Rebelde (TV Series 2004–2006)

Season 1

1Capítulo 1Capítulo 1 (4 Oct. 2004)
A drunk Diego crashes his car. Roberta's forced to go to Elite Way School. Miguel tells his mom he's going to D.F., but is really going to Elite Way School. Mía and Roberta meet and automatically hate each other.
2Capítulo 2Capítulo 2 (5 Oct. 2004)
Roberta tries to thwart her admission. Miguel has trouble getting in to take the admission test. Thanks to her aunt, Lupita will attend school.
3Capítulo 3Capítulo 3 (6 Oct. 2004)
Lupita's aunt helps Miguel get in to take the test and in exchange asks him to look after her niece. Miguel meets Mía and there's a mutual attraction.
4Capítulo 4Capítulo 4 (7 Oct. 2004)
For Celina's sake, Mía pretends not to like Miguel. In Valle de Bravo, Roberta pretends to be drowning to get Mauro's attention. Diego's assaulted then saved by Miguel.
5Capítulo 5Capítulo 5 (8 Oct. 2004)
Diego's attackers make it as if he was mugged. Miguel saves him and conceals the truth. Later Miguel struggles with Mía and pushes her over a cliff.
6Capítulo 6Capítulo 6 (11 Oct. 2004)
On the edge of the cliff, Miguel humiliates Mía for what she did to Celina. Mía decides to hide what happened with Miguel and apologizes to Celina. Diego's father finds out about the mugging.
7Capítulo 7Capítulo 7 (12 Oct. 2004)
While secretly planning to destroy him, Miguel expresses admiration for Franco. Roberta kisses Mauro, and José tries to get her to appreciate her mom.
8Capítulo 8Capítulo 8 (13 Oct. 2004)
Miguel asks Celina to be his girlfriend. Diego and Roberta are on a collision course. Everyone thinks Roberta's been writing the anonymous notes.
9Capítulo 9Capítulo 9 (14 Oct. 2004)
Roberta pretends to be sick to get out of school. Lupita feels she doesn't fit in at school. Miguel knocks Nico unconscious for insulting him.
10Capítulo 10Capítulo 10 (15 Oct. 2004)
Lupita wants a room change, but Roberta apologizes and tells her she wants to try to be friends. León threatens to send Diego to a military academy.
11Capítulo 11Capítulo 11 (18 Oct. 2004)
Celina warns Lupita to stay away from Miguel. Roberta proves she's not a thief. Diego's humiliated before everyone. León gives the principal a car.
12Capítulo 12Capítulo 12 (19 Oct. 2004)
Franco flips when he learns he's being accused of sexually harassing Alma and threatens to sue her. Pilar accuses her dad of being corrupt.
13Capítulo 13Capítulo 13 (20 Oct. 2004)
Mía tells Celina that Miguel isn't sincere with her; Nico finds out Miguel doesn't love Celina. At the audition, Roberta hits Mía for turning her down.
14Capítulo 14Capítulo 14 (21 Oct. 2004)
Vico arrives at the party and slaps Diego for not inviting her. Alma admits on a TV show that Franco never harassed her. Vico tries to seduce Tomás, who is Diego's best friend.
15Capítulo 15Capítulo 15 (22 Oct. 2004)
Roberta's adamant about getting into the dance group. Franco finds out Miguel lied to him. The principal wants to punish him but Franco dissuades him.
16Capítulo 16Capítulo 16 (25 Oct. 2004)
Roberta forms her own dance group. Franco's investigating Miguel and finds his last name familiar. Pilar writes about Giovanni, and he threatens her.
17Capítulo 17Capítulo 17 (26 Oct. 2004)
Mía and Miguel call a truce and pretend not to like each other. Gandia finds out about the little boy that Roberta is hiding in the school.
18Capítulo 18Capítulo 18 (27 Oct. 2004)
Miguel is chosen by The Lodge members as their first target. José takes a bite from one of Leon's dogs to protect Marcelino. Mía thinks Vico is hiding something.
19Capítulo 19Capítulo 19 (28 Oct. 2004)
Mía and Roberta look for Lupita to bring her back. The Lodge beats Miguel up to get him to leave. Vico tells Mía she's seeing both Tomás and Diego, as revenge.
20Capítulo 20Capítulo 20 (29 Oct. 2004)
José can't find her tutor's name in the files. Roberta and Diego convince everyone to go to a club. Wanting to get back at her, Diego kisses Roberta.
21Capítulo 21Capítulo 21 (1 Nov. 2004)
Esteban informs Pascual there are no fourth-year students. A brawl breaks out at the club and the police shows up. Diego finds out Tomás likes Vico.
22Capítulo 22Capítulo 22 (2 Nov. 2004)
Gandia won't expel Roberta but expects her to go to counseling. The Lodge members try to run Miguel over. Mia's angry that Miguel's in her home.
23Capítulo 23Capítulo 23 (3 Nov. 2004)
Miguel lies and says he's worried about Celina to get into Mia's home. Diego hits Tomás for stealing his girlfriend. Nico's dad is very sick.
24Capítulo 24Capítulo 24 (4 Nov. 2004)
Miguel finds Celina dancing and tells her to confront Mia. After, Roberta and Miguel expose Mia for not wanting Celina to be part of the dance group.
25Capítulo 25Capítulo 25 (5 Nov. 2004)
The Lodge beats Nico up. Roberta's dance group beats Mia's at the auditions. Celina doesn't want to be Mia's friend anymore. Diego finds Marcelino.
26Capítulo 26Capítulo 26 (8 Nov. 2004)
Roberta becomes Diego's slave for fear he'll tell on her. Pascual tells Vico she must leave the school. Mia and Roberta fight in the middle of class.
27Capítulo 27Capítulo 27 (9 Nov. 2004)
Celina tells Miguel she is going to kill herself if he leaves her. The dance teacher wants Mia back in the group. Roberta's with Mia in favor of Vico.
28Capítulo 28Capítulo 28 (10 Nov. 2004)
Alma finds out Lupita's been taking Roberta's place during counseling. Celina confronts Mia over Miguel. Leon tells Diego to put Roberta in her place.
29Capítulo 29Capítulo 29 (11 Nov. 2004)
Mia's punished for leading the protest in favor of Vico. Marcelino shows Roberta how much he loves her. Mia and Miguel find Celina in very bad shape.
30Capítulo 30Capítulo 30 (12 Nov. 2004)
Mia tries to kiss Miguel but gets cold feet. Alma asks Roberta what she's been spending so much money on. Both Roberta and Mia like the new student.
31Capítulo 31Capítulo 31 (15 Nov. 2004)
Mia's not allowed out and so her date's ruined. Miguel gets Celina to understand they have to split. Roberta has a plan to get out of Diego's grip.
32Capítulo 32Capítulo 32 (16 Nov. 2004)
Franco asks Miguel to keep an eye on Mia. Roberta's going out with Joaquín but she lies about her parents. Pilar confronts her mom for cheating.
33Capítulo 33Capítulo 33 (17 Nov. 2004)
Joaquín asks Roberta to be discreet about them. Diego has Roberta do his history assignment. Miguel get the Lodge to think the old Lodge is back.
34Capítulo 34Capítulo 34 (18 Nov. 2004)
Joaquín rejects Mia in front of Miguel and convinces her to keep their relationship secret. Miguel learns that Joaquín is playing with both Roberta and Mia.
35Capítulo 35Capítulo 35 (19 Nov. 2004)
Roberta rips into Diego for spreading gossip and tells him she's going to send the tape with his name to all the radio stations as pay back.
36Capítulo 36Capítulo 36 (22 Nov. 2004)
Marcelino apologizes to Roberta for thinking she gave him up. Mia won't accept Celina's apology. Roberta finds out Diego didn't tell on her.
37Capítulo 37Capítulo 37 (23 Nov. 2004)
León finds out about the tape and slaps Diego, but Tomás takes the blame. Celina tells Mia about Joaquín and Roberta. A drunken Diego hits his Dad.
38Capítulo 38Capítulo 38 (24 Nov. 2004)
Mia buys Celina a dance outfit. Joaquín finds out Alma is Roberta's mom. Vico tells Mia she'll lose Joaquín if she doesn't sleep with him.
39Capítulo 39Capítulo 39 (25 Nov. 2004)
Roberta tells Alma she's pregnant and that she broke up with Joaquín. Madariaga advises Diego to fight for what he wants and not give up. Mia asks Giovanni for a favor.
