Higglytown Heroes (TV Series 2004–2008)

Season 1

1Up a Tree/Missing GrandpopUp a Tree/Missing Grandpop (12 Sep. 2004)
Henrietta the cat can't be found, even though it's her birthday and the Higgly Kids have gathered yarn as a present for her. They look all over and finally find her in a tree with her new kittens! While rescuing her & her kittens, Kip gets stuck in the tree. They need a hero! Some fire fighters come to rescue him./ Eubie is sad when his fun Grandpop Crink has to leave after a visit. The other Higgly Kids try to cheer him up by pretending to be Grandpop, but it doesn't work. Eubie & the kids decide to send Grandpop a letter in the mail. But how does it get there? They ...
2Twinkle Tooth/Flower PowerTwinkle Tooth/Flower Power (13 Sep. 2004)
Twinkle has lost a tooth and is very excited about meeting the tooth fairy. The Higgly Kids feverishly prepare for her arrival, but as they are cleaning the tooth, it falls down the drain! They need a hero! The plumber comes and saves the day./ Eubie has a special potted flower that he loves very much. He loves it so much that he overwaters it and nearly kills it. They need a hero! The Gardener comes and teaches the kids about proper plant maintenance.
3First Snow/All Tire'd OutFirst Snow/All Tire'd Out (14 Sep. 2004)
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4Flappy's Not Happy/Electric EveningFlappy's Not Happy/Electric Evening (15 Sep. 2004)
Eubie helps his Aunt & Uncle take care of their birds and, because he does such a great job, they buy him Flappy. But since she left the pet store, Flappy's not happy - she doesn't whistle or do loop-the-loops any more. The Higgly Kids need a hero! Enter the Vet, who checks Flappy out and tells them that Flappy misses her mate. Eubie's Aunt & Uncle buy Eubie both birds so everyone's happy./ The Higgly Kids favorite tv show is on tonight and all the kids are going over to Kip's house to watch. All the kids and Kips family find things to turn on to help make it a ...
5Great Un-Expectations/Snow DazedGreat Un-Expectations/Snow Dazed (16 Sep. 2004)
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6Smooth Operator/Stinky SituationSmooth Operator/Stinky Situation (17 Sep. 2004)
The kids are at Kip's kitchen table making macaroni hats. The phone rings. Who could it be? Bitty says she has to go to Aunt Susie's but that Grandpa-pa will be babysitting. Grandpa-pa makes a mess while making hats and goes to the bathroom to clean up. He promises to teach the kids how to play "Macaroni Pirates" when he returns. Oops, he locks himself in. The kids need to call Aunt Susie to find out where the key is but they don't have the number. Enter the Operator. She saves the day./ It's fall and the kids are having fun playing in the colorful leaves. Problem is ...
7Weather or Not/Green in the GillsWeather or Not/Green in the Gills (20 Sep. 2004)
It's Acorn Day and Fran is excited. After she explains what Acorn Day is, she shows them her prized Acorn Day Barrel. A gust of wind blows her barrel down a hill and it breaks. Fran is crushed. The kids paint another barrel and surprise Fran. She loves it but it begins raining and washes the paint away. Can they paint another one or will it rain again? Enter Weatherperson. She informs them that the weather looks good so the kids and Fran paint another beautiful barrel./ Kip is in bed as Bitty takes his temperature. The kids are outside asking him to play. The ...
8Halloween HeroesHalloween Heroes (18 Oct. 2004)
Uncle Lemo tells the Higgly kids the story of the Pumpkin Monster.
9Smells Like a Mystery/Ship Ahoy!Smells Like a Mystery/Ship Ahoy! (25 Oct. 2004)
The kids & Fran are washing Fripp's hotdog cart while he is away buying supplies. When he returns, a pack of dogs smell the food and chase Fripp up a tree. After the dogs leave, Fripp sees that his cart has disappeared. The kids use there senses to try and find the cart. They look & listen for the cart but still can find it. What are they going to do? Enter the Police Woman with her trusty dog Jiffy. Jiffy uses here sense of smell to find the cart, which had rolled down a hill./ The kids and Fran are excited about taking a ride on Mellie & Zooter's boat "The Rusty ...
