Rebelde (TV Series 2004–2006)

Season 2

1Capítulo 216Capítulo 216 (1 Aug. 2005)
Mía and Miguel vacation together in Monterrey. A new student, Sol, makes her debut. Miguel wins a cruise trip; him and Mía decide whether or not to go on it. Lupita and Nico have a emotional parting as he leaves for Israel. Lupita promises to wait for Nico. Each of the kids talk about their break with the others. Mayra takes Lupita to see her father.
2Capítulo 217Capítulo 217 (2 Aug. 2005)
Lupita's dad and his wife welcome her with open arms; however, her sister, Delores (Lola), does not. Alma starts her new rehearsals. Roberta finds spiders to put in Diego's shoes; he gets bitten. Miguel and Mía fly to Cancun without telling anyone. Lupita learns from her father that Dulce is not his. Roberta tell Tomás's cousin, Francisco (aka Leonardo), that she is the daughter of a cleaning lady with eight siblings. Mía asks Alma to tell Franco why she isn't back home. A new student, Rocco, makes his debut. Alicia cries over bad news. New student, Bianca Delight, ...
3Capítulo 218Capítulo 218 (3 Aug. 2005)
Diego finds out it was Roberta who put the spider in his shoe. Roberta and Diego agree to start the year as friends. Mía and Miguel arrive at the hotel. Giovanni finds out his parents got conned and lost everything. Diego and Roberta reconnect; she invites him for dinner. León forbids Mabel to call or talk to Diego. Miguel and Mía discuss being together for the first time. Diego catches León with another woman; he tells him Mabel left them. Gandia learns he may be dismissed.
4Capítulo 219Capítulo 219 (4 Aug. 2005)
Gandía learns he has to get a Master's degree if he wants to keep his job. Franco learns that Mía is not back in Mexico. Mía calls Franco but won't tell him where they are. Leonardo gets a scholarship into Elite Way. Rocco and Sol make bad first impressions with the others. Lupita continues to sulk about Nico. José is attracted to Leonardo, who happens to be Téo's roommate. Gastón reappears in his original position, baffling everyone. Roberta is caught with protest signs against Gandia.
5Capítulo 220Capítulo 220 (5 Aug. 2005)
Giovanni is caught by Vico's mother in her home. Gandia punishes Roberta and the other classmates, except Lupita. Vico's mother takes an interesting approach with Giovanni. Diego reflects on what León told him. Some of the girls believe Pilar was the snitch; however, Roberta believe she has changed. The new Literature teacher decides to ban the girls from putting on makeup or their hair down in her class. Franco sends his friend to Alma for information on Mía. Roberta plans to go to Diego's room to find out what's wrong. Mendiola tells Gandia he will be taking an ...
6Capítulo 221Capítulo 221 (8 Aug. 2005)
Miguel and Mía continue their unsupervised vacation. Pilar is embarrassed by being outed for lying about her vacation; Gandia only makes it worse, so she promises revenge on those responsible. Pilar apologizes to the girls and they forgive her. The girls in class are overjoyed at their new Math professor, Gonzalo Miranda, even to go as far as to make flirtatious comments. Giovanni's mom finds out he's not at school. Nicky, Franco's friend, visits Gandia about Miguel and Mía. Hilda reveals to the class that Hilario has died. Tomás and new student, Mauricio, vie for ...
7Capítulo 222Capítulo 222 (9 Aug. 2005)
Mía and Miguel decide to visit the Island of Eternal Love. Celina gets a secret admirer, but is it truly love? Tomás offers to do Sol's homework. Vico's mother continues her sexual conquest for Giovanni until her boyfriend, Everardo, returns; he kicks Giovanni out. León manipulates the emails traffic between Diego and Mabel. Tomás uses Anita to complete his tasks for Sol. Celina struggles with secret admirer gifts. Mauricio gets a hold of the math problems thinking they are Tomás's. Lola plans to prank Lupita. The boat drifts away and Mía and Miguel get stranded on ...
8Capítulo 223Capítulo 223 (10 Aug. 2005)
Lupita's project is sabotaged during her presentation. Mía and Miguel discuss her fear of abandonment and their future together. Gandia punishes Lupita for the botched presentation. Pilar encourages Celina to accept the advances of her secret admirer. However, Vico, Celina, and Pilar try to figure out who exactly is her secret admirer and if they even exist? Mía and Miguel discuss being intimate for the first time. Professor Miranda decides to make Lupita and Teó his assistants, it sparks José's jealousy. Miguel and Mía discover the boat is gone. Alma goes to the ...
9Capítulo 224Capítulo 224 (11 Aug. 2005)
Miguel and Mía discover that the boat has drifted away. Pilar asks Leonardo to talk to Celina to further her vindictive plans. Diego tells Roberta he believes his mother is as evil as his father for leaving him; he tries to kiss her. José demands Lupita stay away from Téo. After their talk Celina believes that Leonardo is her secret admirer. León continues to lie to Deigo about his mother and tells him he has to testify against her. Mía wakes and panics when she doesn't see Miguel. Pilar and Vico try to convince Celina to go further with Leonardo. A new guy, Roger, is...
10Capítulo 225Capítulo 225 (12 Aug. 2005)
Roger asks Roberta to put on a concert. Diego thinks Roberta still loves him; she gives him a chance to show he has matured. León continues his pursuit to get Diego to testify against his mother. Rocco and Pilar decided to work together making videos about the gossip around the school. Roger asks Robert for a date; she agrees. Mía and Miguel run out of food; Miguel catches some fish. Celina puts her letter in Leonardo locker, not knowing she's being filmed. Vico suspects Giovanni of lying. Leonardo finds Celina's letter and goes to the meeting place; she kisses him. ...
11Capítulo 226Capítulo 226 (15 Aug. 2005)
Miguel finds Mía passed out off a cliff with a fever. The DVD of Celina and Leonardo is played in class. Miguel finds a surfboard and tells Mía he's going to get help but has to leave her alone. Tomás reports Mauricio's car as stolen. Celina begins to binge eat again after the DVD ordeal. Vico tells Celina that she thinks Giovanni is cheating; Pilar overhears. Giovanni and his parents argue about their new lifestyle; his father slaps him. Pilar decides it's Vico's turn in her plan for revenge. Mía writes letters to her father and Miguel. On her date with Roger, ...