40Capítulo 40Capítulo 40 (26 Nov. 2004)
Mia finds out that Miguel told Joaquín that her dad is a drug dealer. Roberta rejects Joaquín sexual advances. Madariaga punishes Mia and Miguel.
41Capítulo 41Capítulo 41 (29 Nov. 2004)
Nico's parents want Karen for him, but he likes Lupita. Miguel tells Joaquín the truth about Franco. Roberta gets mad at Enrique for being interested in Alma.
42Capítulo 42Capítulo 42 (30 Nov. 2004)
Roberta attacks Vico. León tells Diego that his mom wants a divorce but since that would look bad for his image, he has to choose to stay with him.
43Capítulo 43Capítulo 43 (1 Dec. 2004)
Roberta tells Teo he's not guilty of his brother's death. Diego tells Roberta that Joaquín is cheating on her with Mia so she pushes him down the stairs.
44Capítulo 44Capítulo 44 (2 Dec. 2004)
Teo wants to know if his brother was high when the accident happened, but his parents deny it. Roberta tells Mia that Joaquín has been seeing both of them.
45Capítulo 45Capítulo 45 (3 Dec. 2004)
Alma gets Roberta to tell her what happened. Franco finds Mia singing at a cafe and punishes her. Celina tells Mia Vico and Miguel were together.
46Capítulo 46Capítulo 46 (6 Dec. 2004)
Vico is mad at Celina for saying Miguel spent the night. Nico's mom is upset when she learns that Lupita isn't Jewish.
47Capítulo 47Capítulo 47 (7 Dec. 2004)
Mia and Roberta get everyone to think that Joaquín is gay. Nico breaks up with Lupita. Miguel and Diego hear that the cafe wants to hire the band.
48Capítulo 48Capítulo 48 (8 Dec. 2004)
Mr. Mendiola threatens to fire Pascual. Miguel tells Franco that he's afraid Mia might try to kill herself. Tomás is worried about Diego's self-kidnapping.
49Capítulo 49Capítulo 49 (9 Dec. 2004)
León thwarts Diego's plans and has the bodyguard who helped arrested. Enrique tells Diego he is acting like his father and advises him not to.
50Capítulo 50Capítulo 50 (10 Dec. 2004)
Celina confronts Miguel over Vico. Roberta invites Celina to sing with the band. Robert and Lupita think that Jose Lujan is stealing food and selling it.
51Capítulo 51Capítulo 51 (13 Dec. 2004)
...Continuation of previous episode.
52Capítulo 52Capítulo 52 (14 Dec. 2004)
Diego is disappointed his mom went back to his dad. Roberta pretends to have panic attacks so Pascual won't expel her. Pascual hires Esteban back.
53Capítulo 53Capítulo 53 (15 Dec. 2004)
Miguel hit Giovanni when he finds out he's with Celina as a favor. Diego argues with Roberta and says one has to leave the band.
54Capítulo 54Capítulo 54 (16 Dec. 2004)
Miguel asks both Roberta and Diego to stay in the band. Mia has to go to the show with Miguel. Alma brings Marcelino and Lupita's little sister, Dulce, to visit Roberta and Lupita at school.
55Capítulo 55Capítulo 55 (17 Dec. 2004)
Pascual agrees to start a foundation with the real purpose to launder money. Roberta pretends to be with Diego in front of León.
56Capítulo 56Capítulo 56 (20 Dec. 2004)
Miguel's mother gets upset when she learns about him attending Elite Way School. In fear of The Lodge, Vico breaks up with Miguel. Franco and Miguel's mother meet each other.
57Capítulo 57Capítulo 57 (21 Dec. 2004)
Franco invites Miguel and his family to celebrate Christmas at his house. Miguel's mother is confused at why Miguel is going back to high school.
58Capítulo 58Capítulo 58 (22 Dec. 2004)
Mia confronts her father asking for the reason he never talks about her mother. Miguel and his mother argue; he reveals his plan to avenge his father's death against Franco.
59Capítulo 59Capítulo 59 (23 Dec. 2004)
Franco sends Alma a message saying he won't be intimidated. Esteban destroys José Lujan's homework. Only the boys are allowed to be in the dance contest.
60Capítulo 60Capítulo 60 (24 Dec. 2004)
Nico's dad is sick and in the hospital. The guys from the band decide to give Nico the money from their first singing gig to help. Miguel also asks Franco for a loan to help Nico and his family.
61Capítulo 61Capítulo 61 (27 Dec. 2004)
Pascual wants Roberta to apologize to Hilda but Alma comes to put the teacher straight before it can happen. Roberta invites Teo and José Lujan to her house for Christmas.
62Capítulo 62Capítulo 62 (28 Dec. 2004)
Mia doesn't want Miguel to have the check her father has given her to give to him. Roberta gets mad at Mia for thinking Miguel lied about Nico's dad.
63Capítulo 63Capítulo 63 (29 Dec. 2004)
Roberta gets revenge on Mia by making Mia think he father died. Joaquín offers Tomás work running drugs. Mia and Roberta have a legitimate boxing match.
64Capítulo 64Capítulo 64 (30 Dec. 2004)
Everyone thinks Mia and Roberta fought over Joaquín. Tomás doesn't want to run drugs but is threatened by Joaquín. Nico plans to quit school to take care of his family.
65Capítulo 65Capítulo 65 (31 Dec. 2004)
Mia apologizes to Nico. Madariaga finds out that Joaquín is selling drugs in the school. Mia asks Alma for confirmation that Franco is dating his lawyer, Valeria.
66Capítulo 66Capítulo 66 (1 Jan. 2005)
Carlos accuses Madariaga of taking bribes from León for Diego to pass his class. Nico says his goodbyes to Miguel and Teo. Celina shuns Mia.
67Capítulo 67Capítulo 67 (2 Jan. 2005)
After he is taken to the principal's office for the rumor of drugs being sold in the school, Joaquín denies everything and puts the blames on Tomás. Roberta and Mia both don't want to spend New Year's with their parents. Their friends throw a beach party and the band performs.
68Capítulo 68Capítulo 68 (5 Jan. 2005)
Miguel saves Mia from a possible self-induced drowning; they kiss. Nico accepts his mother's conditions. José steals some papers and Teo takes the blame.
69Capítulo 69Capítulo 69 (6 Jan. 2005)
Peter asks Mia if she knows that Franco is with Valeria. Tomás's dad finds out about Pascual's foundation and wants to become a part of it.
70Capítulo 70Capítulo 70 (7 Jan. 2005)
Tomás reveals to his friends that Joaquín's forcing him to sell drugs. Joaquín wants Tomás to run drugs outside as well as inside of school. Mia and Celina find out Vico's been lying.
71Capítulo 71Capítulo 71 (10 Jan. 2005)
Tomás decides to run away after the threat of expulsion from the school. Miguel warns Joaquín to tell the truth. Madariaga wants to call the police to handle the situation of drugs in the school.
72Capítulo 72Capítulo 72 (11 Jan. 2005)
The girls get back at their dance professor, Lulu. Mia gets Miguel thrown out of the mall. Alma comes up with a plan to sabotage Franco and Valeria's romance.
73Capítulo 73Capítulo 73 (12 Jan. 2005)
Roberta gets mad at Alma because she's friends with Mia. Madariaga warns Galia to keep an eye on Pilar since she's in a relationship with Joaquín.
74Capítulo 74Capítulo 74 (13 Jan. 2005)
Mia cries after she hears what Miguel thinks of her and seeing him kissing Julieta. Roberta is kicked out by Lupita's mom for playing with Lupita's sister, Dulce.
75Capítulo 75Capítulo 75 (14 Jan. 2005)
Pilar tells her mother, Galia, Joaquín doesn't do drugs because he's an athlete. Alma is afraid that Roberta's father will take Roberta away.
76Capítulo 76Capítulo 76 (17 Jan. 2005)
Alma tells Franco that Roberta's father wants to take Roberta away with him to Spain. Marcelino tells Roberta that her mother is afraid of losing her to her father.
77Capítulo 77Capítulo 77 (18 Jan. 2005)
Alma tells Roberta that she can't stop her father from taking her away to Spain and that she loves her very much. Pilar sees Vico and Joaquín kissing.
78Capítulo 78Capítulo 78 (19 Jan. 2005)
When Diego finds out Roberta is in two bands he tells her to pick one or the other. Valeria breaks up with Franco because of Mia. Meanwhile, Mia tells on Miguel and Julieta.
