining about Alma Rey). Roberta shows Teo an article about Igancio and he screams at him to leave him alone.
24Episode #3.24Episode #3.24 (16 Feb. 2006)
Tomas tells Madariaga what Diego plans to do. Miguel invites Roberta to the group; Diego invites Lupita. Madariaga tells Leon that Diego thinks about self-kidnapping. The police stop whoever helps Diego. Lupita watches Jose Lujan. Franco asks Alma for help with Mia. Diego leaves school but runs into his father.
25Episode #3.25Episode #3.25 (17 Feb. 2006)
Franco and Alma have a talk without fighting while having dinner; reporters take photos Madariaga makes Diego see what could have happened if he made the kidnapping car. Pascual tells Alma that somebody complained to the committee about his talk and thinks it was Colucci; Alma looks for him in his parade and decorates the ornaments.
26Episode #3.26Episode #3.26 (20 Feb. 2006)
Mia asks Giovanni to go out with Celina. Vico shows Mia the newspaper where Alma and Franco go out to dinner. Roberta invites Celina to participate in the group. Roberta and Lupita follow Jose Lujan out of school and face her over food and laptop. Jose Lujan shows them that food is for a poor family and gets angry with them. Celina goes to the rehearsals and the kids like her voice.
27Episode #3.27Episode #3.27 (21 Feb. 2006)
Mabel and Leon announce to Diego that they were reconciled. Vico tells Mia that she will go with Miguel to the parade. Alma sends Franco a wreath of flowers. Jose Lujan has permission to leave school and says he will not return; Roberta follows her. Lulu finds Galia and Madariaga kissing. Jose Lujan discovers the home where he lived abandoned and about to be demolished.
28Episode #3.28Episode #3.28 (22 Feb. 2006)
Vico's brother forbids her exits. A guy bothers Jose Lujan and threatens her with a knife; Roberta rescues her. They realize that Roberta ran away from school. Pascual tells Alma that he will be severe with punishment. Lupita tells Nico that Karen is waiting for him in the cafeteria.
29Episode #3.29Episode #3.29 (23 Feb. 2006)
Diego tells Mabel that he is the same as Leon, interested. Alma returns to Roberta and Jose Lujan to school. Pascual informs the students that new stricter rules will be integrated; the first will be the expulsion of Roberta. Roberta says she left school to see a doctor for panic attacks; Matt confirms the story.
30Episode #3.30Episode #3.30 (24 Feb. 2006)
The Lodge decides to go against the lowest room. Tomas tells Diego and Giovanni that he saw Madariaga kissing Galia. Franco sends an invitation to his parade to Mia. Mendiola re-introduces Esteban to the Elite Way as prefect with a secret mission. A specialist reviews Roberta and doubts her attacks.
31Episode #3.31Episode #3.31 (27 Feb. 2006)
Celina meets Augusto, Vico's brother, and he invites her to drink something. The kids provide for the success of the band. Esteban treats Jose Lujan badly. Mia tells Vico that she has to leave Miguel so the Lodge will stop bothering her. Miugel's mother comes to school and asks him what he does in a school and not in the university. Joaquin gets sick for being drugged.
32Episode #3.32Episode #3.32 (28 Feb. 2006)
Franco invites Miguel and his mother to spend Christmas at home. Alma and Leon look for their respective children and they kiss and say they are boyfriends so they will not be disturbed. Esteban accuses Roberta of scratching the car but Bustamante helps her. Alma gives a blow to stop because Franco is crossed.
33Episode #3.33Episode #3.33 (1 Mar. 2006)
The boys of the group put to vote which girl stays; Miguel votes for Celina and not Mia. Esteban continues to bother Jose Lujan. Alma pretends to be very bad because of the accident with Franco. Roberta says in front of the class that she and Diego are dating. The kids discuss how they celebrate Christmas.
34Episode #3.34Episode #3.34 (2 Mar. 2006)
Mia gets melancholy thinking about her mother. Pascual bored the kids with his Christmas speech. Celina goes out again with Augusto but Vico accompanies them. Mayra, Lupita and Miguel go to the inn in the neighborhood. The others try to escape but Esteban stops them; Alma manages to take them from school. Franco takes Mia to the neighborhood inn.
