Absolute Power (TV Series 2003–2005)

Season 2

1Identity CrisisIdentity Crisis (21 Jul. 2005)
The Home Secretary asks Charles and Martin to devise a PR campaign to promote the highly unpopular proposed National Identity Card scheme, and, with the office telephones behaving strangely, the staff begin to suspect they are under surveillance by MI5, with Alison's resulting paranoia leading her to take the most drastic of steps.
2The TrialThe Trial (28 Jul. 2005)
Charles Prentiss is put on trial for perjury following the confessions of a former client of Prentiss McCabe.
3Blood BankBlood Bank (4 Aug. 2005)
After serving his prison sentence, Charles returns to the office to find that the firm's latest client is Dean Wheelwright, an artist hotly tipped to win this year's Turner Prize - if only he can be persuaded to accept the invitation to enter.
4The Nation's FavouriteThe Nation's Favourite (11 Aug. 2005)
Prentiss-McCabe takes on a wealthy, sophisticated client who wants to purchase British Airways. The catch: he is the cousin of Osama bin Laden.
5Spinning AmericaSpinning America (18 Aug. 2005)
Charles and Martin are engaged by the US Ambassador to reverse the UK's growing hatred of all things American. Meanwhile, Jamie and Alison endeavor to help Peter Harrow, a long-standing client of Prentiss McCabe, who has grown tired of his "TV's Mr Nice Guy" image and is looking to change it for something a little nastier.
6The House of LordsThe House of Lords (25 Aug. 2005)
The staff at Prentiss McCabe are split into two teams to tackle both sides of the same issue: the future of the House of Lords. Charles' services are engaged by a Downing Street aide to work on reforming the Second Chamber, while those of Martin are engaged by a Member of the House in order to preserve it in its current state.