10Soup with Stars/The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast ClubSoup with Stars/The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club (1 Nov. 2004)
A grocer helps the kids shop for soup ingredients; Kip and his friends start a club.
11Catch Up with Ketchup/Star StruckCatch Up with Ketchup/Star Struck (8 Nov. 2004)
Fripp opens up a new hot-dog stand near the Ferris Wheel; The kids decide to go camping.
12Twinkle's StarTwinkle's Star (12 Dec. 2004)
Pix the Elf takes Twinkle to the North Pole!
13Twinkle's Masterpiece/The Egg-cellent AdventureTwinkle's Masterpiece/The Egg-cellent Adventure (2 Jan. 2005)
Plunkie drops the kids off at a studio for art lessons. The teacher, Nikki, is blind and she explains to the kids how she uses other senses to make her art. Twinkle decides she wants to make her mom a surprise piece of art. When Plunkie arrives to pick them up, Twinkle hands her art to Kip to hide. Kip panics and hands it to Wayne, etc. When the kids get home they realize they left Twink's art at the studio. How can Nikki bring the art over if she's blind. Enter the Seeing-Eye Dog to save the day./ Uncle Lemmo takes the kids and Fran to the Higglytown Diner for ...
14Wayne's Ripping Adventure/Meet Eubie's CousinWayne's Ripping Adventure/Meet Eubie's Cousin (4 Jan. 2005)
It's the day of Twinkle's big ballet recital and Wayne is dressed in his best outfit. Against his better judgement wayne joins the other kids for a game of Higglyball. Sure enough, he rips his pants. Just then his Mom calls him into the house. If she sees his ripped pants she'll be really mad. Enter the Tailor to save the day. He fixes the pants good as new./ Eubie's cousin Jax is visiting from the big city. The kids give a tour of Higglytown, pointing out things and asking if he has them in the city. Yes, Jax explains, the city has all these things and bigger ...
15Say What?/Higgly HarmoniesSay What?/Higgly Harmonies (6 Jan. 2005)
The Higgly kids are at preschool, getting ready to nap, when their teacher tells them that a new kid is joining the class. Now they're excited. Except Wayne, who's afraid the kid might be scary. Later in the day the teacher introduces Juanita. She's not scary. As a matter of fact, she's a lot like Wayne. They decide to ask her to play. But, when they talk to her, she only responds with "Que?". Fran realizes Juanita doesn't speak english. Enter the Translator. Juanita gladly accepts the invitation to play./ The kids are at Eubie's house playing "sing along with Flappy"...
16Wayne's 100 Special SomethingsWayne's 100 Special Somethings (30 Jan. 2005)
Ms. Fern's class celebrate the 100th Day of School.
17Wayne's Good guessWayne's Good guess (6 Feb. 2005)
The kids guesstimate how much candy is in the jar.
18Patty Cake/Havin' a BallPatty Cake/Havin' a Ball (6 Feb. 2005)
The kids are playing in Wayne & Twinkle's sandbox when Plunkie calls them inside for lunch. Reluctantly they go inside but they all wish the same thing - to have lunch AND keep playing outside. The idea of a picnic comes up. After a song about what to bring, with sandwiches being tops, it's discovered that there's no bread! Eubie fed it all to the birds. They need a hero. Enter the Baker. He teaches the kids how to bake bread and the picnic is saved./ Eubie and friends anxiously await a package from Granpop Crink. After taking guesses at what it could be, the package ...
19Bright Lights, Big City/Kip's ShadowBright Lights, Big City/Kip's Shadow (4 Apr. 2005)
The kids are going to Higgly Biggly City to see the Happy Hairy Higgly Monsters. The kids play with a dog named Shadow.