35Episode #3.35Episode #3.35 (3 Mar. 2006)
Joaquin accuses Tomas of selling drugs and Pascual believes him. Roberta tries to cheer up Celina. Mia and Roberta get a not very pleasant surprise when they see their respective parents at the hotel. Madariaga quotes Tomas' parents at school.
36Episode #3.36Episode #3.36 (6 Mar. 2006)
Joaquin gives Tomas drug to deliver. The kids use the band's first check to give the hospital deposit for Nico's dad. Miguel asks Franco for a loan. Lupita visits Nico. Leon tells Roberta to protect herself so she does not get pregnant with Diego.
37Episode #3.37Episode #3.37 (7 Mar. 2006)
Roberta gets upset with Leon's comment. Professor Hilda insults Teo but Roberta defends him. Alma asks Roberta to retract and she accepts but with disappointment. Diego tells Roberta that the last song he wrote made her thinking about her. Teo tells Alma that Roberta defended him.
38Episode #3.38Episode #3.38 (8 Mar. 2006)
Pascual calls the students so that Roberta apologizes to the professor publicly; Alma stops her. Matt spends Christmas alone; Roberta invites him to his dinner. Giovanni's parents go to school and invite Tomas with them. Mia is surprised to see Miguel and his family at dinner.
39Episode #3.39Episode #3.39 (9 Mar. 2006)
Teo is encouraged to spend Christmas with Roberta and Jose Lujan. Leon tells Diego about his conversation with Roberta about getting pregnant and Diego gets mad. Nico tries to say something to his father but he loses his vital signs.
40Episode #3.40Episode #3.40 (10 Mar. 2006)
Leon gives Diego an imported car. Alma and the others celebrate singing and dancing. Giovanni is ashamed of his parents and the Christmas party but Tomas has fun. The Colucci and Arango family dine acoustically. Nico's father undergoes surgery. Joaquin pays Tomas for the job.
41Episode #3.41Episode #3.41 (13 Mar. 2006)
Franco sends the check to Miguel for Mia; Mia does not think it's for Nico's father and decides not to give it to her. Pascual tells Professor Hilda to let her go for a while. Miguel tries to take the check from Mia by force; Esteban sees it and gives him a report.
42Episode #3.42Episode #3.42 (14 Mar. 2006)
Mia and Roberta move their parents and go with the other kids to a beach party to celebrate the New Year. The kids offer and ask for the best for next year. Alma and Franco have dinner together so they do not receive the new year alone.
43Episode #3.43Episode #3.43 (15 Mar. 2006)
Mia gets hysterical and Esteban tries to calm her down. Nico's mother reads a letter that he wrote to his father and starts to behave cold with Nico. Franco receives Alma's lawyer and discovers that it is Valeria, his ex-fiancee. Diego kisses Roberta on impulse but says it was to disguise.
44Episode #3.44Episode #3.44 (16 Mar. 2006)
Mia tries to hit Roberta but Diego protects her. Mia and Roberta have to ask each other's forgiveness to not give them a report. Valeria shows Franco the irregularities of the case. Madariaga discovers Professor Carlos before Lulu mentioning his wife; Lulu asks him not to come near her again.
45Episode #3.45Episode #3.45 (17 Mar. 2006)
Valeria tells Alma to forget the demand. Mia and Roberta face each other in a box fight. The tutor of Jose Lujan writes to him and says that there is no one in Mexico with Esteban's data. A gossip gazette mentions the fight between Mia and Roberta and says it was for Joaquin although he is now interested in Pilar. Alicia warns Mia and Roberta that they have been suspended.
46Episode #3.46Episode #3.46 (20 Mar. 2006)
Pilar confirms to her father about the fight between Mia and Roberta. Madariaga finds drugs inside the school. Alma and Franco are summoned at the address; Franco asks Pascual that when Mia returns from the suspension, Roberta is no longer in school.