12Episode #2.12Episode #2.12 (16 Aug. 2005)
Roberta makes the brazen in front of the director but then she repents and asks for forgiveness. The director is going to give him a chance. Diego is hospitalized for the accident, but not seriously. His father reports it to a judge. Diego will have to do community tasks in a Hegelian near the vacancy club. Vico and Celina also return to school to be with Mia in the vacation club. Next day: presentation of Lupita to whom her aunt is paid by the school. They meet Miguel and they become friends. Lupita's aunt pretends to be Miguel's godmother so they can let him take ...
13Capítulo 228Capítulo 228 (17 Aug. 2005)
Gandia sabotages the students' prank. Franco invites Alma to go with him to the airport. Leonardo roughs up Rocco in Celina's defense; Pilar intervenes. Mía tells Miguel that he is her world. Gandia invites the students' parents to reveal the explosive in the bust; however, the bomb experts find nothing. Franco catches Miguel and Mía kissing. Miguel and Mía make their return to Elite Way School. Vico's mother tells her to come home for the night. Gastón comes to talk to Mía alone; he tells her they will be together until her final year. He tells her he is pleased to ...
14Capítulo 229Capítulo 229 (18 Aug. 2005)
Mía finds Sol now taken over her bed. Pilar gives Vico a letter written from Giovanni to another girl; she pretends to be the girl when Vico calls. Franco tells Mía they have to talk about her and Miguel's trip. Vico slaps and breaks up with Giovanni. Leonardo tells Lola to tells the truth about Lupita's project. Franco tries to have the sex talk with Mía. Sol tries to make friends with Celina; she tries to get close to Professor Miranda. Lola admits to the prank but says it was Leonardo's idea. Another teacher sees Sol and Professor Miranda in the lounge. Franco ...
15Capítulo 230Capítulo 230 (19 Aug. 2005)
Mía sees Miguel and Sol and confronts them; Pilar eavesdrops. Vico's mother decides to move in with her boyfriend and tells Vico she has to live at the school. Alicia tries to seduce Gandia. Mendiola fires Gandia. Mía is upset about Miguel and tries to break up with him. Pilar offers Sol the opportunity to work together against Mía. Nicky admits his feelings to Alma. Pilar and Sol devise a scene for Mía to see; Mía slaps Miguel.
16Capítulo 231Capítulo 231 (22 Aug. 2005)
Roberta refuses to help Pilar stay at the school, still believing she is a snitch. Roberta and Diego continue to try to make the other jealous. Lola believes that Leonardo likes her. Gandia says a sorrowful goodbye to the students. Diego tries to talk to Roberta about their relationship but she tells him to leave her alone. The class takes a vote on whether to help Gandia. Gastón apologizes to Mía and tells her he can't forget her.
17Capítulo 232Capítulo 232 (23 Aug. 2005)
Miguel, Diego, and Giovanni vent and mope about their girl problems. Mía offers her house as a rehearsal space for the band. Diego and Miguel decide to play a trick on Mía and Roberta; however it backfires when the girls say that RBD is over. Leonardo writes a love letter to a "Miss Fernandez", but which one? Bianca and Lola sneak into Leonardo's room and finds the letter. Vico and Celina confront Tomás with rumors of him and Anita in a relationship. The new headmaster is introduced; he calls up quiet student, Santos Echagüe Rojas, brands him an outcast and tells the ...
18Capítulo 233Capítulo 233 (24 Aug. 2005)
Lupita gets Leonardo's love letter; José tries to convince her to go on the date and to forget Nico. The Headmaster Font cuts Santos' hair with a razor in front of the entire class. Mía confronts Gastón about assisting Font; he then speculates that Sol is going after Miguel and to forget about if he doesn't love her. Sol steals Mía's idea to start a charity drive. Alicia tries to resign. Jose reminds Lupita that Nico hasn't written her back; Lupita finally agrees to go on the date. Font ask Sol to be his spy. Giovanni and Diego discuss love; Diego talks to Roberta ...
19Capítulo 234Capítulo 234 (25 Aug. 2005)
Gastón lets Mía take the keys, but tells her not to get caught or say he helped her. Vico returns the gifts Giovanni got for her. Lupita and Leonardo enjoy the date with each other, even connect, however, Lupita says she will wait for Nico and leaves. Bianca comes to the same date thinking it's meant for her. José, Vico, and Celina decide to become a band. Giovanni and Diego sit and cry in the dark together over their lost loves. Diego decides to declare against his mother. Mía, Celina, and Vico take their clothes to the charity; however, Font takes the credit. ...
20Capítulo 235Capítulo 235 (26 Aug. 2005)
Lola tries to be friendly to Lupita after her "date" with Leonardo. More people find out about the puppy, Chopi. Font learns that Sol is "more than friendly" with Professor Miranda. José teaches Téo how to ride a bike. Sol continues her pursuit of Professor Miranda even as he shows no interest. Diego decides to sign the legal action against his mother, but what is the underlying reason? Font threatens Professor Miranda. The guys meet their new water polo instructor. Diego fakes drowning to get mouth-to-mouth, however, he doesn't get the person he wants. Mía gets hit ...
21Capítulo 236Capítulo 236 (29 Aug. 2005)
Gastón finds Chopi, but what will he do with him? Alicia tells Hilda about the pictures; Santos overhears. Fatima tells Nicky that she always dreamed of marrying him. Diego still isn't ready to get the band back together. Alma sees Fatima and Nicky. Bianca sees Gastón cutting meet and thinks its Chopi; Font orders Gastón to eat it, some of the kids see it. Téo tells José that she's smothering him. Tomás records his conversation with Roberta; gives it to Roger. Alicia asks Alma to help her get the man she loves, who is he?