79Capítulo 79Capítulo 79 (20 Jan. 2005)
Mia asks her dad to stop Miguel from getting expelled after she told on him and Julieta. Esteban receives love letters and thinks they are from Mia.
80Capítulo 80Capítulo 80 (21 Jan. 2005)
Lulu apologizes to the students for lying. Celina asks Mia to take her place at the band's rehearsal. Vico demands that Joaquín breaks up with Pilar.
81Capítulo 81Capítulo 81 (24 Jan. 2005)
Giovanni gives his support to Mia. Fearing the Lodge might hurt Julieta, Miguel breaks up with her. By request of Diego, Facundo turns down Roberta.
82Capítulo 82Capítulo 82 (25 Jan. 2005)
Joaquín breaks up with Pilar because she won't sleep with him. Vico thinks that Mia told Esteban about the love letters she's been sending him. Roberta gets manipulated by Diego.
83Capítulo 83Capítulo 83 (26 Jan. 2005)
Valeria pretends to be a photographer for the school to get close to Mia. Miguel warns Mia about Esteban. Roberta makes her choice of which band to stay in.
84Capítulo 84Capítulo 84 (27 Jan. 2005)
Miguel and Esteban get into a fist fight. Joaquín breaks up with Vico by lying that the Lodge might come after her. However, Pilar tells Vico that Joaquín and her are dating again.
85Capítulo 85Capítulo 85 (28 Jan. 2005)
Miguel admonishes Julieta for going out with her former boyfriend, who is dangerous. Valeria tells Franco she spent the day with Mia. Paola tries to seduce Diego.
86Capítulo 86Capítulo 86 (31 Jan. 2005)
Miguel asks Teo to help get him in as a member at the Lodge. Mia finds out Vanessa is really the woman dating her father, Valeria. Paola is hired by León to sleep with Diego.
87Capítulo 87Capítulo 87 (1 Feb. 2005)
Diego reveals to Paola he's a virgin. Miguel is asked by Franco to find Mia, who has run away after she finds out her father and Valeria had a history.
88Capítulo 88Capítulo 88 (2 Feb. 2005)
Miguel comes up with a plan to get Rodrigo to invite Teo into the Lodge. Celina tells Mia that Valeria could tell her everything she want to know about her mother.
89Capítulo 89Capítulo 89 (3 Feb. 2005)
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90Capítulo 90Capítulo 90 (4 Feb. 2005)
Julieta breaks up with Miguel once she figures out he is in love with Mia. Teo and Miguel pretend to fight. Franco gets upset with Valeria for telling Mia about her mom.
91Capítulo 91Capítulo 91 (7 Feb. 2005)
Lupita tells Mia of how Miguel got Teo into the Lodge. José makes Teo believe that Roberta is in love with him.
92Capítulo 92Capítulo 92 (8 Feb. 2005)
Mia accuses Miguel to Esteban of spying on her in the bathroom. Miguel and Julieta begin dating again.
93Capítulo 93Capítulo 93 (9 Feb. 2005)
Esteban finds out the letters aren't Mia's, but tells her, if she wants a real relationship where she is loved, he'll be waiting. Tomás gets beat up by a strange man when he goes to visit Lulu.
94Capítulo 94Capítulo 94 (10 Feb. 2005)
Mia confides in Alma about Franco's change since his relationship with Valeria started. Nico thinks Lupita is after Karen's cousin.
95Capítulo 95Capítulo 95 (11 Feb. 2005)
León reminds Paola that he did her a favor, and forbids her to ever see or go near Diego again. Mia accepts Giovanni's request to start dating.
96Capítulo 96Capítulo 96 (14 Feb. 2005)
Everyone laughs when Giovanni reveals that him and Mia are dating. Joaquín faints in gym class after taking drugs; Esteban doesn't let the fellow classmates get help.
97Capítulo 97Capítulo 97 (15 Feb. 2005)
Roberta ruins her dad's fancy dinner by embarrassing him and pretending he beats her. Mia plans to get evidence of Joaquín's drug business.
98Capítulo 98Capítulo 98 (16 Feb. 2005)
Lupita finds Mia's diary in Nico's belongings, not knowing that Miguel is the one who took it. Franco tells Mia to ignore the rumours about her mother.
99Capítulo 99Capítulo 99 (17 Feb. 2005)
Diego finds out about the ring Paola received from his father, León, and breaks up with her. Mia plans to get revenge on Miguel for reading her diary. Joaquín starts rehab.
100Capítulo 100Capítulo 100 (18 Feb. 2005)
Mia asks Raquel to tell Miguel, when he's with Julieta or alone, that she is crazy for him. Paola confesses to Diego about her past.
101Capítulo 101Capítulo 101 (21 Feb. 2005)
Mia learns the truth about her mom's past. After getting back with Paola, Diego hides her in the school.
102Capítulo 102Capítulo 102 (22 Feb. 2005)
Giovanni gives his full support to Mia after she learns how her mother died. After talking to Valeria, Mia accepts the truth and the fact that her mom was a hoe.
103Capítulo 103Capítulo 103 (23 Feb. 2005)
Roberta finds out about Diego and Paola dating. Mia runs away from school and goes to stay with Alma. Meanwhile, Miguel searches for Mia.
104Capítulo 104Capítulo 104 (24 Feb. 2005)
Giovanni is angry that Miguel goes to look for Mia. Roberta finds Mia at Alma's and gets upset. Miguel finds Mia at Alma's and they kiss; they leave and spend the day together.
105Capítulo 105Capítulo 105 (25 Feb. 2005)
Before returning to school, Miguel tells Mia that they have to forget everything that happened between them and they can't begin dating. However, Miguel ends his relationship with Julieta.
106Capítulo 106Capítulo 106 (28 Feb. 2005)
Due to jealousy, Roberta tells her mom to choose her or Mía. Miguel decides to tell Mía he has feelings for her; they decide to keep their relationship secret.
107Capítulo 107Capítulo 107 (1 Mar. 2005)
Mia loses trust in her dad. Franco believes that Alma is turning Mia against him. Miguel wants his relationship with Mia to be public.
108Capítulo 108Capítulo 108 (2 Mar. 2005)
When Alma comes to Franco's house, she finds him drunk; he kisses her. Mia tells Giovanni the truth of how she feels and breaks up with him.
109Capítulo 109Capítulo 109 (3 Mar. 2005)
Valeria warns Alma to stay away from Franco. After Mia and Miguel kiss, she runs away. However; she returns, apologizes, and ask him to make her a woman.
110Capítulo 110Capítulo 110 (4 Mar. 2005)
Celina quits the band and asks Mia to take her place. Miguel takes Mia to her house to reconcile with her father.
111Capítulo 111Capítulo 111 (7 Mar. 2005)
Teo tells Miguel he passed the test given by the Lodge members and it's all thanks to his girlfriend, Roberta. Franco tells Mia about her mom.
112Capítulo 112Capítulo 112 (8 Mar. 2005)
Franco tells Miguel that Mia has been happier and more mature since she fell in love. Carlo, Mia's uncle comes to visit; him along with Franco, Valeria, Alma, Mia, and Miguel spend the weekend together.
113Capítulo 113Capítulo 113 (9 Mar. 2005)
Paola tells Roberta everything that happened between León and her. Miguel apologizes to Mia for exploding on her about his father.
114Capítulo 114Capítulo 114 (10 Mar. 2005)
Giovanni, Mia, Roberta, Diego, Miguel, and Mia have a successful show. Giovanni's mother embarrasses him in front of Tomas and his mother when they're invited to dinner.
115Capítulo 115Capítulo 115 (11 Mar. 2005)
Miguel becomes upset when he learns that Mia invited his mother and sister to Cuernavaca. Giovanni's mother, Luisa, cries when she learns that he is ashamed of his family and lied about her not being his mother.
116Capítulo 116Capítulo 116 (14 Mar. 2005)
While telling Diego about Luisa, Tomás makes fun of her, and Giovanni beats him up. Lupita asks Nico why Miguel is so worried about Mia.
117Capítulo 117Capítulo 117 (15 Mar. 2005)
The leader of the Lodge, Rodrigo, tells Teo he has failed them. Nico reveals to Lupita that Miguel is afraid to love Mia because he feels like he's betraying his father. Rodrigo tells Miguel that Julieta is sick and to stop asking for her.