47Episode #3.47Episode #3.47 (21 Mar. 2006)
Madariaga solves the conflict and the punishment is lifted. Carlos finds Diego's work blank but with a grade of 7 and tells Pascual. Franco pays Alma the amount he asked for in the lawsuit. Mia asks Nico for forgiveness and gives her some chocolates.
48Episode #3.48Episode #3.48 (22 Mar. 2006)
Pilar sees Tomas and Joaquin with drugs and questions Joaquin; He tells her that Tomas sells drugs and tried to sell him. Jose Lujan steals Esteban's file. Nico's mother tells him to read his letter and not let him see his father until he reflects on his decision to end Karen. Roberta thinks to make disappear the works so that they do not run to Madariaga; Miguel offers to go.
49Episode #3.49Episode #3.49 (23 Mar. 2006)
Vico reads a letter that Mia wrote to Celina mentioning the appointment between Celina and Augusto. Mia questions Alma about Valeria. Vico tells Celina that Mia planned her date with Augusto. Madariaga finds two students with drugs and they accuse Joaquin of distributing it.
50Episode #3.50Episode #3.50 (24 Mar. 2006)
Carlos accuses Madariaga in front of Pascual, but he can not find the letter. Celina misbehaves with Mia. Nico tells his mother not to return to the Elite Way. The kids go on an end-of-year trip to Cozumel. Franco intends to surprise Mia by reaching her on her trip.
51Episode #3.51Episode #3.51 (27 Mar. 2006)
Roberta calls Alma to let her know she is in Cozumel and they will not spend the new year together. Madariaga informs Pascual about drugs and he asks Joaquin what he has to do with it.
52Episode #3.52Episode #3.52 (28 Mar. 2006)
Roberta tells Diego why it is so with Alma and are about to kiss. Mia, as a result of the drunkenness, confesses to Miguel that she likes and they kiss; the next day he does not remember what happened. Teo is blamed for saving Lujan DE Esteban. Nico tells Lupita that he can not finish with Karen.
53Episode #3.53Episode #3.53 (29 Mar. 2006)
Madariaga speaks with Tomas's father but he does not pay attention to him. Roberta is impressed with Facundo, a friend of Diego. Goycolea does business with Pascual. Diego is jealous that Roberta has a date with Facundo. Mia and Roberta fight over Celina's friendship.
54Episode #3.54Episode #3.54 (30 Mar. 2006)
Fifth graders are expelled for the drug issue; Tomas confesses to Giovanni that he is afraid of being discovered. Augusto tries to talk to Celina but she runs it. Madariaga asks to speak with Tomas.
55Episode #3.55Episode #3.55 (31 Mar. 2006)
Alma brings Mia a report on Valeria. Mia invents being sick to ruin the dinner to Franco and Valeria. Celina and Mia discover Vico's lie and become friends again. Franco and Alma take the parent workshop with Madariaga. Joaquin tells Tomas that they will continue with the drug business outside of school.
56Episode #3.56Episode #3.56 (3 Apr. 2006)
Miguel gets Mia in trouble with Professor Carlos because he thinks that Vico is being treated badly without reason. Alma takes Franco's cell phone to see his last call. Celina asks Roberta for help in relation to Augusto. Nico sees Tomas hiding drugs outside the school. Roberta sees Alma's cell phone and asks him what he does with him.
57Episode #3.57Episode #3.57 (4 Apr. 2006)
Mia and Alma agree to make Valeria's life impossible. Tomas is accused of selling drugs and suffers a faint. Roberta plans to ride a sexy dance to hurt Lulu. Vico tries to recover the friendship of Mia and Celina but fails.
58Episode #3.58Episode #3.58 (5 Apr. 2006)
Miguel apologizes to Mia for her behavior and helps her do her economics homework. Tomas escapes from school and Madariaga goes to look for him. Roberta presents her sexy choreography before the director and the choreography teacher is accused of teaching vulgar movements to the girls. Pascual plans to take dogs to school to track down drugs.
59Episode #3.59Episode #3.59 (6 Apr. 2006)
Miguel creates a distraction so that Nico can go for the pills. Miguel accompanies Mia and Celina shopping according to Franco's order. Hilda surprises Nico with the package of drugs and tells Madariaga. Lupita sees an envelope with Alma's picture in Mia's room and tells it to Roberta.