22Capítulo 237Capítulo 237 (30 Aug. 2005)
Tomás finds out that José switched the tapes. Alicia's plan to expose Font backfires. José and Téo fight; they break up. José and Tomás discuss Roberta and Diego. Lupita gives Gastón a message from Mía to meet. Roger makes a plan to stop Roberta from breaking up with him. Lola, Bianca, Lupita, Leonardo, and others tie up Gastón. Roberta finally decides to break up with Roger. Mía and Miguel cook up a plan to get Roberta and Diego together. The guys decide to ignore women completely. The group that captured Gastón decide on a final plan. Vico, Celina, and José continue...
23Capítulo 238Capítulo 238 (31 Aug. 2005)
Nicky asks Franco to let Fatima stay at the house. Santos asks Font if he can do a documentary on him and the school to put his plan into motion. Professor Miranda (Gonzalo) tells Sol to stop her flirtations, Lupita's aunt tells her the same, however, Font comes to Sol's rescue. Font threatens Lupita's scholarship if her aunt doesn't leave. Another student asks out Lola, but she tells him she likes Leonardo. Alma and Nicky go out to dinner. Professor Miranda gives the students a way to defend themselves against Font, Sol looks on with anger. Lupita confronts Sol and ...
24Capítulo 239Capítulo 239 (1 Sep. 2005)
Alma is asked by a producer to take her show to Las Vegas. Roberta still refuses to break up with Roger because of his "condition". Sol snitches to Font about Professor Miranda helping the class. Diego still struggles with his feelings for Roberta. Leonardo tells Lupita he will wait for her. RBD is officially back together and plan where to rehearse. Gandia has an interview at a new academy, but it goes poorly. Font fires Professor Miranda while Sol looks on. The rest of the class decide to take action. Santos continues his documentary of Font, but what is he really ...
25Capítulo 240Capítulo 240 (2 Sep. 2005)
Miguel is upset about Mía talking to Gastón. Mía doesn't like Fatima around Miguel; later she finds out she is the woman who will be staying at her house. Miguel and Mía write a song with innuendos about Diego and Roberta's relationship; the plan fails. Font finally makes his move on Sol and kiss her; Santos gets it on camera. Alma makes Mayra her personal assistant. Mía and Roberta decide to get RBD to be dancers for Alma's show. José decides to give Téo some space to help their relationship. Leonardo reiterates to Lupita that he will wait for her. Mr. Mendiola ...
26Capítulo 241Capítulo 241 (5 Sep. 2005)
León tells Diego to say he saw his mother abusing drugs; Roberta overhears and confronts Diego. José vents to Lupita about Téo to the point where she believes she's losing her sanity. Font shows his true colors to Mendiola. Gastón uses Chopi as a tool to get closer to Mía. Font gets his meeting with the board of directors; Santos shows his documentary that exposes him. Mía lies to Miguel about her plans after school. Santos reveals more proof against Font before mic dropping his cut hair. Font his fired and blacklisted. Diego has a slip of tongue about his mother to ...
27Capítulo 242Capítulo 242 (6 Sep. 2005)
Lola believes Leonardo is talking about her when they discuss dating. Alma and Fati seem to compete over Nicky. Again, Lola and Lupita discuss Leonardo's love, but for which sister? Mr. Mendiola asks Alicia to gather all the five year students for a meeting. Miguel teaches Téo how to ride a bike. Pascual Gandia return as the principal. Fatima makes her move on Nicky. The students finally realize that Santiago got Font fired. Téo and José make up. Alicia has a fantasy of Gandia. Miguel confronts Mía about Gastón; he tells her she doesn't trust him and threatens to end ...
28Capítulo 243Capítulo 243 (7 Sep. 2005)
Miguel warns Gastón to stay away from Mía. Roger wants to sleep with Roberta. León wants to buy Elite Way and decides to go by disturbing means to get it; he involves Diego. Santos overhears Roger's scheme to sleep with Roberta. Inspectors come to check the water at the school. Leo and Lupita kiss, but some one sees. RBD are confirmed to dance with Alma. Leo gives Lola a necklace. Gastón gives Mía gift; Miguel sees the exchange. Santos exposes Roger in front of Roberta.
29Capítulo 244Capítulo 244 (8 Sep. 2005)
Roberta confronts and beats up Roger for tricking her into a relationship. Gandia drinks the water in front of the health inspectors Miguel expresses his anger over Gastón giving Mía a "necklace". Lola makes a wish for Leo to fall in love with her. Roberta thanks Santos. Miguel asks to talk to Mía but she brushes him off. Mendiola learned the school may close down because of water contamination. Lupita comes to Lola for advice about Leo unbeknownst to Lola. The group gets ready from Alma performance. Lola kisses Leo in front of Lupita. León promises to close the ...
30Capítulo 245Capítulo 245 (9 Sep. 2005)
Alicia is heartbroken about Gandia. Santos apologizes to Lupita; she styles his hair, they become friends. Leo tells Lola the truth. Mía tells Gastón that Miguel doesn't want them to be friends. Miguel and Gastón fight; he lets Miguel hit him; Mía sees. A student council will be made and an election will be held for a president. Mía promises to never leave Gastón.
31Capítulo 246Capítulo 246 (12 Sep. 2005)
Mía tells Miguel she'll stay away from Gastón. Lupita asks Téo to be her pretend boyfriend. José catches them kissing. Roberta decides to campaign; so does Diego. Gastón sets a trap for Miguel. Alicia goes to see a fortune teller. Miguel gets kidnapped.
32Capítulo 247Capítulo 247 (13 Sep. 2005)
Roberta and José tease Lupita about Leo. Alma lets Mayra be the backup dancer. Miguel realizes the kidnappers are idiots. Alicia stains Gandia's suit and has him strip. The kidnappers force Miguel to write a letter. Roberta, Lupita, and José try to make an election strategy against Diego. Giovanni becomes Diego's PR manager for the campaign. Mía receives Miguel's letter.
33Capítulo 248Capítulo 248 (14 Sep. 2005)
Mía receives Miguel's letter and is upset he didn't say goodbye. Tomás introduces the new GORILLAZ CD; inspiring Diego's idea to interview the virtual band. Leo asks to speak to Lupita. José is feeling left out. Téo is threatened by Lola. Gastón agrees to help Mía cover for Miguel. Lola sees Lupita and Leo kissing. Gandia makes the meeting but with complications. Lola slaps Lupita, hard.