118Capítulo 118Capítulo 118 (16 Mar. 2005)
Lupita tells Mia that Miguel may not be ready for a girlfriend even though she's in love with him. Giovanni is truly sorry and wants to see his parents.
119Capítulo 119Capítulo 119 (17 Mar. 2005)
Lupita follows Miguel and he sees him with Julieta then tells Mia that Miguel became her boyfriend out of revenge (she's assumes the worst and basically ruins everything). Before Miguel can tell Mia the entire truth she tells everyone she went out with him on a bet.
120Capítulo 120Capítulo 120 (18 Mar. 2005)
Roberta is afraid her mother's reputation will cast a shadow on her career in the band. Marcelino's brother escapes and has him ask for money from Alma and Pepa and steal from other places. Esteban overworks José until she collapses.
121Capítulo 121Capítulo 121 (21 Mar. 2005)
Carlo tells Roberta he is interested in her mom, not her. José reveals to Teo that she was the one who sent the emails, not Roberta.
122Capítulo 122Capítulo 122 (22 Mar. 2005)
Mia quits the band and Miguel is pleased. However, Diego tells her it would be a mistake to quit and Vico convinces her to stay in the band.
123Capítulo 123Capítulo 123 (23 Mar. 2005)
The band needs to get exposure so they try to get on the Otro Rollo TV show. Franco gives Carlo another chance at working for the family company.
124Capítulo 124Capítulo 124 (24 Mar. 2005)
Giovanni and Tomás cover for Diego with Alicia. Everyone in the school finds out in another anonymous letter that José made fun of Teo.
125Capítulo 125Capítulo 125 (25 Mar. 2005)
Roberta asks Teo to forgive her. José blames Lupita for writing and sending out the anonymous letters.
126Capítulo 126Capítulo 126 (28 Mar. 2005)
Giovanni, Mia, Roberta, Diego, Miguel, and Lupita decide to name their band Rebelde aka RBD. Lenny Kravitz gives Roberta his guitar at the Rollo Otro.
127Capítulo 127Capítulo 127 (29 Mar. 2005)
Adal Ramones listens to the band sing and invites them on the show. RBD performs on the Otro Rollo show. Meanwhile, their closest friends prevent others students and their respective parents from watching the show. Gastón and Mia first meet.
128Capítulo 128Capítulo 128 (30 Mar. 2005)
The new math teacher, Renata, refuses to help the kids with the schoolwork. Roberta and José mix up Hilda's first love and the important guest speaker; they lock Hilda and the speaker in a room together. Lupita tells Nico she has to go back to be with her sister.
129Capítulo 129Capítulo 129 (31 Mar. 2005)
The band gets news that the recording label wants them to sing other songs and not their own. Alma goes on live TV to find Marcelino. Gastón has it out for Roberta for the mishap, however, she succeeds in getting Hilda and her first love face to face.
130Capítulo 130Capítulo 130 (1 Apr. 2005)
Roberta kisses Diego and Paola tells him to quit the band. Nico asks Lupita to not drop out for her future. Marcelino calls Roberta to say goodbye. Celina is put in charge of picking the dance members.
131Capítulo 131Capítulo 131 (4 Apr. 2005)
Mia reflects on her and Miguel's precious moments. Diego decides to leave the band and Roberta is blamed for it. Alma decides to be the dance group's choreographer. Gastón calls Mia out of class, she cries about Miguel and he comforts her.
132Capítulo 132Capítulo 132 (5 Apr. 2005)
Mia start a campaign/fundraiser to help save the Chapultepec Forest. Teo tells the Lodge that José was the one responsible for the anonymous letters out of fear and spite. Lupita decides to stay in school. Gastón gives Mia a present. Miguel becomes suspicious of Gastón.
133Capítulo 133Capítulo 133 (6 Apr. 2005)
Diego tells his mom of his love for Paola; she asks to meet her. Gastón overhears José and Vico talking about him; he threatens José. Miguel is allowed access to Franco's files. Roberta tells Facundo not to let Diego into his band. León gets pictures of Paola with Diego.
134Capítulo 134Capítulo 134 (7 Apr. 2005)
León threatens Paola on the phone and demands to speak to Diego. Mia distracts Gastón so the band won't be seen; he embraces her. Roberta tricks the principal to stop her mother from teaching choreography at the school. Mia gets mad at Miguel for telling the everyone that her and Gastón are dating.
135Capítulo 135Capítulo 135 (8 Apr. 2005)
León give Paola a few days to leave Diego. Teo is told by the Lodge to steal a teacher's wallet; José is later blamed. Miguel tells Gastón to stay away from Mia and cleverly threatens him. Gastón and Renata conspire against Enrique.
136Capítulo 136Capítulo 136 (11 Apr. 2005)
Roberta helps Diego ditch school. Alma brings Mia from school to be the new main fashion model. José is threatened with expulsion if she doesn't admit to theft. Diego and Paola plan to run away together. Renata confronts Enrique about his past.
137Capítulo 137Capítulo 137 (12 Apr. 2005)
Roberta asks Paola to tell Diego the truth of her relationship with León. Diego leaves with Paola. Franco tries to pay Alma to stay away from Mia. Alma and Roberta cry for their loves. Gastón tells Mia he has a love he can't get out of his head; he embraces her a second time.
138Capítulo 138Capítulo 138 (13 Apr. 2005)
Alma reveals to Franco, in a big way, how she spent the his bribe money. Teo steals all the other teachers wallets and puts them in Pascual's desk in order to save José. Roberta gets Mabel to go look for Diego. Galia, Pascual and Pilar's wife and mother respectively, becomes the new English teacher.
139Capítulo 139Capítulo 139 (14 Apr. 2005)
The Lodge is upset that they failed in getting José expelled. José meets her tutor face to face. Franco finds out that Mia like a man; not a boy at the school. Mia, in anger, tells her father she's in love with Gastón; however Gastón is not worried. Later, when Mia becomes upset at the sight of Viviana with Miguel, Gastón kisses her.
140Capítulo 140Capítulo 140 (15 Apr. 2005)
Gastón kisses Mia for the first time. Franco believes that Alma is cheating on Carlo. Nico tells Teo he might like José more than he knows. Mia tells Gastón she's harassed by Miguel at school. Franco follows the alleged cheater and finds out he's in charge of Mia's model campaign. Raquel and Giovanni begin to date; Tomás and him fight. Teo is saved by a fellow Lodge member. Gastón tells Mia he wants to take care of her for life.
141Capítulo 141Capítulo 141 (18 Apr. 2005)
Teo tells Miguel and Nico that the room guard of the Lodge has a black eye; they look for suspects. Celina becomes depressed because of her break up with Augusto; she binge eats. Roberta and Pepa go to Puebla City. León finds out Diego left school.
142Capítulo 142Capítulo 142 (19 Apr. 2005)
León reveals to Mabel that Paola is a prostitute. Giovanni lies to Raquel about his family, saying they're royalty. José tries to help Celina with the PE test. Mia forgets to do her math homework; Gastón brings it to class completed. Renata makes the students participate in a math competition. Celina gets injured during the test. Mia angers Gastón when she goes to Madariaga for help. León finds Diego with Roberta at the hotel.
143Capítulo 143Capítulo 143 (20 Apr. 2005)
Pilar tries to get Lupita and Tomás together for hidden reasons. Paola rejects Diego after seeing León. Miguel, Nico, and Teo plan to follow Tomás and Giovanni to see which is in the Lodge. Giovanni hires a man to pose as his rich father. León tells Diego that Paola is a whore. Nico and Miguel get ambushed by the suspect. Celina is comforted by Miguel on the subject of image.
144Capítulo 144Capítulo 144 (21 Apr. 2005)
Gastón invites Mia out on a date. Giovanni's fake parents aren't what they seem. Vico follows Celina to find out her secret appointment. Carlo tells Roberta he has a surprise for her. Franco and Valeria come to see if Mia lied about staying at school so she could go out with Gastón.
145Capítulo 145Capítulo 145 (22 Apr. 2005)
Carlo and Roberta go drag racing. Giovanni tries to ride a horse. Vico realizes the place Celina visited. Nico tries to ruin Lupita's date. León has Diego fight his anger out. Raquel finds out Giovanni lied. Diego give Nico his guitar; Nico sees the matching shoes in Diego, Tomás, Giovanni's room. Roberta and Carlo are arrested; revealing Mia's lie.
