Absolute Power (TV Series 2003–2005)

Season 1

1History ManHistory Man (10 Nov. 2003)
Prentiss McCabe client Nigel Harting is a television presenter who specialises in revealing sensational facts. But newspaper editor Marcus Payne has discovered that Nigel plays fast and loose with his sources, and wants Charles to dig up some suitably tabloid compatible filth on him.
2Pope IdolPope Idol (17 Nov. 2003)
The PR profession has developed such a bad reputation that it could do with a bit of spin-doctoring itself. To show that they can make a good impression, as well as making money, Prentiss McCabe takes part in a charity football tournament and adds to their client list the Archbishop of York.
3Tory WomenTory Women (24 Nov. 2003)
How does one re-launch the career of a junior frontline politician marginalized in the Tory party? The politician in question is 'spokes-bore' Joanne Standing, and Charles reluctantly takes on her campaign. Meanwhile, Martin is in danger of serious physical assault from an irate celebrity chef.
4Mr FoxMr Fox (1 Dec. 2003)
When Health Secretary Simon Wellington is involved in an incident on Hampstead Heath, Charles agrees to help him, and faces a spin doctor even more Machiavellian than he is. Meanwhile, Alison is shepherding a pop star who has promised his new record company that he is clean of drugs.
5Country LifeCountry Life (8 Dec. 2003)
Successful novelist, Roddy Growse, orchestrates the appointment of Prentiss McCabe to represent The Real Country Union, a pressure group that has decided to launch itself as a political party. Elsewhere, there is the regeneration of Gareth Hunt's career to be addressed.
6Burn and CrashBurn and Crash (15 Dec. 2003)
A hugely lucrative golden handcuff deal is jeopardised when one of Charles' clients, stand-up comedian Alan Boardman, is caught on CCTV camera beating up his girlfriend in the IKEA car park. The strategy Charles proposes is as unethical as it is shocking.