34Capítulo 249Capítulo 249 (15 Sep. 2005)
Lola attacks Lupita over Leo (all the alliteration). Santos listens to Lupita vent. Diego conspires to infiltrate Roberta's campaign. Mía gets a call from the kidnappers threatening to kill Miguel. Mía asks Gastón for help. Lupita tells Leo she only loves him as a friend. Diego and his comrades set up a Trojan Horse for Roberta.
35Capítulo 250Capítulo 250 (16 Sep. 2005)
Despite being furious, Mia is left stinging his words and reconciles with Celina. Diego is willing to return to take revenge. Tomas is going to help him. Alma proposes couples' party. Diegoo and Tomas take advantage to escape but they are intercepted since Pilar anonymously gave them away.
36Capítulo 251Capítulo 251 (19 Sep. 2005)
Bustamante (Diego's father) intercepts the boys and forces Diegoo to go and denounce the bully. Miguel manages to get Giovanni to change rooms and pay him for the changeover. Roberta realizes that Mauro is interested in her mother. Great scene between them. Alma decides to leave that same night. Celina asks her friends for advice so that Miguel can declare herself. Vico and Mia decide to sing a romantic song.
37Episode #2.37Episode #2.37 (20 Sep. 2005)
They are surprised by the arrival of Bustamante who passes a paper to Diegoo and faces Mauro hard. Franco Colucci arrives at the hotel, worried about the fax that Mía sent. He promises that they will be more time together. When he leaves, he casually meets Miguel who can finally see the face of his enemy. Diego gets drunk. It seems that Pilar is going to discover him but Mia saves him by kissing him in the mouth. Colucci knows Alma on the road but does not believe she is the famous singer.
38Episode #2.38Episode #2.38 (21 Sep. 2005)
Miguel wants to get a card from Mía's father. A great stir arises when a new anonymous appears, saying that Mia and Diegoo kissed and that Celina likes Miguel. Miguel, to save Celina from the fire, is declared in front of everyone. Vico is destroyed. Diego swears to find the person responsible and destroy him.
39Episode #2.39Episode #2.39 (22 Sep. 2005)
The director dismisses Mauro without letting him greet the kids. A Roberta gives another chance after talking with Almaa. Roberta realizes that he only cares about the prestige of the school. Alma and Roberta are reconciled by phone.
40Episode #2.40Episode #2.40 (23 Sep. 2005)
Mia wants to explain to Vico about Diego's but she does not listen to it. Finally it is Diego who manages to make her enter into reasons. Miguel, boyfriend with Celina, feels trapped by the situation. Celina is the one who gets her the card from Mía's father. Miguel calls but Colucci refuses to take care of him. Without realizing it, Miguel loses the card that is collected by Nico. Diegoo believes that Roberta is the one who writes the anonymous.
41Episode #2.41Episode #2.41 (26 Sep. 2005)
Taking advantage of the fact that they went to sail, he tries to pull it out of the boat secretly. Marizza is rescued by Miguel but he realizes what Diego did and to get revenge, he throws the guitar to the water. Diegoo seems on the verge of making a madness but it stops. He swears that if something comes out of him in the newspaper, he makes her kill. Almaa sends flowers to Colucci who sees her in a magazine and realizes that she was telling the truth.
42Episode #2.42Episode #2.42 (27 Sep. 2005)
Pilar finds Pablo's guitar in the water and realizes that something happened. That night, while everyone is eating, Lupita finds another anonymous called "the mysterious case of the guitar passed by water" Diegoo looks at Roberta as if to kill her.
43Episode #2.43Episode #2.43 (28 Sep. 2005)
Roberta fakes asthma attack to leave the vacancy club. Time pass: the boys return to school after the holidays. Colucci, accompanies Mia and meets Almaa who accidentally collides with the car. Miguel manages to take away the promise to Colucci that he will receive it.
44Episode #2.44Episode #2.44 (29 Sep. 2005)
A journalist, desperate to get a note on Almaa, leaves his card to Roberta. Mia is organizing her American fair. He invites her to Lupita. Miguel worried because he has no money to buy the uniform. Matt realizes and sells his old one. Celina, on the other hand, gives her a very expensive watch. Nico thinks that Miguel is using the people and he is stuck with him. Accidentally he hits his head and loses consciousness.
45Episode #2.45Episode #2.45 (30 Sep. 2005)
The director is willing to kick Miguel out. Lupita wants to change rooms because she feels that Roberta does not understand her but things are arranged between them. Diegoo has a plan to get Roberta out of school. The director reviews things as Diegoo denounced the theft of his wallet. He finds her at the light table of Roberta who wants to die.
46Episode #2.46Episode #2.46 (3 Oct. 2005)
Nico lies about the fight so that Miguel will not be expelled. Diego drinks beer to celebrate that his plan went well. Vico listens to part of her toast and believes that she is cheating on her. He notifies the director that there is a party with alcohol in the boys' room. Next day: Miguel returns the clock to Celina. Reconciliation of Miguel and Nico.
47Episode #2.47Episode #2.47 (4 Oct. 2005)
Mia accepts Lupita in the choreography group. In a confrontation, Tomas lies shamelessly, even giving the exact time when he saw Roberta leave his room. This data saves her, since Lolita has the ticket that the secretary gave her and at that time she was with her. Bustamante passes a paper in the school to Diegoo. Tomas finds anonymous letter in his locker. Celina is jealous of Lupita.
48Episode #2.48Episode #2.48 (5 Oct. 2005)
Bustamante gives the director new car so that he does not make a report about the son. Roberta calls the journalist and asks him to find out about Bustamante's arrest where he was vacancy club and also that there is a Colucci, fashion entrepreneur, who harasses his mother.
49Episode #2.49Episode #2.49 (6 Oct. 2005)
Mia takes a picture of Lupitaa and Miguel together. Tomas reads the letter with Diegoo: it is an anonymous declaration of love. Giovanni arrives and they take him out. Giovanni hears that Roberta wants to publish something about the pope of Diegoo and offers to take that information to a person who has access to those who do anonymity. So Pilar finds out about Bustamante's corruption.
