Higglytown Heroes (TV Series 2004–2008)

Season 2

1An Unhappy Case of the HiccupsAn Unhappy Case of the Hiccups (2006)
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2Kip Gets Swing Fever/Wayne's Pieces of GoldKip Gets Swing Fever/Wayne's Pieces of Gold (2005)
Fran is delighting the kids with her vine-swinging abilities. The kids want to swing too, but the vine isn't strong enough. Fripp decides to build five tire swings on the tree so everone can play. After a song they all hop on their new swings. The whole tree begins to tilt. Too much weight. Now the tree is leaning right over Fripps house and it might fall. Enter the Tree Trimmer. He trims some heavy branches and attaches a cable. The tree is ready for swinging./ Wayne's chocolate erupting volcano wins the school science fair. He wins ten coins. The kids sing a song ...
3Cry Baby Pookie/Wait for MeCry Baby Pookie/Wait for Me (2005)
It's baby Pookie's 1st birthday. The kids suggest having a party. Bitty agrees, but not until Pookie wakes up from her nap. After a song about how "it's not a party without friends", Pookie wakes up crying and won't stop. What could it be? Enter the Pediatrician. Turns out Pookie is teething. The Pediatrician rubs some salve on Pookie's gums and the crying stops. Now the party can begin./ The kids & other townsfolk are all flying kites on Higgly Hill when a gust of wind blows the Baker's hat up into the air. Eubie saves the hat and, as a reward, the Baker invites all ...
4Balloon-a-Palooza/Wayne's Day OutBalloon-a-Palooza/Wayne's Day Out (2006)
A visit from Great-Aunt Shirley means the Higgly kids are in for something special! Aunt Shirley takes the kids "Up Up Up" in a hot air balloon ride where they sing about the farther you go up, the smaller things look down below. Soon enough the Higgly crew spot three Big Horned Rams on Higgly Mountain and go down to get a closer look. Unfortuntaley they get too close, as one of the rams accidentally puncture their balloon, leaving them stranded on an isolated peak. How will they get down the mountain? Enter the Mountain Rescue squad./ The Higgly kids are going to the...
5A Slippery SituationA Slippery Situation (31 Jan. 2006)
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6Shear Luck/Big Night OutShear Luck/Big Night Out (16 Oct. 2006)
"Biggest, Tallest, Longest Day" will be ruined if the gang can't find enough yarn to knit the longest scarf for the event.
7Me and My Shadow/Out to SeaMe and My Shadow/Out to Sea (2005)
You could blame Shadow, the dog, for being cute and you could also blame him for not having any manners;" Doggone it Shadow" Kip ruefully sings when Shadow makes off with his red flag for a school project. Even worse, Shadow sneaks into school with Kip and makes a mess of the whole day! Well enough is enough is enough when the Dog Trainer steps in to teach Shadow some doggy etiquette and a couple of new tricks to boot. Fetch Shadow!/ Ship Ahoy! The Higgly Kids are on a seafring adventure with Captain Steve and his Crew. On the high seas the kids learn about keeping ...
8Wayne's Day OutWayne's Day Out (2005)
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9Ya-gotta RegattaYa-gotta Regatta ()
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10Happy CampersHappy Campers (2005)
The kids seek to form their own summer camp; The music room gets flooded before a performance.
11Don't Wayne on My ParadeDon't Wayne on My Parade (2005)
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12Twinkle's Terrific TwirlTwinkle's Terrific Twirl (7 Jul. 2006)
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