Bod (TV Series 1975)

Season 1

1Bod's DreamBod's Dream (10 Oct. 1975)
Bod is thinking about the dream he had last night. It was about strawberries and cream. He is so distracted that he doesn't notice when other people say hello to him. They all follow him and one by one fall down a large hole.
2Bod in the ParkBod in the Park (19 Oct. 1975)
Bod is going to the park to feed the birds. He asks Frank if he wants to come but he is busy mowing his lawn. Aunt Flo, P.C. Copper and Farmer Barleymow go with him but some noisy geese frighten all the little birds away.
3Bod and the RainBod and the Rain (29 Oct. 1975)
Bod sees Frank the Postman drop two letters that blow away. Bod picks one up and sees it is for his Aunt Flo, Farmer Barleymow finds the other which is also for her. They take them round to her as she is watering the garden.
4Bod and BreakfastBod and Breakfast (2 Nov. 1975)
Bod is surprised to see Aunt Flo, P.C. Copper and Frank the Postman standing about in Farmer Barleymow's fields. It seems that the farmer's animals have escaped. Later they help Barleymow turn his farm into a Bed and Breakfast.
5Bod and the AppleBod and the Apple (11 Nov. 1975)
Bod has a lovely red apple. But when he throws it up in the air it doesn't come back down. The others join Bod in waiting for the apple to fall. Just as they give up waiting and leave it falls, whacking Bod on the head.
6Bod on the BeachBod on the Beach (19 Nov. 1975)
On a lovely sunny day Bod and his friends catch the train to the seaside. They are all having a lovely time on the beach, so much so that they don't notice the tide coming in - trapping Aunt Flo on a small rock.
7Bod and the DogBod and the Dog (25 Nov. 1975)
Bod would like to have someone to play ball with. He thinks a dog would be just right. But what type of dog should he get? He imagines what sort of dog each one of his friends would choose - but someone has already chosen Bod.
8Bod and the CakeBod and the Cake (1 Dec. 1975)
Aunt Flo asks Bod round for tea, she is going to bake a chocolate cake. She asks him to invite their friends as well and to ring her before they arrive to remind her to take the cake out of the oven but Bod forgets to ring her.
9Bod and the KiteBod and the Kite (7 Dec. 1975)
Bod climbs to the top of a hill to fly his kite, but it quickly falls back to the ground. Despite the best efforts of Frank the Postman, Farmer Barleymow and P.C. Copper it won't fly - until Bod uses the power of dreams to fly it.
10Bod and the BirdsBod and the Birds (15 Dec. 1975)
Bod is helping Farmer Barleymow to make a bird table for Aunt Flo's garden. Aunt Flo has been busy making a scarecrow to put in the farmer's corn field. However, the silly birds flock to the scarecrow and ignore the bird table.
11Bod and the GrasshopperBod and the Grasshopper (19 Dec. 1975)
Bod is watching a grasshopper and when it hops off, he hops off after it. Frank the Postman, Aunt Flo, P.C. Copper and Farmer Barleymow see Bod hopping off and join him. They see all kinds of interesting things on the way.
12Bod's PresentBod's Present (22 Dec. 1975)
It's Christmas Eve and it's snowing very heavily, but Bod has a Christmas present to deliver to Aunt Flo. Bod meets Frank, P.C. Copper and Barleymow but they all get stuck in the snow - how will Aunt Flo get her presents now?
13Bod and the Cherry TreeBod and the Cherry Tree (27 Dec. 1975)
At various times of the year Aunt Flo is a little bit sad to see first the leaves, then the blossom fall off the cherry tree in her garden. But Bod explains to her how it is all part of the cycle of life for the tree.