146Capítulo 146Capítulo 146 (25 Apr. 2005)
Franco finds out Mia isn't with Carlo and Roberta. Paola begs for Diego's forgiveness, which he gives, but refuses to take her back. Mia and Gastón go out on a date. Vico calls Celina's mom to stop her from making a life change. Carlo and Robert go search for Mia. Celina's mom sets her up on a date; however, the date proves to be beneficial to Celina. Roberta ruins Simon's date by saying she's pregnant and underage.
147Capítulo 147Capítulo 147 (26 Apr. 2005)
Nico breaks up with Karen. Gastón tells Mia he wants to speak to her dad. Teo receives a gift. Simon plans to get Roberta back for flattening his tires. Paola lies to Roberta that her and Diego are back together to get revenge. Miguel tells Teo he will take his place at the Lodge initiation.
148Capítulo 148Capítulo 148 (27 Apr. 2005)
León gives Diego a brand new car; Roberta crashes it. Gastón confronts Mia about her lingering feelings for Miguel. The Lodge figures out Miguel took Teo place; the later kidnap and torture Teo. Miguel and Mia kiss. Nico is told by Karen's father that the band is no longer welcome at his club. Giovanni, Diego, and Tomás put Madariaga's picture on an online dating site.
149Capítulo 149Capítulo 149 (28 Apr. 2005)
Nico is upset about Karen's father, Jacobo's, decision about the band. Gastón orders Mia to call her father so they can talk. Teo is tied up by the Lodge and tortured. Diego finds out it was Roberta who crashed his car. Viviana misleads Franco to get Mia in trouble. The other band members try to convince Diego to come back to the band; without him they can't perform at the club. José's tutor comes to take her out but also to tell her to get close to Gastón. Gastón follows Mia and sees the band.
150Capítulo 150Capítulo 150 (29 Apr. 2005)
The band finds out Gastón saw them perform; Miguel blames Mia, the others agree. Giovanni tries to rescue Teo but they are both caught and tortured. Nico tells his mother that he is in love with Lupita, not Karen. It's revealed that Pilar is in the Lodge. Viviana threatens Mia that she will tell Franco; later writes a fake fan letter even after Miguel asked her not to. Nico's mom tells Lupita to break up with Nico if she loves him.
151Capítulo 151Capítulo 151 (2 May 2005)
Giovanni climbs through the vents, onto the roof, then falls where he is later found by Tomás and Lupita. Gastón rebuffs Mia. Miguel, Diego, Tomás and Nico try to get Gandia to listen to them about the Lodge. A woman from the online dating site confronts a confused Madariaga. Gastón receives a love note from Mia. Roberta disrespectfully embarrasses Alma in front of Carlo and the others; however she is mistaken. Madariaga and the other boys help save Teo.
152Capítulo 152Capítulo 152 (3 May 2005)
Gandia and Mendiola want to act like the Lodge doesn't exist. Miguel tries to draw the Lodge out. Franco tells Mia that Valeria will move in. Diego curses Giovanni and calls him a traitor. The kids are lied to about Teo's condition. The Lodge plans revenge on Miguel. Mia decides to play Valeria's game. Giovanni reflects on the good and bad. José makes a deal with Gastón so she can see Teo; she tells his father she's his girlfriend; she reveals her true feelings.
153Capítulo 153Capítulo 153 (4 May 2005)
José kisses Teo after revealing her feelings; though he's unconscious. Giovanni reveal he knows where all the records of the Lodge are kept; him, Miguel, and Diego try to retrieve them but get caught by the Lodge. Gandia finds out Pilar is apart of the Lodge but vows to protect her. Rodrigo sets the basement on fire, trapping the guys. Franco finds out Mia is in the band. Roberta and the others convince Gandia to rescue the guys.
154Capítulo 154Capítulo 154 (5 May 2005)
Roberta saves the Lodge files from burning; she gives them to Gandia. Gandia tells Mendiola the Lodge exists and is ordered to get rid of the evidence. Mia tells Miguel what Viviana did. Gandia and Mendiola plan to blame everything on Giovanni. Alma has decided to never bother Roberta again. Miguel confront Viviana about the letter; he breaks up with her. Teo and his father reconnect.
155Capítulo 155Capítulo 155 (6 May 2005)
Alma refuses to talk to Roberta. Giovanni is blamed for everything concerning with the Lodge and expelled; the other students demand justice and Roberta threatens to tell all. Gustavo and Marcia, decide it's better for Gustavo to have custody of Teo. Gandia punishes the students for protesting. Franco punishes Mia unjustly. Teo confronts José about saying she was his girlfriend. Rodrigo kidnaps Roberta for her interference; Diego ditches school to go find her.
156Capítulo 156Capítulo 156 (9 May 2005)
Rodrigo tries to attack Roberta but Diego saves her. León demands that all the Lodge members be taken to prison. Carlo finds Alma a performance opportunity in New York. José leaves the hospital after being found out by Teo.
157Capítulo 157Capítulo 157 (10 May 2005)
As vacation nears, Diego and Tomás forgive Giovanni and invite him to go with them.Giovanni's father tells him not to come home. Miguel is asked by Franco to keep watch over Mia during vacation. Mia, Vico, and Celina plan a vacation. Roberta, Lupita, and José plan a vacation. Mia tells Alma she's dating Gastón. Alma convinces Franco to let Mia stay in the band.
158Capítulo 158Capítulo 158 (11 May 2005)
The anonymous gossip column is all about Mia and Gastón. Teo and José are set up by Roberta and Lupita. Giovanni is given his own apartment. Gandia sees the gossip column and gives it to Franco, who flies into a rage. While Franco is threatening Gastón, Miguel jumps in and says he's dating Mia. José refuses to let her feelings for Teo show.
159Capítulo 159Capítulo 159 (12 May 2005)
Vacation planning continues for everyone; In the end, all twelve has Canada as their destination. Gastón is angry when Mia tells him that her and Miguel will be going to dinner with her dad. Madariaga tells Giovanni he'll help him get back into Elite Way School. Celina has lost weight. Valeria tells Franco Mia and Miguel's relationship is a lie; she secretly invites Viviana; Mia punches her.
160Capítulo 160Capítulo 160 (13 May 2005)
Mía reproaches Miguel for dating Viviana again. Gastón catches Mía and Miguel kissing and becomes furious. Valeria and Viviana come up with a plan to expose Mía and Miguel, but it backfires. The group enjoy Canada. Roberta, José, and Lupita run into Pilar. Alma decides to leave Mexico. Mayra, Lupita's aunt, speaks to Nico's mom.
161Capítulo 161Capítulo 161 (16 May 2005)
Mia and Diego, Miguel and Roberta, act as sweethearts to make each other jealous. Franco tries to persuade Alma not to leave Roberta by leaving the country; he lies to Valeria about it. The group is welcomed to the Banff Hotel. Teo surprises José with the help of Lupita and Roberta. Pilar keeps up her conniving ways. José refuses Teo's advances.
162Capítulo 162Capítulo 162 (17 May 2005)
Vico, Celina, and José plan to pair Mia with Miguel and Roberta with Diego. Teo insists that José be his girlfriend. Mayra tells Nico's mom she has three days to tell Nico the truth. Tomás asks Lupita to be a couple. León hires someone to look into Mabel's boyfriend. Renata tells Mendiola she wants Madariaga gone. Miguel's mother comes to the Colucci house; Carlo recognizes her.
163Capítulo 163Capítulo 163 (18 May 2005)
Tomás is pursued by Pilar. Mia and Diego, Roberta and Miguel decide they no longer want to pretend to like each other. Téo kisses José; she slaps him. León finds out Mabel is having an affair with the tennis instructor. Roberta finds out her mom is moving to New York.
164Capítulo 164Capítulo 164 (19 May 2005)
Alma and her daughter are doing a photo session that interrupts, Roberta's father, who forces Alma to put her in an exclusive school. Roberta arrives at "Elite Way School" willing not to be accepted. For her mother there is also a surprise: The director, the director, is an old acquaintance of her. Diego and Tomas go out for a car ride with two girls and suffer a terrible accident.
165Capítulo 165Capítulo 165 (20 May 2005)
Madariaga leaves the class after Renata's accusation. Miguel tells Madariaga the students are with him. Roberta and Mia join forces to stop Alma from leaving. Diego finds a clue about Madariaga. No one wants to work with Pilar. Alma and Franco meet to talk. Lupita discovers Celina's food stash. Madariaga threatens to go to the media if he's unjustly fired.