60Episode #3.60Episode #3.60 (7 Apr. 2006)
Franco tells Mia that he did not tell Miguel to accompany her; Mia gets him in trouble with security from the mall. Madariaga fixes the drug problem. Roberta sets in motion a plan to make Esteban think that Mia feels something for him. Lupita and Nico exchange chains. Julieta, fifth grader, sends gifts to Miguel. Alma is forced to tell Roberta that she gave Mia information about Valeria; Roberta is upset that Alma is reunited with Mia.
61Episode #3.61Episode #3.61 (10 Apr. 2006)
Roberta lies to Alma to be able to go out with Facundo. Alma puts Mia in doubt about where Franco is; Both are surprised that Franco and Valeria are in a spa. Joaquin insinuates himself to Vico. Madariaga tells Galia that Joaquin is on drugs to take care of Pilar.
62Episode #3.62Episode #3.62 (11 Apr. 2006)
Diego accompanies his father in the electoral campaign. Mia looks for Miguel and finds him with Julieta. Facundo questions Roberta about his courtship with Diego. Julieta asks Miguel what has to do with Mia and Mia expresses herself badly about Mia and kisses Julieta; Mia goes crying to her room.
63Episode #3.63Episode #3.63 (12 Apr. 2006)
Joaquin kisses Vico. Roberta, Lupita and Nico spend the night watching movies. Alma receives a call from Roberta's father and gets sick. Miguel asks Mia for a record and she asks for forgiveness that she has not given it to him before. Celina goes out with Augusto. Nico spends his time at Lupita's house and arrives late at the cafe; Karen's angry father asks Nico what his intentions are with Karen.
64Episode #3.64Episode #3.64 (13 Apr. 2006)
Nico tells Karen's father that he still loves his daughter. It is strange to Miguel that Mia does not behave arrogantly before him. Mia writes a song for the group. Valeria tells Franco that she wants to meet Mia. Miguel invites Mia to leave but she, gently, does not accept; Mia changes her mind but finds him kissing Julieta.
65Episode #3.65Episode #3.65 (14 Apr. 2006)
Galia questions Pilar about Joaquin and the drugs but she assures him that Joaquin left that. Alma tells Mayra that Roberta's father wants to take her. Augusto kisses Celina and she imagines Miguel. Joaquin sends a watch to Vico. Roberta sends another gift from Mia to Esteban. Facundo invites Roberta to his band.
66Episode #3.66Episode #3.66 (17 Apr. 2006)
Roberta responds to Jose Lujan's tutor without her noticing. Esteban questions Mia about the chew but she tells him that she gave it to Vico. Alma asks Franco for help but Madariaga starts to mess things up between them. Mia sees Joaquin's watch very similar to Vico's.
67Episode #3.67Episode #3.67 (18 Apr. 2006)
Ranco, in secret, sends Alma his lawyer who gives him hope. Tomas gives Nico a gift, for his father. Mia calls Vico a prostitute and she slaps her. Roberta's father comes to school to take her away. Mia is enraged to hear Julieta singing the song she composed. Roberta is locked in a room; Madariaga manages to calm her down. Diego returns to Mexico.
68Episode #3.68Episode #3.68 (19 Apr. 2006)
Roberta asks Alma for help to carry out a plan not to go to Spain. Joaquin gives Vico a cell phone. Augusto sees her cell phone and accuses her of being a prostitute; Mia gets her out of trouble. Pilar almost discovered Joaquin and Vico kissing. Esteban puts Jose Lujan to trapper.
69Episode #3.69Episode #3.69 (20 Apr. 2006)
Peter tells Mia that her dad ended the relationship with Valeria. Diego surprises Roberta in Facundo's rehearsal and puts her to the band; She decides the Facundo band. Mia tells Esteban that Julieta is on drugs. Alma tells Roberta to help her plan. Esteban finds Julieta and Miguel kissing passionately.
