Duel Masters (TV Series 2002– )

Season 1

1Playing with a Full DeckPlaying with a Full Deck (3 Mar. 2004)
The young duelist Shobu Kirifuda battles his way to stardom, in an attempt to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Kaijudo master, aided by his mentor Knight, and his friends Rekuta, Sayuki and Mimi he battles against many strong adversaries such as the Reaper duelist Kokujo, leader of the White Soldiers, Hakuoh as well as the Master of the Temple.
2It's Not Easy Being GreenIt's Not Easy Being Green (2004)
The Temple sends a duelist named Jamira to challenge Shobu. After Jamira uses a devious trick to cheat against him, can Shobu come back and win?
3Toru, Toru, Toru: Part 1Toru, Toru, Toru: Part 1 (2004)
The Temple sends another duelist, Toru, to challenge Shobu. However, before Toru and Shobu can duel, a blue-haired duelist named Kokujo intervenes and defeats Toru, then challenges Shobu in his place! Will Shobu best this new threat, or will he fall to the mysterious duelist?
4Toru, Toru, Toru: Part 2Toru, Toru, Toru: Part 2 (2004)
After losing his first duel to Kokujo, Shobu is disheartened. He tries to learn the arts of Darkness civilization cards to best Kokujo in a rematch. Will he learn them, and will he win?
5I'll Be a Monkey's BrotherI'll Be a Monkey's Brother (2004)
Shobu gets invited to an invitational junior tournament by Knight, and is immediately challenged to a duel by a nature-using arrogant duelist named Takeshi Sariyama. After he is soundly defeated, the arrogant man immediately makes sure that Shobu duels the next best thing, his older brother Tsuyoshi Sariyama! Can Shobu defeat Tsuyoshi?
6Wok on the Wild SideWok on the Wild Side (2004)
Hakuoh and To-Ban-Jan battle it out before the official tournament even begins as an special exhibition match.
7White Boys Can't CharmWhite Boys Can't Charm (2004)
Shobu quickly works his way through the junior tournament, and soon, he is set to duel Jamira once again! Can he defeat him a second time, or can Jamira's new tactics overcome him?
8Duels of Futures PastDuels of Futures Past (2004)
Shobu duels against Toru, the green-haired duelist whom Kokujo beat earlier. Will he have as easy a time with Toru as Kokujo did, or will Toru prove that he can finally best the son of Kirifuda?
9A Goblin Shall Lead ThemA Goblin Shall Lead Them (2004)
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10Shobu Gets DeckedShobu Gets Decked (2004)
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11Ballad of Kintaro: Part 1Ballad of Kintaro: Part 1 (2004)
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12Ballad of Kintaro: Part 2Ballad of Kintaro: Part 2 ()
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13Looney Mikuni: Part 1Looney Mikuni: Part 1 (2004)
Shobu duels Mikuni, the first guardian of the Temple. But can he really defeat an opponent who imitates his every move? He finally faces his first Temple Guardian Mikuni who imitates Shobu's every move and uses most of the same cards but later when Shobu loses his cool under Mikuni's imitation
14Looney Mikuni: Part 2Looney Mikuni: Part 2 (2004)
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15A Strange Twist of FateA Strange Twist of Fate (2004)
The second guardian of the temple turns out to be none other than Mimi! Shobu thinks he'll have an easy time since Mimi is such a ditz. But when Mimi easily proves she can hold her own, will Shobu be kicked out of the temple, or will his skills succeed?
16Yes, MasterYes, Master (2004)
Shobu and Mimi's duel continues. When Mimi shows some mercy, the Master quickly turns to mind control to get the girl to do what he wants. Will Shobu triumph, or will Mimi get the upper hand?
17Oh Brother, Where Art ThouOh Brother, Where Art Thou ()
The third guardian turns out to be none other than Mimi's brother, Benny Haha. Using his genius and mastery of technology, Benny Haha quickly puts Shobu in a bad spot. Will Shobu recover, or will Benny Haha finally take him down?
18Cable GuyCable Guy ()
Shobu and Benny Haha continue their duel. After Shobu starts making some pretty good moves and comes back, Benny Haha resorts to trickery to try and get the upper hand. Will he succeed and defeat Shobu, or will Shobu see through him.
19Once More with FeelingOnce More with Feeling ()
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20Kokujoh Strikes BackKokujoh Strikes Back ()
The Kaijudo duel continues! Shobu and Kokujo's creatures come to life, while Knight tries to fix everything with the Master and Hakuoh. Will Shobu win, or will he lose to Kokujo again?
21The One Where Shobu Duels HakuohThe One Where Shobu Duels Hakuoh ()
Shobu finally duels with Hakuoh! Of course, Hakuoh is a very tough opponent, but can Shobu pull a major upset?
22Just Duel ItJust Duel It ()
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23The Crying GameThe Crying Game ()
Shobu recounts his experience in a regional tournament, in which the final match took place between him and a baby-sized Duelist named Boy George! Will Shobu crush the infant, or will the child reign supreme?
24Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? ()
Continuing from the last episode, Boy George kidnaps Shobu to have an isolated duel in the wilderness so no one gets hurt. Can Shobu defeat Boy George?
25Something Wacky This Way ComesSomething Wacky This Way Comes (2004)
Continuing from the last episode Shobu's gotta duel Dr. Root before he can go back home, and this guy seems to be the one who taught Boy George everything he knows about Dueling!
26What's a Mana You?What's a Mana You? (2004)
Continuing with his story, Shobu tries to get his dueling mojo back after being defeated by Dr. Root. But the real problem is that he keeps hearing voices from his creature cards. What will happen?