50Episode #2.50Episode #2.50 (7 Oct. 2005)
Colucci reads in the newspaper that they accuse him of harassing Almaa. Enraged, the demand and serendipity just comes from his tour. Mia faces Miguel because of the photo but Miguel ignores her and breaks it into pieces. Anonymous hands (it's Pilar) steal the pieces. Robertaa, furious because Mia does not let her give the test to the choreography group, she breaks the music equipment and gets a better one. This way, the teacher allows her to take the test the next day. Miguel gets his interview with Franco Colucci.
51Episode #2.51Episode #2.51 (10 Oct. 2005)
Nico realizes that Miguel is dating Celina to get something. He asks you to be careful. Celina reads in the anonymity that Mia took pictures of Manuel with Lupita and then faced her. Lupita, to save her, blames Roberta. Giovanni is sure that it is Pilar who does the anonymous. Roberta receives a call from the journalist. He found something big about the arrest.
52Episode #2.52Episode #2.52 (11 Oct. 2005)
Roberta is with the journalist in the next day he goes to find the envelope. Next day: Roberta convinces Lujan, Pilar and others to introduce themselves to the selection of Mia. Things are arranged between Celina and Mia. Alma is sure that Colucci invented the harassment to promote himself.
53Episode #2.53Episode #2.53 (12 Oct. 2005)
Colucci sends him to his lawyer. Tomas and Diego tell Giovanni about the girl who sends letters. Giovanni suspects Pilar. Find a buckle like the one she uses and notice. Diego proposes plan: since he will be alone at his house that weekend, the three of them will have a party with Pilar and two more girls.
54Episode #2.54Episode #2.54 (13 Oct. 2005)
Tomas invites Pilar to whom, unintentionally, he escapes the party at Diego's house in front of Vico who wants to die. Mia accepts all the girls except Roberta who decides to form another dance group.
55Episode #2.55Episode #2.55 (14 Oct. 2005)
Miguel wrong because he is cheating on Celina decides to cut it but desists to see how the mother treats her. He invites himself to spend the weekend with her. Roberta confesses to Alma that she was the one who invented everything. Alma wants to die.
56Episode #2.56Episode #2.56 (17 Oct. 2005)
Roberta goes to find the envelope that the journalist told her. To his surprise, he also leave in custody Marcelino, the little brother of the prisoner.
57Episode #2.57Episode #2.57 (18 Oct. 2005)
Marcelino does not want to deliver the envelope. Roberta asks him to wait for her but when he returns the boy is no longer there. Party at Diego's house: Giovanni wants to advance to a pillar but she rejects it. It is clear that Pilar was not the one of the letters. Vico bursts into the party and the girls end up going. Mia wants a picture of her mother but she does not get it.
58Episode #2.58Episode #2.58 (19 Oct. 2005)
Lujan wants to steal his documents and can not but hears the director say that Bustamante has him in his arms and that he can not do anything against Diego. Vico swears revenge against Diego. Next day: the new professor of ethics and philosophy is sick. He entrusts practical work on "ethics". Alma appears in the t.v. mocking Colucci who gets even more enraged.
59Episode #2.59Episode #2.59 (20 Oct. 2005)
Roberta can not put together her own dance group. At one point he thinks he sees Marcelino but although he searches for him throughout the park, he does not find him. The secret lover of Tomas quotes him in the basement: we learn that it is Vico that kisses him passionately. Tomas does not know what to do. He ends up lying to Diego. Peter brings a picture of the mother to Mía who is excited to see her.
60Episode #2.60Episode #2.60 (21 Oct. 2005)
Celina wants to unite Miguel and Mia but she does not succeed. Marcelino appears to Roberta under a table. She puts it in a bag and is taking it to the room with Lujan when the director discovers them. He wants to know what's inside the bag.
61Episode #2.61Episode #2.61 (24 Oct. 2005)
Roberta manages to get out and Marcelino is not discovered. He hides it in his room. Lupita discovers that the baby has lice and will carry out the corresponding treatment. Roberta reads the report of the journalist and does practical work of ethics taking into account the read. Colucci learns that Miguel lied but he manages to convince him that he did it to give him work. Vico and Tomas are in basement.
62Episode #2.62Episode #2.62 (25 Oct. 2005)
Pilar finds indications of this secret appointment. It also records empty vial of liquid tapioca's. Everything serves to make a new anonymity. Next day: Roberta delivers a work entitled "plastic doll syndrome". Diego is desperate to know what it is. Siego assigns Vico that, truthfully, he will take the information from Lupita. Roberta, along with Miguel, Nico and Lujan, do a cheerio.
63Episode #2.63Episode #2.63 (26 Oct. 2005)
The teacher does not know what to do with the new group. Giovanni, willing to conquer Mia, reviews things. Pilar finds out. Confrontation between Diego and Roberta. Marcelino, to save her, is discovered by Diego. Pilar publishes her newspaper. Mía believes that Giovanni reviewed things at Miguel's command and confronts him with violence. Miguel ends by kissing her in the mouth.
64Episode #2.64Episode #2.64 (27 Oct. 2005)
Mia and Miguel finish kissing totally bewildered. They agree to make a truce. Roberta decides not to withdraw her report. Tomas, to get away, ends up saying that Pilar was really his secret lover. Night: Diego tells the director that he saw Marcelino. Roberta denies everything. Miguel and Nico face Tomas. Celina is afraid that the lodge will put them in their sights. Colucci quotes Miguel for the next day.
65Episode #2.65Episode #2.65 (28 Oct. 2005)
The lodge meets and decides to remove Miguel from the middle. Lujan and Roberta find out that Lupita was the one who said the report and get angry with her. Next day: Tomas gets Pilar to pose as the girl who sent him the letters. Roberta hides Marcellin in a car on the outskirts of the school. When he's dating, he discovers her, the new ethics teacher, who does not get to see the boy but is surprised to see her there.
66Episode #2.66Episode #2.66 (31 Oct. 2005)
Once in class, the ethics teacher makes the report read aloud to Roberta. Diego tries to stop her but can not. Just the director and his dad arrive and they listen to Roberta's story about a corrupt politician and his plastic puppet son. Bustamante goes furious. Lupita, bad for the anger of the girls, asks her aunt to take her out of school. Miguel receives the first notice from the lodge.