70Episode #3.70Episode #3.70 (21 Apr. 2006)
Diego's parents bring a gift to Roberta; Roberta tells Leon that Diego does not work well sexually. Miguel is taken to the address and can be expelled. Lulu resigns and a new choreography teacher arrives. Leon calls a doctor to check Diego.
71Episode #3.71Episode #3.71 (24 Apr. 2006)
Leon manages to leave without Diego discovering it. Pilar asks Vico what he has to do with Joaquin; Vico invents a lie but Pilar does not believe him. Roberta manages to communicate with Alma. Franco confesses to Mia that he left Valeria at the altar. Rodrigo insults Miguel for being a scholarship holder.
72Episode #3.72Episode #3.72 (25 Apr. 2006)
Teo congratulates Rodrigo for the way he treated Miguel and is offered entrance to the Lodge. Mia finds two plane tickets for New York. Miguel reads Mia's diary and thinks that she is in love with Esteban. Tomas tries to link with Lulu. Mia looks for information about her mother in Franco's office. Paula makes a comment about Leon that creates suspicion in Diego.
73Episode #3.73Episode #3.73 (26 Apr. 2006)
Pascual feels regret for having expelled Joaquin. Roberta pulls on the balcony the clothes her father gave her. Tomas goes out with Lulu; Madariaga ruins the date. Nico gets jealous because Lupita receives a call from Abraham.
74Episode #3.74Episode #3.74 (27 Apr. 2006)
Teo is questioned about his reasons for wanting to enter the Lodge. Pilar decides to give Joaquin another chance. Valeria offers to tell Mia the truth about Marina; He tells her that his mother was anybody. Paula cheats on Leon saying that Diego already debuted. Giovanni pulls out a pornographic movie.
75Episode #3.75Episode #3.75 (28 Apr. 2006)
Vico tries to recover the friendship of Pilar but it does not obtain it. Teo asks Jose Lujan if Roberta wants him and she says yes. Miguel tells Mia that Esteban is part of the Lodge. Pascual can not run to Joaquin by order of the commission.
76Episode #3.76Episode #3.76 (1 May 2006)
Teo feigns a fight with Miguel. Abraham visits the Elite Way to see Lupita; Mayra knows him and he likes her. Franco talks to Valeria about what she told Mia about Marina. Giovanni, Diego and Tomas receive two warnings for the porn video. Vico receives a gift from Joaquin: drug.
77Episode #3.77Episode #3.77 (2 May 2006)
Celina is found with the accordion and Mia is accused of writing it. Vico learns that his father's new wife is pregnant and is about to try the drug.
78Episode #3.78Episode #3.78 (3 May 2006)
Mia stops Vico from taking the pill. Paula visits Diego at school. Mia agrees to eat with Esteban to get information about the Lodge. Tomas's mom and Giovanni's are in the Elite Way and remember when Luisa worked at Tomas's mother's house.
79Episode #3.79Episode #3.79 (4 May 2006)
Professor Hilda is about to surprise Diego with Paula. Jose Lujan explains to Alma about the letters to Teo. Giovanni denies his mother. Esteban tells Mia that he is not part of the Lodge and that in his time as a student he received a scholarship. Franco gives Valeria plane tickets to New York. Miguel sees Esteban give Mia a kiss.
80Episode #3.80Episode #3.80 (5 May 2006)
Mia tries to talk to Miguel about Esteban and the Lodge but he does not care. Madariaga finds the boys with porn magazines. Franco tells Mia to travel to New York with Valeria. Diego escapes from school to see Paula.
81Episode #3.81Episode #3.81 (8 May 2006)
Leon asks Alicia about Diego's whereabouts; Madariaga arrives with Diego and says that I accompany him to do an errand. Jose Lujan shows Alma an email where Teo is declared to Roberta. Mia tells Alma that Franco will go to New York with Valeria. Madariaga receives a summons from the commission because Leon denounced him.
82Episode #3.82Episode #3.82 (9 May 2006)
Mia swears she'll be with Giovanni if her father does not leave. Tomas leaves Cata. Vico tells Joaquin that he wants more drugs to sell. Madariaga goes out with Cata to cheer her up. Jose Lujan and Alma make Teo think that Roberta agreed to be his girlfriend.