20Fran Takes a Hike/Mystery at Kip's HouseFran Takes a Hike/Mystery at Kip's House (4 Apr. 2005)
It's a rainy day and the kids are inside playing with Baby Pookie. They begin telling stories about when they were babies. Fran tells her tale. The kids can't believe Fran was ever a baby and want to know more. The rain lets up so they decide to hike to Fran's childhood home - a large tree in Higgly Forest. Along the trail they come across a skunk, a fallen tree and finally a washed out section of trail. Without the trail, how wil they find the tree. Enter Forest Ranger. She guides them./ The kids are at Kip's house playing with Shadow, a new dog. They're trying to ...
21Kip Joins the Circus/Baby BoomKip Joins the Circus/Baby Boom (8 May 2005)
Kip and the others want to join the circus and the Fricky Frack Funhouse catches on fire; Mr. and Mrs. Barber have a baby.
22Twinkle's Favorite Author/Don't Fence Me InTwinkle's Favorite Author/Don't Fence Me In (16 May 2005)
Plunkie is reading the final few words of a PJ Butternut book to Twinkle. Then it's off to the library to help set up for a reading by Ms. Butternut herself. Twinkle rounds up the rest of the gang. After setting up chairs & a small buffet table, PJ arrives. But so do hundreds of kids. There's not enough food! Pizza guy makes a huge pizza and delivers it via a helicopter. But the pizza falls on the library and covers it. Enter crane operator. He uses his crane to lift the pizza and saves the day./ The kids & Fran are at the hardware store looking at paint. Uncle Lemmo ...
23Higgly Hoedown/Eubie's Turbo SledHiggly Hoedown/Eubie's Turbo Sled (20 Jun. 2005)
Mellie, Zooter and the kids are driving through the countryside on the way to a hoedown. The kids ask "what's a hoedown". It's a big party, country-style with square-dancing replies Zooter. "What's a square-dance?" After a song explaining what it is, the kids are extra excited to get there. But a cow is blocking the road. They try to get it to move but it won't. If the cow doesn't move, they'll never get to the hoedow. Enter the Cowboy. He wrangles the cow and the gang makes it to the party in time./ The kids are in Eubie's room playing with his new Turbo 3000 Turbo ...
24Kip's Dad Gets a StrikeKip's Dad Gets a Strike (18 Aug. 2005)
Kip's dad takes the kids bowling.
25A Really hot DayA Really hot Day (19 Aug. 2005)
The kids want to go to the pool on a hot day.
26Kip's Sweet Tooth/Wayne's LollipopKip's Sweet Tooth/Wayne's Lollipop (20 Jul. 2005)
The kids are having a HFST Club meeting but don't know what to do. They decide to ask Wiki & Tini what they do at their Helpful Spider meetings. Wiki & Tini tell about the pizza making contest they're having. The kids decide to have an ice cream sundae making contest and pick Kip to be judge. Later, with all the sundaes infront of him, Kip takes a spoonful of Wayne's entry. Kip grabs his mouth in pain. Kip has a cavity. If he can't eat ice cream, he can't judge the contest. Enter the dentist to save the day./ The kids are chasing a large ball in the park when Wayne ...
27Two Bees or Not Two BeesTwo Bees or Not Two Bees (22 Jul. 2005)
The kids learn about bees while searching for Higglyberries.
28Higgly Frog Day/Eubie's Ele-Fantastic AdventureHiggly Frog Day/Eubie's Ele-Fantastic Adventure (15 Aug. 2005)
The kids are excited because they are taking a trip to the candy store. Along the way they begin counting things. Once at the candy store, they are overwhelmed by all the candy. But the best looking candy in in a jar on the counter. They all want to buy some but the owner tells them it's not for sale. It's part of a contest. Whoever guesses how many pieces of candy is in the jar wins. Their first guesses are way off. Enter Teacher- she helps them guesstimate and they win the prize./ Fran is reading the kids a picture book about a girl and her elephant friend. The kids...