Wild West Tech (TV Series 2003–2005)

Season 2

1Six-Shooter TechSix-Shooter Tech (9 Nov. 2004)
Six-Shooter Tech. Host hand-off from Keith Carradine to half-brother David Carradine. Evolution of the six shooter, including the Navy Colt, the Walker Colt, Remington Army, and the Peacemaker.
2Vigilante TechVigilante Tech (16 Nov. 2004)
Shows the technology used by average citizens (the vigilantes) committed to defend their cities against criminals.
3Alamo TechAlamo Tech (23 Nov. 2004)
Studies the technology behind the famous 1836 siege of the Alamo, showing both the tools and the tactics used by both sides.
4Deadwood TechDeadwood Tech (30 Nov. 2004)
Shows how technology found its way in the of the most famous and violent cities if the west.
5Massacre TechMassacre Tech (7 Dec. 2004)
Shows the technology used in some the most famed crimes perpetrated at the time, including the weapons that played the central role in each of them.
6Biggest Machines in the WestBiggest Machines in the West (14 Dec. 2004)
Examines the biggest tools used in the West, such as weaponry and mining equipment.
7Freak Show TechFreak Show Tech (21 Dec. 2004)
Shows how technology could turn deformed and handicapped people into entertainment, creating the hideously famous freak shows.
8Disaster TechDisaster Tech (28 Dec. 2004)
Some of the worst disasters in Ameerican history were caused human arrogance or stupidity and frequently both. This program explains the causes of: the Scofield mine explosion, the Goliad tornado catastrophe, the Sultana riverboat explosion, the Cascade Canyon train wreck, the Galvaston Hurricane devastation, the Virginia City Fire, and the San Francisco earthquake.
9Shootout TechShootout Tech (25 Jan. 2005)
Examines the tricks and techniques used by the Wild West pistoleers.
10SaloonsSaloons (1 Feb. 2005)
Saloons were the social place for men in the west providing liquor, gambling, music, sex, and other entertainment. Saloons often started as tents with a wood slab across a couple of barrels for a bar. As towns became established the saloons moved into permanent structures with all types of enticements to drawn in the customers. A bar in Portland, Oregon had a 684 foot bar but also trap doors to aid in shanghaiing men to be sailors. It also featured a female band with an electric barrier around it. Fights were common and every weapon and tool available was used in them...
11Law & Order TechLaw & Order Tech (15 Feb. 2005)
Depicts the life and shows the technology used by the law enforcers in the Wild West.
12Gang TechGang Tech (22 Feb. 2005)
Explores the life of some of the most famous gang of the West, showing their lives and the technology that helped them commit their crimes.
13The Road WestThe Road West (22 Mar. 2005)
Explores the great achievements in engineering that eased the path to the west, like roads, tunnels or bridges.
14Civil War in the WestCivil War in the West (24 May 2005)
Shows the impact of the Civil War in the West, explaining how the characteristics of the terrain challenged the armies and how they adapted to the situation.