83Episode #3.83Episode #3.83 (10 May 2006)
Mia plans to record Joaquin when he gives the drug to Vico. Valeria postpones the trip for a case that Alma invented. Teo makes a change of look. Madariaga puts Tomas to read several books on ethics. Joaquin tries to give Vico the drug but he does not accept it; Joaquin suspects and asks Vico his true intentions.
84Episode #3.84Episode #3.84 (11 May 2006)
Leon questions Paula because he has not cashed the check and forbids him to see Diego again. Franco tells Mia that Valeria will not be able to go to the trip. Mia sends a message to Giovanni asking if he wants to be her boyfriend. Galia asks Pascual for the job of English teacher.
85Episode #3.85Episode #3.85 (12 May 2006)
Hilda speaks well of Madariaga before the commission. Mia and Giovanni become sweethearts. Nico and Lupita finish definitively. Diego invents Leon a letter that will help him in his political campaign to help Madariaga. Alma meets with Moncho, an ex-boyfriend, to get information from Marina. Joaquin takes a pill. Moncho asks Alma if he really wants to know about Marina.
86Episode #3.86Episode #3.86 (15 May 2006)
Madariaga is warned that everything points against him. Moncho tells Alma that Marina died trying to escape with another member of the group. Mia records Joaquin selling the pills to Vico. The father of Roberta realizes that this one escaped.
87Episode #3.87Episode #3.87 (16 May 2006)
Teo receives the mission for the Lodge to take care of Jose Lujan. Joaquin faints in physical education class; Mia informs them that he was drugged. Pilar tells Galia that Joaquin was the first man in his life. Roberta arrives at her father's dinner and makes a scandal. Alma tells Mia that she already has information about Marina. Mia can not sleep on the nerves of knowing the truth about her mother.
88Episode #3.88Episode #3.88 (17 May 2006)
Alma advises Franco to tell Mia the truth about Marina. Giovanni warns Miguel to stop bothering Mia because he is her official boyfriend; Vico confirms it to Miguel. Leon removes the complaint found from Madariaga. Madariaga receives the proposal to take the position of director.
89Episode #3.89Episode #3.89 (18 May 2006)
Pascual announces to the students that Joaquin will not be expelled. Teo destroys Jose Lujan's computer. Lupita returns to Nico the gifts she gave him and sees Mia's diary. Franco denies Mia the relationship between Marina and the rock band. Lupita tells Mia that her diary is in Miguel's room. Madariaga notifies Pascual that he did not accept the position of director. Leon gives Paula a jewel; Diego gives Paula a ring.
90Episode #3.90Episode #3.90 (19 May 2006)
Mia goes through her diary and swears revenge against Miguel. Jose Lujan asks Teo for an explanation for breaking his lap top. Celina goes to the interview phase to enter Big Brother. Diego finds the jewel that Leon gave Paula and suspects a deception. Mia, Giovanni, Miguel and Julieta go to dinner with Franco. Diego cries and gets drunk. Esteban insults Jose Lujan and she grabs him by blows. Mia is afraid that Miguel has read his diary. Jose Lujan receives a suspension.
91Episode #3.91Episode #3.91 (22 May 2006)
Diego refuses to talk to Paula. Esteban notifies the boys that Joaquin did not return to school because he began to rehabilitate himself. Mia asks Raquel to make Miguel believe she likes him. Valeria discovers that Mia and Alma ruined their trip. Pilar tells Gaia that she thinks she is pregnant with Joaquin.
92Episode #3.92Episode #3.92 (23 May 2006)
Paula cites Diego in the cellar posing as Leon; she tells him about her past and they reconcile. Jose Lujan opposes the suspension. Roberta tells Antonio that she could never see him as her father. Miguel supports Jose Lujan at his decision and, one by one, all his colleagues stand up to show their support.
93Episode #3.93Episode #3.93 (24 May 2006)
Paula tells Diego to leave his house to completely leave his past. Gaul tells Pascual that Pilar may be pregnant; Pascual blamed her and says he will not take charge. Lulu returns to school. Paula stays in the warehouse while she gets another place.