166Capítulo 166Capítulo 166 (23 May 2005)
Mia and Roberta fight for each of their parent's honor. Roberta and Alma discuss their real issue. Mayra reminds the students why to fight for Madariaga. Mendiola suffers a heart attack after an argument with Madariaga; Renata reveals her relationship with him. Madariaga reveals how his family died. Diego bets Tomás he can get Roberta to fall in love with him. Vico reveals she's interested in Giovanni.
167Capítulo 167Capítulo 167 (24 May 2005)
Roberta tells her Alma she loves her and begs her not to leave. Valeria demands Alma to stay from her "husband", Franco. Téo continues to pursue José. Diego adamantly continues to try to get Roberta. Giovanni sneaks into the school. Celina takes an ad about weight loss pills. Giovanni, Diego, and Tomás plan to hook up with girls. Nico receives a letter from Cata telling him about his mother harassing Lupita. Mía kisses Gastón. Diego tries to pay off Simon to lose the race.
168Capítulo 168Capítulo 168 (25 May 2005)
Celina orders the slimming pills; Lupita is worried. Giovanni, Diego, and Tomás invite three different girls back to the apartment; they are robbed. Mia and Vico catch Celina with the pills. Madariaga and Lupita comes and rescue the guys; Lupita finds out Tomás lied. Mia gets Miguel on punishment by Gastón. Téo confronts Mia about Miguel. Nico tells his father his true feelings and they are accepted. Miguel vows to destroy Gastón.
169Capítulo 169Capítulo 169 (26 May 2005)
Lupita gives Tomás a fake cheat sheet as a means to revenge. Diego asks his father for help in getting Roberta. Nico and Lupita get back together. Lupita and Mayra forgive each other. Madariaga helps Giovanni by getting him a job in the school cafe. Mia, Miguel, and Valeria go shopping for Mia's upcoming birthday party; Valeria is arrested. Téo is found out for cheating on the history test.
170Capítulo 170Capítulo 170 (27 May 2005)
Vico and Giovanni argue about being true to oneself. Franco decides to cancel Mia's party. Roberta accepts Diego's offer to race. Hilario, Hilda's former love, is hired as the new music teacher. Simon bets Roberta ten grand on the race. Roberta finds out what Diego did to her racing car. Mia calls Alma for help with her party. Miguel, tired of his harassment, tries to find information on Gastón. Franco tells Alma to find a way to make Carlo not give up on what he set out to do.
171Capítulo 171Capítulo 171 (30 May 2005)
Miguel continues to look for information on Gastón; at an asylum and learns Gastón's name is Juan and he has an aunt, Angelita; she plans to meet to talk. Alma and Mia decided to plan Mia's birthday party, however, it's the same day as Roberta's. Nico's father finds out Lupita isn't Jewish; Nico asks Madariaga to talk to his father. Roberta is angry that Alma is helping Mia.
172Capítulo 172Capítulo 172 (31 May 2005)
Gastón surprises Miguel at Angelita's house. Carlo finds out Alma lied to him. Téo protects José when Gastón threatens her. Diego nearly crashes and dies after someone cuts the breaks on his car. Carlo takes off without telling anyone. Miguel and José make a new plan. Diego and Roberta believe Simon cut the brakes.
173Capítulo 173Capítulo 173 (1 Jun. 2005)
Roberta and Diego think Simon is responsible for cutting the brakes. Lupita finds out Nico lied about her being Jewish. Gastón tells Mía about his plan that caught Miguel, however, Miguel uses it to his advantage. Lupita and Nico go to dinner at his parent's; Nico's mom tests Lupita. Alma reflects on her time with Carlo. Vico helps Giovanni clean until morning; he tells everyone they slept together. Diego and Roberta steal Simon's car and takes it to a scrapyard. Miguel asks Mía for a loan. Diego get amnesia after a fight with Simon.
174Capítulo 174Capítulo 174 (2 Jun. 2005)
Diego kisses Roberta. Miguel and José work together to find information on Gastón. Diego reveals he doesn't really have amnesia. José's tutor shows up at Angelita's. Lupita decides to become Jewish. Diego asks Roberta to be his girlfriend.
175Capítulo 175Capítulo 175 (3 Jun. 2005)
Diego convinces Roberta to be his girlfriend; they go on a date. Miguel saves José from her tutor; Gastón reveals that he hired the fake tutor. Miguel and Gastón get into a fist fight. Vico and Mía get revenge on Giovanni; Vico regrets it. Franco threatens Alma to stay away from Mía. Tomás tells Diego he's falling for Roberta. José and Gastón have a confrontation.
176Capítulo 176Capítulo 176 (6 Jun. 2005)
Mia and Roberta concede about their joint parties. Gastón continues to avoid Mía's questions pertaining to anything in his personal life. Miguel convinces Mía to come with him to follow Gastón. Celina confides in Alma about her image issues then tells Alma about Diego and Roberta. Gastón's true self is revealed.
177Capítulo 177Capítulo 177 (8 Jun. 2005)
Gastón asks Mía where she went with Miguel; she lies to him and he lies about his fight with Miguel. Tomás asks Diego why he hasn't broken up with Roberta, he lies saying he can't bear to see her cry. Celina develops a crush on Simon. Giovanni and Vico go on a date. Giovanni learns he will rejoin school soon. Mía decides to believe Gastón over Miguel. José and Téo become closer while confiding in one another.
178Capítulo 178Capítulo 178 (8 Jun. 2005)
Nico's parents, Yuli and Joel, confront him about Lupita not being Jewish. However, Joel accepts their love while Yuli does not. Roberta gives Diego the signed Lenny Kravitz guitar. Karen demands her father to fire Nico's dad. Alma covers for Mía by saying Gastón is her boyfriend. The guys give Giovanni and Vico a hard time for dating. Gastón is angry that Mía and Miguel will be going out with Franco again. José reveals that her and Téo are officially dating. Valeria overhears Mía's conversation with Alma. Alma learns that Roberta and Diego are dating. Tomás blurts ...
179Capítulo 179Capítulo 179 (9 Jun. 2005)
Diego lies to Roberta about the real details of the bet. It's revealed that Gastón is the son of Pedro the Cobra, a gang leader. Giovanni insults Vico; she slaps him. Valeria suggests to Franco to take Mía to Paris for her birthday. Miguel arm wrestles to get more information; Gastón breaks his arm. Pilar threatens to tell Roberta about Diego's bet if he doesn't help her with Tomás. Franco and Alma go head to head over the party. Roberta becomes suspicious of Diego.
180Capítulo 180Capítulo 180 (10 Jun. 2005)
Mía and Miguel go search for answers. Diego realizes he's falling in love with Roberta. José meets with a woman from the orphanage to find out who her tutor is. Pilar gives out cheat sheets in order to get revenge. Alma comes up with a plan to keep Mía from going to Paris. Roberta tells Celina the truth of the date with Simon.
181Capítulo 181Capítulo 181 (13 Jun. 2005)
Miguel tells Mía a plan to find out if Gastón is a millionaire. Roberta learns from Simon and Tomás the truth about Diego's intentions. Mía asks Gastón for money for her birthday party; he agrees to pay for everything at no expense. José and Téo accept their abandonment and put their trust in each other; Gastón interrupts with threats to both. Roberta goes home; Alma slaps Diego for hurting Roberta. Miguel overhears Gastón planning to get money for Mía; she confronts Gastón demanding he tell her the truth, when he refuses she ends their relationship.
182Capítulo 182Capítulo 182 (14 Jun. 2005)
Gastón tells Mía about himself and his past. Franco catches Mía and Gastón together. Gastón declares his love for Mía and asks Franco for a chance to prove he is worthy. Renata has suspicions about Madariaga. Franco and Miguel discuss Gastón. Alma takes Roberta far away to recover. Giovanni is allowed to return to school; he introduces his real parents to the class.
183Capítulo 183Capítulo 183 (15 Jun. 2005)
Giovanni openly accepts his parents and his love for Vico in front of the entire school. Roberta wrecks on Simon's motorcycle. Miguel decides to finish with his revenge then return to Monterrey. Franco gets injured and Alma leaves him by himself. Mía has dance rehearsals; Gastón gets angry when she dances with Miguel. Tomás decides to stay with Pilar to get good grades. Gastón punishes Miguel.