67Episode #2.67Episode #2.67 (1 Nov. 2005)
Miguel discovers his broken tools and a black hand, symbol of the lodge. Bustamante tries to intimidate Roberta but does not succeed. Miguel talks to the director but he does not even want to hear about the lodge. Lupita prepares her things to leave without saying anything to anyone. He only says goodbye to Marcelino. Colucci proposes Miguel to help him in his work. Bustamante travels around the school with trained dogs.
68Episode #2.68Episode #2.68 (2 Nov. 2005)
He seems about to discover Marcelino but Lujan is made to bite by one of the dogs to distract attention. Lupita is back at the hairdresser's. The aunt tries to convince her to return but Lupita does not want to know anything. Vico goes to a new secret meeting with shots but tells Mia to meet Diego.
69Episode #2.69Episode #2.69 (3 Nov. 2005)
Mia realizes she lied to him. Vico wants to die. Roberta invites everyone to a party on a super disco. The entrance will consist of useful. In this way, help Miguel and all scholars. the director asks the ma est rode ethic to deal with a tough hand to Roberta, instead of paying attention to her, he gives her a 10 for the practical work and tries to know what she did in those areas but Roberta does not take long.
70Episode #2.70Episode #2.70 (4 Nov. 2005)
Next day: Diego asks Tomas to take care of Vico at the party since he will take revenge on Roberta. Mia, furious at Miguel's comment, agrees to go with Giovanni as a couple. Mia and Roberta, each on their own, go to the hairdresser to look for Lupita. Miguel falls into a trap of the lodge.
71Episode #2.71Episode #2.71 (7 Nov. 2005)
Lupita is denied but Roberta and Mia remain making themselves heard. They begin to discuss and so that the thing does not happen to older Lupita appears and takes them to know her sister. Finally the girls convince her to go back to school. Miguel is caught by the lodge that takes away the promise that on Friday he will go away forever from school. Marcellin finds out that Lujan wants his documents and steals it for her.
72Episode #2.72Episode #2.72 (8 Nov. 2005)
Miguel tells Nico about the lodge and confesses that he does not intend to leave. They see that a boy who listens to them runs away. Nico thinks it's Teo. Next day: Lujan reads his documents. He only finds an unintelligible signature. Miguel finds a letter from the lodge quoting him at the park. Goes with Nico. Find a box When you open it, see notebooks with information on the methods of the lodge.
73Episode #2.73Episode #2.73 (9 Nov. 2005)
With the help of Diego, who is good at consummating his revenge, Roberta gets everyone to join in order to escape that night and go to the party. Night: the director and the preceptor, suspecting something, go out to look for the children in the park but the quick intervention of Marcelino, who calls the police, makes the children escape and reach the disc.
74Episode #2.74Episode #2.74 (10 Nov. 2005)
The only one who does not go is Teo. On the album, Miguel and Mia compete with each other doing a choreography. Diego takes nonstop while watching Roberta. At a time when she is alone, he asks her to accompany him to take a breath to the terrace. There he kisses her by force.
75Episode #2.75Episode #2.75 (11 Nov. 2005)
Roberta manages to leave Diego. the director discovers that the fourth year disappeared less Teo. I press it to confess. The only one who treats the boy kindly is the teacher of ethics. Matt ends up giving a false address. the director goes to look for them. Presentation of the director's wife, who is attracted to the ethics teacher.
76Episode #2.76Episode #2.76 (14 Nov. 2005)
On the disc, Roberta does choreography with Miguel. Celina, super jealous, gets drunk. Mia sees Vico kissing with Tomas. Giovanni also records it. Mia takes Vico to the bathroom to ask him to be careful. They do not know that Pilar is in one of the toilets and I listen to everything. Celina, super drunk, strip tease on the track. An infernal fight of all against all takes place until the police arrive.
77Episode #2.77Episode #2.77 (15 Nov. 2005)
Colucci and Alma, each one by his side, go to look for his daughters. There is a new confrontation between the two. Next day: the director asks the head of the person responsible, nobody will come out that weekend. Roberta realizes that most of the boys want to confess and surrenders. Giovanni tries to warn Diego about Tomas and Vico but Diego does not believe him.
78Episode #2.78Episode #2.78 (16 Nov. 2005)
The only way that Roberta is not expelled is to accept therapy. Celina has a temper tantrum for alcohol. He can not stop vomiting. New anonymous appears informing that Diego is an infidel.
79Episode #2.79Episode #2.79 (17 Nov. 2005)
Colucci invites Miguel to work the weekend at home. The gym teacher will replace Mia in the direction of the choreography group and will do a new casting. Miguel goes out for a walk. A car is thrown on him.
80Episode #2.80Episode #2.80 (18 Nov. 2005)
Miguel goes well. Find new drawing of the black hand. Tomás wants to explain to Diego but he does not listen to him. Colucci, without suspecting Miguel's revenge plans, feels special affection and admiration for him. Suddenly Roberta arrives with a mattress for Marcelino.
81Episode #2.81Episode #2.81 (21 Nov. 2005)
Mine I invite Celina and Vico to rehearse the chore. Celina realizes that from so much vomiting she lost weight. It causes vomiting to continue losing weight. The journalist communicates with Roberta. He tells him he's going to work abroad and take the boy to court.
82Episode #2.82Episode #2.82 (22 Nov. 2005)
Roberta does not know what to do. Finally he resolves to keep it hidden in the car. Next day: Bustamante learns that his son is a cuckold. Answer Diego to beat Tomás. Diego does so. Miguel and Mia, separately, fantasize about a romance between them. Santiago is about to enter the car.
83Episode #2.83Episode #2.83 (23 Nov. 2005)
To save Marcelino, Roberta tells him that this is Teo, with whom he has relationships. Mia discovers Miguel in his house. To avoid problems, Colucci lies telling him that Miguel came to look for Celina. The two are leaving. The lodge, as it failed with Miguel, decides to put Nico in his sights.
