Wild West Tech (TV Series 2003–2005)

Season 1

1Outlaw Tech: Pilot 1Outlaw Tech: Pilot 1 (25 Aug. 2003)
This episode talked about the various methods used by outlaws (no one ever rode a horse up to a moving train and jumped aboard to rob it except in the movies) and new tools they used and the impact. This includes dynamite, smokeless gun powder, telegraph lines, and other items. There is also some discussion how the changing technology such as the telegraph, pictures on wanted posters,telephone, and finally the automobile was used against the outlaws and ended the romance of the outlaw.
2The Gunslingers: Pilot 2The Gunslingers: Pilot 2 (19 Aug. 2003)
The key to the west was the use of guns and their rapid development. The traditional quick draw gunfight was very rare in the west. If you wanted to shoot someone, you usually did it from cover or distance. The first recorded quick draw involved Wild Bill Hickock in Missouri in 1865. He was a fast and deadly accurate shooter. In 1836 the Colt Patterson revolver was introduced which started revolutionary changes in gun development. It played an important role in defending against Indians used bows and arrows which could be shot very fast and had developed tactics based...
3Cowboy TechCowboy Tech (30 Mar. 2004)
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4Execution TechExecution Tech (6 Apr. 2004)
Shows the execution technology used at the time, from hanging to electrocution, analyzing how they worked and what could go wrong.
5Western TownsWestern Towns (27 Apr. 2004)
Although their remoteness limited the resources available in western towns, the resources they did have tended to be as modern as cities in the east. This program reviews the most critical technologies to western towns economic survival.
6Brothel TechBrothel Tech (4 May 2004)
The show covers aspects of the prostitution business in the wild west. It starts with the lack of women in the west relative to the number of men after the 1849 gold strike. Prostitutes worked at different levels starting at the top with brothels, saloon women, crib workers, and finally the street walkers at the bottom level. The poor working conditions of the women are covered along with the filthy state of their clients. Their strategic placement in red light districts along with how the red light name was derived from the rail workers red signal lanterns hanging ...
7Hunting TechHunting Tech (Apr. 2004)
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8Military TechMilitary Tech (2004)
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9Native American TechNative American Tech (11 May 2004)
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10Train TechTrain Tech (18 May 2004)
The show covers the changes in the railroad industry from the 23 miles in 1830 to the 200,000 miles by 1900. It starts with a basic explanation of how a steam locomotive works and the dangers involved including boiler explosions. The various dangers faced by passengers in train travel including rail design, bridge collapses, exploding boilers, and burning train cars are detailed along with changes over time to reduce them. Dangers faced by railroad employees which include brakemen setting brakes by hand and holdup men robbing express man agents are covered. The show ...
11Gambling TechGambling Tech (25 May 2004)
Details about gamblers, gambling games, and methods of cheating in the west are described from the early days to its evolution toward the end of the 19th century. Gambling was an addition practiced by almost everyone in the west.
12Gold Rush TechGold Rush Tech (8 Jun. 2004)
Examines the technology used during the gold rush, namely the evolving of mining tools, as pumps, drills, elevators or cables