184Capítulo 184Capítulo 184 (16 Jun. 2005)
Giovanni helps Tomás with Pilar by writing a love note. Alma helps Franco with his injury; they gets stranded on their way to his home. Lupita tells Mía that Miguel is going back to Monterrey once the school year is finished. Madariaga sets up a serenade for Hilda, performed by him and a few students, to reunite her with Hilario. Mía comes into Miguel's room and kisses him. When Alma falls asleep on his shoulder, Franco kisses her. The kids throw a party for Giovanni; they get caught by Gastón. Franco concedes that Alma is good for Mía to have. Roberta hears Diego out...
185Capítulo 185Capítulo 185 (17 Jun. 2005)
Gastón punishes the students. Roberta devises a long con to get revenge on Diego. Valeria throws a fit when she learns that Mía will get her party; Franco admonishes her. Mía promises Gastón she'll stay away from Miguel. Franco begs Miguel for help with protecting Mía. Lupita tells Galia who stole the tests. Gandia withdraws his helping hand to Tomás. Gastón begins an investigation into Miguel. Pilar attacks Lupita.
186Capítulo 186Capítulo 186 (20 Jun. 2005)
Valeria accuses Alma of trying to take Franco. Celina teams up with Pilar to get revenge on Lupita. Simon snaps an unflattering picture of Diego, Giovanni, and Tomás; copies are made anonymously. Celina scratches out Lupita's name on Mía's guest list. Miguel follows Gastón to a bank where he exits handcuffed to a briefcase. Roberta beats up Pilar to defend Lupita and blames her for the photo. Miguel and Mía partner up in class; he tells her to ask Gastón about his morning.
187Capítulo 187Capítulo 187 (21 Jun. 2005)
Mía asks Gastón where he went, he tells her but then reveals he has a plan to get rid of Miguel. Mendiola congratulates Gandia then suspends Pilar for a week. Pilar tells Celina they have to make Lupita leave. Simon and Diego fight. Miguel updates Franco in return he put him in charge of Mía's party details. Lupita catches Celina vomiting. Gastón continues his investigation into Miguel. When Diego finds out Roberta is dating Simon, he tells her he loves her and kisses her. Madariaga continues to push Hilda and Hilario together. Gastón decides to leave for "Monterrey. ...
188Capítulo 188Capítulo 188 (22 Jun. 2005)
Jacobo tells RBD they can no longer perform at the cafe. Valeria thinks that Gastón and his money is connected to the mafia. Renata leaves class to find out more on Madariaga. Nico tells his father Lupita won't be converting; Joel understands and embraces his son. Mía confronts Celina about the letter; however Celina follows through. Giovanni, Tomás, and Vico decide to visit Debora.
189Capítulo 189Capítulo 189 (23 Jun. 2005)
Cachi, the party planner, tells Franco and Alma they have to finish the details themselves. Gandia takes Madariaga's role as Academic Coordinator away. Giovanni, Vico, and Tomás meet Debora. Mía confronts Celina about the invite and letter to Lupita. Miguel finds out that Gastón is in Monterrey; he threatens Mía about it. Lupita is determined to go to Guadalajara. Simon tells Roberta he'll do advertising for a RBD concert. Mía goes to Miguel for help with Celina.
190Capítulo 190Capítulo 190 (24 Jun. 2005)
Miguel apologizes to Mía and agrees to help her with Celina. Celina accuses Mía of betrayal and tells Miguel that Mía still loves him. Roberta gives the guys a list of ingredients to make a concoction to rid the curse of Debora. Renata goes to Madariaga's house to prevent him from leaving the school; she tells a neighbor she's his girlfriend. Celina apologizes to Lupita for the letter. Gastón visits Miguel's mother, Elena. Miguel confronts Mía about what Celina revealed; they both deny their feelings. Teo confronts the visitor for José. Simon announces he's covered ...
191Capítulo 191Capítulo 191 (27 Jun. 2005)
Diego tries to prevent his dad from seeing the RBD posters. Renata tells Madariaga that leaving Elite Way will destroy the kids. José gets a gift from her tutor. Mía insults Vico's and Lupita's dresses; however, she has two dresses designed for Vico and Lupita. Miguel finds out Gastón visited his mother. Roberta decides to steal and bury Mía's dress in revenge for Lupita. Mía asks Alma to ask Franco to not let Valeria at the party. Gastón tells Mía he won't be at the party.
192Capítulo 192Capítulo 192 (28 Jun. 2005)
Mía gives Vico and Lupita their dresses she had made; Roberta tries to mend Mía's dress. Diego, Giovanni, and Tomás become extremely and embarrassingly itchy. Renata finds a way to make Hilda go to the party in order to reunite her with Hilario. Elena, Miguel's mother, agrees to meet with Gastón. Pilar is not invited to the party. Mía pushes Roberta over a ledge accidentally; Diego comes to her rescue. Diego gives Roberta ring for her birthday and asks to be her dance partner. Miguel brings Mía breakfast in bed along with a rose for her birthday.
193Capítulo 193Capítulo 193 (29 Jun. 2005)
Alma convinces Peter to help her keep Valeria from the party; she stays at the Collucci house. Roberta apologizes to Mía and gives her a new dress. The girls will have to get their salon treatment at the school. Alma gives Roberta her gift. Someone sends Mía a letter from her mom.
194Capítulo 194Capítulo 194 (30 Jun. 2005)
Roberta is reunited with Marcelino.Hilda decides to join Hilario and the party. When Valeria calls Alma breaks his cell phone. Mía and Roberta make their grand entrance. Pilar pouts and cries about not being invited before making a plan for revenge. Miguel and Diego come on stage for the first dance with Mía and Roberta. Viviana shows up to interrupt Mía's dance with Miguel. Roberta shows kindness to Pilar. Mía asks Lupita who asks Tomás to get rid of Viviana. Franco discovers Alma locked Valeria in the bathroom. Valeria gets stranded.
195Capítulo 195Capítulo 195 (1 Jul. 2005)
Miguel tells Mía that he never feels right without her. The guys do a striptease. Simon asks Roberta to be his girlfriend and gives her a ring; she accepts and throws down Diego's ring. Franco and Alma surprise the girls by inviting the band Kubah. Valeria catches an unusual ride. Miguel tells Mía he wants her but wants it to be right. Lupita and Celina make up by giving each other a gift of their own making. Roberta tells Mía that it's obvious she's in love with Miguel. RBD performs.
196Capítulo 196Capítulo 196 (4 Jul. 2005)
Diego is distraught over Roberta and Simon. Mía pretends to be drunk and kisses Miguel. Valeria had a nervous breakdown. Valeria makes Peter quit. Diego admits he's in love with Roberta. Miguel finds out that Mía wasn't really drunk and confronts her. Gastón reacts angrily when Mía ends their relationship. Simon tells the band they sold out on their concert at the Palacio. León wants the Palacio as his campaign spot. Camilo asks Celina out on a date. Gastón taunts Miguel. Alma confronts Valeria over the letter.
197Capítulo 197Capítulo 197 (5 Jul. 2005)
Valeria denies writing the letter. Celina leaves school without permission; Renata tells her parents. Gastón harasses Miguel and threatens him with the information he gathered in Monterrey. Miguel demands Mía tell Gastón that she not dating him. Giovanni and Vico find out that Madariaga might be leaving. Diego begs Roberta for forgiveness and another chance or he won't do the concert; she agrees. Celina's father shows up at school and gives her an ultimatum. Hilda becomes jealous. Pepa thinks Peter is trying to take her job. Gastón calls Franco to meet. Mía tells ...
198Capítulo 198Capítulo 198 (6 Jul. 2005)
Roberta asks Madariaga if he's leaving; he says no. Lupita tries to help Celina with her family troubles. León tells Diego he's searching for the RBD members. Peter tells Mía the letter was written by her mom fifteen years ago. Mía decides to move in with Alma. Galia tells Pilar she will go to therapy; and also that Madariaga is leaving after the year. Celina introduces Camilo and her father. The students help give a makeover to Hilario. Roberta decides to move in with Franco.
199Capítulo 199Capítulo 199 (7 Jul. 2005)
No one believes Pilar when she tells them Madariaga is leaving. Alicia goes on a fake date with Hilario. Marcelino convinces Peter that he's fired. Mía tells her dad she ended it with Gastón. León approaches Alma about RBD. Franco gives Miguel a check for his tuition next year. Gastón reveals Miguel's revenge to Mía. Mía asks Miguel about his dad's death. Diego confronts Roberta about their love.