84Episode #2.84Episode #2.84 (24 Nov. 2005)
Presentation of chemistry teacher, super severe, which makes them form teams. Roberta chooses Teo because she sees that Santiago is watching her. Roberta finds out that she must do therapy. Diego apologizes to Giovanni. Giovanni promises to make a fool of Vico in front of everyone.
85Episode #2.85Episode #2.85 (25 Nov. 2005)
He gives Pilar a note to take to the anonymous people. The revolutionized girls rehearsing because the casting will be the next day. The group of Mine is super produced. Roberta asks Summa's assistant to send her mother's wardrobe.
86Episode #2.86Episode #2.86 (28 Nov. 2005)
The ethics teacher talks to Teo about his alleged relationship with Roberta and asks him to use a condom. From the impression, Teo ends up fainting. Pilar makes her good luck in front of Alicia so she can let her in without doing the casting. Celina makes Miguel believe that she does not like to dance, but Miguel surprises her by doing a spectacular choreography.
87Episode #2.87Episode #2.87 (29 Nov. 2005)
She encourages him to be encouraged to ask Mia to let her dance. When she finally does, Mia comes up with an excuse and does not answer. They call the school to warn that Nico's father had a heart attack but everything turns out to be a joke from the lodge.
88Episode #2.88Episode #2.88 (30 Nov. 2005)
After discovering Marcelino, Diego is installed in the car and forces Roberta to do everything he ordered him not to tell him about the boy to the director. Mia tries to communicate with her father to save Vico but does not succeed. Celina decides to permanently cut off her friendship with Mia. His love for Miguel gives him strength.
89Episode #2.89Episode #2.89 (1 Dec. 2005)
Diego arrives and it seems that he will discover it but Roberta breaks the mouth of a kiss to distract his attention. Next day: Nico is afraid and pretends stomach pain not to leave his room. there he is seized by two hooded men. the director tells Vico to leave school. then, "sell" that vacancy to another boy. presentation of the history teacher: Hilda. Mia learns that Celina wants to change schools.
90Episode #2.90Episode #2.90 (2 Dec. 2005)
the moment of casting arrives: Mia stumbles and loses her step. In exchange, Roberta and yours surprise everyone with their number of "wheelchairs" and are selected. Giovanni tries to approach Mia but does not succeed. Diego suspects that Roberta is dating Teo and orders Giovanni to follow her.
91Episode #2.91Episode #2.91 (5 Dec. 2005)
Giovanni seems about to discover Marcelino but the arrival of Lujan with his "wild methods" prevents him. Lujan makes her believe that Roberta is with a witch. finally it is Diego who discovers Marcelino in the abandoned car.
92Episode #2.92Episode #2.92 (6 Dec. 2005)
She is obsessed with him. Nico finally manages to overcome his fear and together with Miguel he tries to find out more about the lodge. That night, Mia tries to talk to Miguel about Celina and goes to her room. It seems that the preceptor is about to discover it but Miguel manages to hide it.
93Episode #2.93Episode #2.93 (7 Dec. 2005)
Next day: the director accelerates the departure of Vico, without giving him time to say goodbye. Mia finds out that I'm out of the dance group. Santiago learns of the existence of the anonymous and the expulsion of Vico. He decides to give a "special class" so that the children learn to recognize themselves. Presentation of the rest of the teachers and their special way of being.
94Episode #2.94Episode #2.94 (8 Dec. 2005)
Mía learns that the director forced Vico to leave and decides to play for her, encouraged by the teacher of ethics. The psychologist delivers her report. Among other things, she says that Roberta suffers because of her mother's abandonment. Alma wants to die Miguel wants to finish with Celina, worried about her obsession, but Celina tells him that if he does, he kills himself.
95Episode #2.95Episode #2.95 (9 Dec. 2005)
Celina decides not to be aware of the decision of Miguel and pretend that everything was a joke. Roberta faces Lupita on the subject of her mother. Lupita gets sick and recognizes that she hates her mother. They are interrupted by Marcellin who came to sleep there, since Diego threw him out of the car.
96Episode #2.96Episode #2.96 (12 Dec. 2005)
Roberta swears revenge. Next day: Mia tries to get the other girls to join her to protest the expulsion of Vico but no one wants to. Miguel meets Mia to confess that he does not know how to cut her off with Celina.
97Episode #2.97Episode #2.97 (13 Dec. 2005)
She advises him to be indifferent to stop him from loving and fundamentally that of jealousy. Pilar sees them when they leave together from there. The ethics teacher tries to reverse Vico's situation but director stops him in his tracks.
98Episode #2.98Episode #2.98 (14 Dec. 2005)
Roberta meets Joaquín, who will be integrated the next day, and is shocked by him. New interview of the psychologist with Lupita, who poses as Roberta, but is discovered by Alma who also goes to the interview and screams that this girl is not her daughter.
99Episode #2.99Episode #2.99 (15 Dec. 2005)
The director, indignant with the ethics teacher because I talk to the commission's lawyer to reconsider the expulsion of Vico. Dance class with the new group. Roberta is bored because Mia is not there and goes to look for her.
100Episode #2.100Episode #2.100 (16 Dec. 2005)
She finds out that Mia is making a protest banner for Vico. Celina learns by the anonymity that Miguel and Mia met alone and grabs Mia by the hair.
101Episode #2.101Episode #2.101 (19 Dec. 2005)
Irene separates the girls. Roberta takes the blame for the deception on the psycho. The director wants to throw her out but Alma manages to stop it. Alma finds out about the bad relationship between Lupita and her mother. Miguel realizes that Teo knows things about the lodge.
102Episode #2.102Episode #2.102 (20 Dec. 2005)
Celina cites him in the cellar ready to "give himself totally". As Miguel rejects it, he believes that he likes Mia. Next day: Diego wants to take shots of the room. Roberta organized everything for the protest but Mia must be the one in front.
103Episode #2.103Episode #2.103 (21 Dec. 2005)
Chemistry class: Teo saves Roberta from failing. She gives him a kiss of thanks. Bustamante goes to school. He orders Diego to invite Roberta that weekend. The protest begins. The director believes that the person in charge is Roberta but to her surprise, Mia takes charge of the fact. Marcelino has become Diego's "employee" so that he does not reveal it.
