Higglytown Heroes (TV Series 2004–2008)

Season 3

1Corn to Be Wild/Overnight MooseCorn to Be Wild/Overnight Moose (1 Sep. 2006)
It's the end of summer, and the Higgly kids are up to their ears in corn from helping GrandPop Crink harvest his corn field. After all the hard work the kids are ready to cool off at the 'Ol Swimmin' Hole that GrandPa Crink sings about with such revelry. While playing in the Swimming Hole the Kids hear a resounding boom in the distance, which later, they discover came from a huge boulder that fell from a mountain top. What's worse, the boulder is blocking the kids' way back home! The only hero bold enough to clear this double-size trouble is the Bulldozer Operartor. ...
2Higgly IslandHiggly Island (25 Sep. 2006)
Unkle Zeke invites the Higgly Kids and family to Higgly Island for an adventurious vacation. In between all the fun Island activities, the kids discover a genuine native Higgly Island wooden crown, carved by the ancient Higgly Islanders. Though the crown brings a royal amount of entertainment to the kids, it also brings them a string of back luck. The only way to break the curse, according to the native Higglyhunes, is to kiss a whale, drink coconut milk and place the crown on top of King Hoppo's statue, located at the very top of a mountain. Though at first, breaking...
3Shuffleboard Buddies/All Mapped OutShuffleboard Buddies/All Mapped Out (3 Jan. 2007)
Zooter and Mellie are teaching the Higgly kids how to play shuffleboard in preparation for a cruise line vacation they're all taking to Swiggly Swallow Island. Competion gets a little heated up when Zooter tries a little too hard to win the game which results in twisting himself out of alignment! The only way to straighten Zooter out in time for the vacation is to have a little therapy with the Physical Therapist Hero! Stretching, the Pysical Therapist reminds us, is a good way to start excercing, and a great way to start a vacation!/ The Higgly kids want to know how ...
4Frozen Fish Folies/Look Who's SquawkingFrozen Fish Folies/Look Who's Squawking (6 Nov. 2006)
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5The Big Pink Elephant Sale/Higglies on HorsebackThe Big Pink Elephant Sale/Higglies on Horseback (19 Feb. 2007)
The Big Pink Elephant Sale: The Higgly Kids are having a White Elephant sale at school to raise money for Janitor Jay's retirement present! Higglie's on Horseback: The Kids go to Grandpop Crink's farm for a horseback ride.
6Buki-Buki Boo Boo/Signs of SpringBuki-Buki Boo Boo/Signs of Spring (7 Mar. 2007)
All of Eubie's pet birds escape after a visiting Buki Buki birds crashes through the roof. With a little help from everyone all the pet birds are wrangled back together, even the Buki Buki bird helps Eubie get Flappy back! The only problem is there's still a hole in the roof and no one has the tools to fix it. The only person that can patch things up is the Roofer Hero./ Twinkle is a blooming poet and she is writing a poem about Higgyltown for the Poetry Share. Along the way, gathering inspiration from her Higglytown citizens, Twinkle and the kids meet Nacho Bruce who...
7Wayne's Cycle Recycle/Wayne's Wet PetWayne's Cycle Recycle/Wayne's Wet Pet (22 Apr. 2007)
Wayne's Cycle Recycle: The Higgly kids volunteer to take a box of newspapers to the recycling center. Wayne's Wet Pet: Wayne has trouble getting water for his pet turtle.
8X Marks the Spot/Eubie ViewX Marks the Spot/Eubie View (7 May 2007)
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9Choo Choo Zucchini/Something Ducky Going OnChoo Choo Zucchini/Something Ducky Going On (25 Jun. 2007)
Choo Choo Zucchini: Only Freight Train Conductor can help the Higgly kids move their enormous squash to the county fair. Something Ducky Going On: Kip's grandparent's polka-dotted house is scaring the ducks! It's House Painter to the rescue!
10Easy to Get Sneezy/Unlock the MagicEasy to Get Sneezy/Unlock the Magic (26 Mar. 2007)
Easy to Get Sneezy: Twinkle adorable new bunny, Fluffy, makes her sneeze. Unlock the Magic: The kids convince Pizza Guy to put on a magic show for the whole neighborhood.
11A Little Big Fish/Good SportsA Little Big Fish/Good Sports (20 Oct. 2007)
Little Big Fish: Mellie and Zooter take the kids to the Higgissippi River for a day of fishing. Good Sports: Fran brings something new for the kids to play with - colored chalk!
12Wing-a-Ding Whirly Box/Windy WatchersWing-a-Ding Whirly Box/Windy Watchers (28 May 2007)
Wing-A-Ding Whirly Box: Wayne gets a Lunchcopter 3000 - a remote control whirlybird that doubles as a lunchbox! Windy Watchers: At Higgly Harbor high winds whip the waves into a frenzy and blow Pizza Guy and his boat out to sea!
13Happy Flappy Birthday/The Cuckoo County Caw-Caw ContestHappy Flappy Birthday/The Cuckoo County Caw-Caw Contest (10 Sep. 2007)
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14Wayne's Toasty Invention/Spell It SafeWayne's Toasty Invention/Spell It Safe (7 Jan. 2008)
Wayne's Toasty Invention: Wayne invents a new lunch recipe. Spell it Safe: Kip and his class go to see his big sisters, Wiki and Tini, in a spelling bee at the big kids school.