200Capítulo 200Capítulo 200 (8 Jul. 2005)
Diego tells Roberta he's ready to confront his dad about her and the band. Gastón hears Celina throwing up. Tomás feels like his life is no longer enjoyable. Roberta decides to stay with Simon and not forgive Diego. Franco and Alma fight over Peter. Lupita tells Mía that she won't be going to Orlando. José and the others decide to hire an escort for Alicia.
201Capítulo 201Capítulo 201 (11 Jul. 2005)
It's revealed that Celina has bulimia. Roberta beats up Pilar for saying Madariaga is leaving. Madariaga tells the kids he's leaving. The girls find an escort. Diego, Giovanni, and Tomás get Simon's number and find out he's married. Nico convinces Miguel to show Gastón he is on good terms with Franco. Pilar tells everyone Madariaga was pushed out. The kids go on strike for Madariaga. Alma tries to gather information on Simon. Gandia expels the scholarship students. Renata interrupts Madariaga's meeting to bring him back to the school.
202Capítulo 202Capítulo 202 (12 Jul. 2005)
Mayra scolds the students who walked out of the protest. Madariaga offers his resignation in exchange for the kids not to be expelled. Diego mentions Simon's wife in front of him and Roberta. Madariaga's project is denied. León learns that the members of RBD go to Elite Way School. Giovanni and Tomás find Simon's address. After León's visit, Gandia awkwardly interrogates Diego. Diego gets Roberta to meeting Simon's wife.
203Capítulo 203Capítulo 203 (13 Jul. 2005)
Franco tells Mía that Miguel refuses to accept the house or stay in Mexico. Hilda sees Alicia with Popeye. Alma and Franco once again fight over Peter. Yuli tells Nico she's not going on the family vacation. Mía asks Gastón to tell her what he knows, later he gives her an envelope with evidence against Miguel. Pilar tells Roberta that Diego will give up RBD names. Alma and Diego decide to work together to expose Simon; she sees Simon with his baby. Madariaga rather have the kids angry at him than tell the truth. The kids literally turn their back on Madariaga. Gandia ...
204Capítulo 204Capítulo 204 (14 Jul. 2005)
Gandia calls out the RBD members for expulsion. Mía tells Franco Miguel's dad died because of him and Miguel came here for revenge. Diego's plans to help the band are revealed. Franco tells Mía that Carlo was responsible for Miguel's dad financial ruin and subsequent death. Simon tells Roberta he has a son. Franco grants Gastón permission to protect Mía from Miguel. Gastón threatens Miguel. Celina has a bulimic scare. Carlo returns to Mexico. Mía confronts Miguel about his revenge; the most explosive scene of their relationship.
205Capítulo 205Capítulo 205 (15 Jul. 2005)
Carlo denies everything then accuses Franco of being in love with Alma; he is arrested. Roberta accepts Simon and his baby. Gastón comforts Mía. Gandia demands the people responsible for hiring Popeye to come forward. Franco reproaches Miguel for his betrayal. Valeria insults Alma and Mía again. Gandia tells José she will never get a scholarship. Gastón tells Miguel his dad was a coward who committed suicide. Miguel tells Nico he needs to go back to Monterrey.
206Capítulo 206Capítulo 206 (18 Jul. 2005)
Miguel asks Téo for a loan. Pilar tells Galia that Gandia and Alicia are having an affair. Alma tries to trap Valeria. The band plans to stop Miguel from leaving. Gastón taunts José. Miguel figures out that Mía took his ticket money. Mía, Vico, and Lupita set up an appointment with a specialist for Celina. Gastón badgers Téo about José.
207Capítulo 207Capítulo 207 (19 Jul. 2005)
Alma tries to make Franco see the truth about Valeria however, her evidence gets ruined. Gastón checks to see if José is registered for next year. Miguel confronts Mía about the money. Franco proposes to Valeria. Gastón continues to harass José. Some of the students things go missing. Celina progresses with the doctor. Miguel struggles with the truth of his father's death. Franco tells Mía he's marrying Valeria in a week. José leaves school. Gastón hits Miguel and Roberta defends him; Gastón chases her down.
208Capítulo 208Capítulo 208 (20 Jul. 2005)
Miguel and Diego prevent Gastón from hitting Roberta. Montserrat asks Roberta to end her relationship with Simon. Valeria calls Alma to the house, insults her and Mía's mom, threatens to send her to boarding school in Switzerland; Franco overhears but believes Valeria. Madariaga is kidnapped. The thieves are caught. Roberta is placed in "solitary". Alma tells Simon that Roberta went on a trip. Gastón sees Mía and Miguel talking.
209Capítulo 209Capítulo 209 (21 Jul. 2005)
Elena comes to Elite Way and tells Miguel the truth about his father's death. Peter tells Mía that the wedding is the next day and to be there for Franco. Mía asks Alma to go with her to the wedding. Elena and Miguel end the conversation with good memories; she tells him who called her to Mexico. Roberta invites Diego into her solitary room. Alma and Mía go to the wedding.
210Capítulo 210Capítulo 210 (22 Jul. 2005)
At the last minute, Valeria refuses to marry Franco. Lupita wants to learn more about her father. Alma visits Franco; he tells her Marina, Mía's mother, is still alive. Mía admits she's saddened that Miguel may leave. Miguel tells the band he's staying at Elite Way. Franco thinks Alma may like him. RBD performs at the concert in the Palacio, real footage is used. León see the band perform. Miguel asks Franco for forgiveness; he forgives and they hug. Roberta tells Simon that it might be better if she left him. León confronts Diego at school about the concert.
211Capítulo 211Capítulo 211 (25 Jul. 2005)
José defends Diego from León. Nico tells his parents he and Lupita are getting married. José, Téo, Nico, and Lupita listen to the message on León phone. Gastón tries to convince Mía to come back to him. Hilda tells Renata not to wait too long or she'll lose Madariaga. Mía identifies the voice of the message as Gastón's. Miguel comes up with a plan to get rid of Gastón and asks Mía to help. Renata kisses Madariaga. Diego hides from his father in Roberta's solitary room. The parents of the RBD members meet with Gandia about them possibly not being allowed in Elite Way ...
212Capítulo 212Capítulo 212 (26 Jul. 2005)
Each member talks to their parents. Mabel threatens León in order to protect Diego. Mía meets with Gastón and they kiss. Miguel gives Gandia a picture of Gastón and Mía kissing; who shows it to Gastón who demands Mía to tell the truth. Gastón is fired. Renata confesses her love for Madariaga; they kiss. The students find out Madariaga sacrificed himself for them. Gastón hides in Mía's room as she sleeps.
213Capítulo 213Capítulo 213 (27 Jul. 2005)
Gastón attacks Mía in her room; Miguel rescues her. Diego asks Roberta to come with him to ask his father for help with Madariaga. Mía asks Miguel if they will ever be together. Diego asks Roberta who she was happier with. The kids get their final grades. Hilario asks Hilda to marry him. Miguel enters into vacation raffle. Roberta buys Alma a trip on a cruise. Diego and Giovanni help Tomás with his grades. Galia and Gandia finally have a heart to heart. Nico and Lupita's friends host a symbolic wedding for them.
214Capítulo 214Capítulo 214 (28 Jul. 2005)
Diego asks Roberta to be friends; they dance. Miguel and Mía ask the other for forgiveness. Mayra convinces Lupita and Nico not to leave school. Simon tells Roberta he won't be going on holiday; they decide to take a break. Renata tells Mendiola she wants to be with Madariaga; Mendiola offers Madariaga's job back. Mía invites Roberta to Orlando. Gandia tells José her tutor sent her luggage, but for what purpose? Franco gives Miguel a ticket to Monterrey and assurance that he has a father in him. The kids have a traditional ceremony rather than end-of-the-year party ...
215Capítulo 215Capítulo 215 (29 Jul. 2005)
Mabel says a final goodbye to Diego, unbeknownst to him. The kids honor Madariaga at the closing ceremony; his Chiapas organization is backed by León. Madariaga announces he's going to Chiapas. Gastón finds a way to stay at Elite Way. RBD performs at the closing ceremony. Madariaga asks Renata to marry him. Lupita's father arrives. The group says goodbye to Lupita and Nico. Alma and Franco end up at the same spa. Roberta exchanges Mía's ticket for one to Monterrey. Diego and Roberta say goodbye. Mía surprises Miguel on his plane.