104Episode #2.104Episode #2.104 (22 Dec. 2005)
Nico discovers his things burned by the lodge. Miguel threatens Teo to talk to him about the lodge but is held back by the ethics teacher. Alma learns that Roberta made purchases at the supermarket and at a children's clothing store. Joaquin, the new student, did not appear.
105Episode #2.105Episode #2.105 (23 Dec. 2005)
Miguel and Mia find Celina vomiting with a great liver attack. Celina ends up in nursing. Miguel stays to take care of her. She makes him promise that he will not leave her. The director forgives the rebels and announces that he will rejoin Vico. The secretary desperately tries to locate Joaquin.
106Episode #2.106Episode #2.106 (26 Dec. 2005)
It is Roberta who helps her and who is in charge of showing her the place and telling her about her future companions when she arrives. Colucci is furious over the behavior of Mia. She thinks she became friends with Roberta and that's why she is like that. Alma brings gifts for Lupita. Roberta does not want Joaquín to know that she is his mother.
107Episode #2.107Episode #2.107 (27 Dec. 2005)
Approach between Mia and Miguel. Joaquín goes to sleep in Diego's room. Tomas is outside. Vico returns to school. Next day: Teo tells what he knows about the lodge. Mia is flashed with Joaquin. This is what I needed to forget about Miguel. The director is determined that Pilar will become friends with Joaquín because his father is a powerful businessman.
108Episode #2.108Episode #2.108 (28 Dec. 2005)
Start bidding between Roberta and Mia to keep the new one: Roberta pours juice into Mia's clothes. The teacher of ethics tells Miguel that the first thing he has to do is find in what secret place the lodge meets. Mia manages to get Joaquín to accept a trip for that night. Diego challenges Joaquín to play pool for silver and couples.
109Episode #2.109Episode #2.109 (29 Dec. 2005)
Joaquín plays with Nico and Diego offers the stick to Tomas, as a sign that they resume their friendship. Joaquin-Nico is the winner. Night: Mia is about to leave with Joaquín but finds out that the father gave orders not to let her out. It ends up going Pilar with Joaquín to that disc, at the request of the director. Bustamante changes dinner with Roberta for lunch.
110Episode #2.110Episode #2.110 (30 Dec. 2005)
Roberta wants to die because she had a planned departure with Joaquín. Miguel goes to see Celina at home and manages to cut the relationship. Celina seems calm until he leaves. Míase escapes from school but is brought back by Peter who, in order to shape her, brings her a big box with memories of the mother. Roberta goes to the same disc where Joaquin is and slips away with him. They kiss.
111Episode #2.111Episode #2.111 (2 Jan. 2006)
Miguel discovers hiding place of the lodge. They have pictures of him and Nico. Next day: Roberta goes to see Diego with cassette that Marcelino recorded. Loamenaza with making her listen to the father if he forces her to go to lunch. To his horror, the cassette did not record anything.
112Episode #2.112Episode #2.112 (3 Jan. 2006)
Now it is Roberta who remains in the hands of Diego who locks her in the room but she escapes through the window. Mia discovers in her pocket a kind of intimate diary from her mother. Colucci asks Miguel to watch over Mía. Roberta arrives on time at the meeting place with Joaquín. To his surprise, he finds out that he wants him to jump too. Despite his fear, he manages to do it.
113Episode #2.113Episode #2.113 (4 Jan. 2006)
Miguel asks Nico to watch over Mia while he takes care of the lodge. Roberta and Joaquín are discovered by Alma while they kiss in a cafeteria. Roberta makes her look like Lujan's mother. Diego forces Marcelino to bring Roberta to the car. When she arrives, Diego takes her to dinner with the family.
114Episode #2.114Episode #2.114 (5 Jan. 2006)
Lupita, Mia and Lujan catch Nico spying on them. Nico, to get by, says he was looking at Lupita. Everyone thinks he likes her. The director invites Joaquín to dinner that night. Pilar discovers her mother in a suspicious situation with the ethics teacher.
115Episode #2.115Episode #2.115 (6 Jan. 2006)
Miguel burns the papers of the lodge in the hiding place of the. Mia reads her mother's diary and is destroyed because she finds out that her parents were not happy together. Miguel finds the box with the name of the mother of Mia. He tells Colucci by phone. Joaquín makes an appointment with Mia and gives him a kiss.
116Episode #2.116Episode #2.116 (9 Jan. 2006)
Monday: Joaquín realizes the intentions of the director and suggests Pilar to pretend to be friends, so he does not bother them anymore. Roberta and Mia, both by their side, enlightened with Joaquín. He plays with both of them and tells each of them to keep their courtship secret. Giovanni and Diego get ready to face the pool with Joaquín and Miguel.
117Episode #2.117Episode #2.117 (10 Jan. 2006)
Peter wants to die when Colucci interrogates him about the box that came into my hands and about a student his daughter likes. He comes to the concussion that there is someone who is passing on information about Mía. The history teacher does not get the boys to group together in two to do a history work. The teacher of ethics achieves it with a special method that creates a " sort of chaos "in the classroom, the director is enraged when he learns that it was witnessed by the man sent by Manchester to evaluate the school.
118Episode #2.118Episode #2.118 (11 Jan. 2006)
Miguel, to get Mia out of the way, takes her to a room with a deception and pretends that they were locked up. the director receives a call from "someone" who asks for Lujan's photo that came out in the newspaper. Miguel makes the lodge believe that the old "black hands" lodge has resurfaced.
119Episode #2.119Episode #2.119 (12 Jan. 2006)
The lodge decides to put informants in each course. Joaquin learns that Teo is the brother of his brother's best friend. Marcelino gives Roberta a cassette with Diego's music. Diego, half drunk, confesses to Pilar the secret of Roberta. Teo has an asthma attack. Death seems on the edge. Lujan, who is with him, does not know what to do.
120Episode #2.120Episode #2.120 (13 Jan. 2006)
Lujan asks for help from Miguel and Nico who find Teo's remedy. When he recovers, Teo He says it was an allergy and they do not tell anyone anything. The director, at Morrison's suggestion, appoints coordinator to the ethics teacher. This causes confrontation between the teacher of ethics and Carlos, who aspired to that position.