Wild West Tech (TV Series 2003–2005)

Season 3

1Revenge TechRevenge Tech (13 Sep. 2005)
Shows the impact technology had in acts of revenge.
2Freak Show IIFreak Show II (20 Sep. 2005)
Continues the "Freak Show Tech" episode, showing how technology could turn deformed and handicapped people into entertainment, creating the hideously famous freak shows.
3The UnexplainedThe Unexplained (27 Sep. 2005)
Demonstrates how technology helped create tales and legends on the West.
4Massacres 2Massacres 2 (4 Oct. 2005)
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5Bounty HuntersBounty Hunters (11 Oct. 2005)
Tracks the most famous fugitives and the trackers and lawmen who followed them.
6VicesVices (18 Oct. 2005)
Shows how technology helped many vices in the Old West, not only legal, but also easy to get.
7Grim ReaperGrim Reaper (1 Nov. 2005)
This episode outlines the technological aspects of various ways in which death came to early settlers in the Old West.
8GadgetsGadgets (8 Nov. 2005)
Takes a look at some of the cutting edge gadgets in the West, from syringes to mouse traps, from lie detectors to condoms.