94Episode #3.94Episode #3.94 (25 May 2006)
Mia receives another anonymity with a story about Marina's flight and death. Madariaga supports the boys against Esteban and finally Pascual believes Jose Lujan. Giovanni reads Mia's anonymity. Jose Lujan receives a mysterious message citing her in the ravine if he wants to know about his family.
95Episode #3.95Episode #3.95 (26 May 2006)
Mia questions Peter about his mother but this tenant refuses to give him information. Jose Lujan takes a surprise to see who sent the message was Roberta. Lulu thinks that Madariaga wrote him a letter with poetry and slaps him.
96Episode #3.96Episode #3.96 (29 May 2006)
Mia meets Valeria to get information about Marina; it confirms the information of the cut. Roberta thinks of staying in the cellar and meets Paula and, thinking she is a delinquent, ties her with the help of Jose Lujan and Lupita.
97Episode #3.97Episode #3.97 (30 May 2006)
Diego gets angry when he sees Puala tied up and tells Roberta that he had stayed in Spain. Mia writes a letter and runs away from school. Roberta goes to see her mom. Miguel worries about Mia and starts looking for her. Mia takes refuge with Alma.
98Episode #3.98Episode #3.98 (31 May 2006)
Mia has to hide so that Roberta does not discover her. Mayra gets an authorization so that Miguel can leave to look for Mia. Roberta expresses herself badly about Mia and she throws a shoe at him from her hiding place; Roberta discovers her and leaves. Tomas confesses to Lulu that he wrote the letter and gives him a kiss. Madariaga tells Miguel where Mia is.
99Episode #3.99Episode #3.99 (1 Jun. 2006)
Roberta meets Facundo. Mia takes refuge with Miguel and they kiss. Esteban insults Vico. Roberta tells Facundo that Diego asked for his apartment for his girlfriend. Vico and Jose Lujan plan to put a stop to Esteban. Mia and Miguel are on their way to school but they realize that their respective boyfriends are waiting for them there.
100Episode #3.100Episode #3.100 (2 Jun. 2006)
Facundo gets angry with Diego and runs to Paula from his apartment. Mia and Miguel enjoy their love walking the streets. Tomas arranges things with Lulu. Jose Lujan tells Roberta that he made her Teo's girlfriend. Vico tells Tomas that Raquel sent her ex-boyfriend to the hospital.
101Episode #3.101Episode #3.101 (5 Jun. 2006)
Pilar venting with Lupita; He says he does not want to have a baby. About to get to the Elite Way, Miguel tells Mia that their relationship will never work and it is better to leave things as they are. Vico and Jose Lujan discover the name under which Esteban's car is. Miguel ends with Julieta. Celina goes to her Big Brother casting. Franco returns to Mexico; Valeria tells her that she knows the reason why Mia ran away.
102Episode #3.102Episode #3.102 (6 Jun. 2006)
Alma tells Roberta to stop talking to Mia but she has to resume her classes. Madariaga goes out to dinner with Lulu. Mia and Miguel can not stop thinking about each other. Giovanni finds them talking and gets upset. Miguel proposes to Mia that they live their love.
103Episode #3.103Episode #3.103 (7 Jun. 2006)
Madariaga arranges for Lulu to dance on the restaurant's stage and she kisses him in gratitude. Franco tries to talk to Mia but she does not listen to him. Miguel tells Franco that Mia saw Alma when he ran away. Roberta returns to school and threatens Mia to approach Alma.
104Episode #3.104Episode #3.104 (8 Jun. 2006)
Jose Lujan mentions aloud the name Ricardo Sisniega, who they suspect is the real one of Esteban so that he can hear it; Esteban asks where he got that name. Jose Lujan and Vico confirm the real name of Esteban with the reaction of this. Alma advises Franco to speak to Mia truthfully.
105Episode #3.105Episode #3.105 (9 Jun. 2006)
Teo flees from Roberta when she tries to talk to him. Franco returns to speak well to Mia about her mother but she no longer believes him. Jose Lujan finds a note from his tutor saying that he will fix the computer. Roberta and Jose Lujan try to find out about Lujan's tutor with Alicia.