Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (TV Series 2002–2005)

Season 2

1Girl Who Signed WolfGirl Who Signed Wolf (5 Oct. 2003)
Disbelief runs through the F.B.I office when a young deaf girl claims to have witnessed a kidnapping and an author comes to interview Myles.
2The SniperThe Sniper (12 Oct. 2003)
Three random people are all shot by the same man. With so little evidence to go on, the team is stretched to the limit forcing Jack to take drastic actions in order to catch the sniper, actions that could put his life in danger.
3Homeland SecurityHomeland Security (2 Nov. 2003)
As Myles cracks down on a case of art forgery, the rest of the team investigates a bomb threat. Sue becomes worried when Charlie begins to forget certain things.
4Cold CaseCold Case (9 Nov. 2003)
Sue and Lucy dig up an old case concerning a young bank teller who was shot. However, with so little evidence, the girls find it hard to make any progress. In the meantime, the boys film their on-line videos for an upcoming bachelor auction.
5The Newlywed Game: Part 1The Newlywed Game: Part 1 (16 Nov. 2003)
When the F.B.I notice some unusual phone calls between possible terrorists and D.C citizens, they decide to do some surveillance. In order to remain inconspicuous, Sue and Jack pose as a newly married couple and move into the house next door to the suspects.
6Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2 (23 Nov. 2003)
The team continues their investigation believing that the suspects intend to spread the bubonic plague. With Betty as their only hope of catching the criminals, the team races against time to stop them in their tracks.
7Bad Hair DayBad Hair Day (11 Jan. 2004)
When Tara shoots a robber in a hair salon, her security is tested by family of the deceased. Sue and Lucy take care of an owner-less dog they found at the park.
8Political AgendaPolitical Agenda (18 Jan. 2004)
When the team starts an investigation concerning the homicide of a young woman, they get a confession quickly. But it soon becomes clear that their confessor is not the criminal.
9The GamblerThe Gambler (8 Feb. 2004)
In order to catch a long wanted criminal, Bobby gets back into his old gambling habits, with dangerous consequences. Levi starts acting up and eventually goes missing.
10Into Thin AirInto Thin Air (15 Feb. 2004)
Sue is assigned a missing persons case when a 19-year old deaf college student disappears. Myles is determined to secure an overseas assignment, believing it has connections with the CIA.
11To Grandmother's House We GoTo Grandmother's House We Go (22 Feb. 2004)
While Lucy's grandmother is on the verge of becoming homeless due to a contract fraud, a bank robbery has the FBI team's attention divided.
12The LawyerThe Lawyer (4 Apr. 2004)
Jack finds himself face to face with a civil rights lawyer after being accused of denying a potential terrorist their rights.
13The Holocaust SurvivorThe Holocaust Survivor (11 Apr. 2004)
When an acquaintance of Sue's sees who she thinks was a concentration camp guard in World War II, Sue begins to investigate, looking for the man with little evidence to go on. Meanwhile, Myles, Bobby, and Dimitrius battle against Randy over travel expenses.
14The MentorThe Mentor (18 Apr. 2004)
Sue meets Jack and Bobby's FBI Mentor when he brings the team in on a case to sting a North Korean terror group - but Sue discovers that things are not as they seem. Meanwhile, Lucy reconnects with her old high school love - with surprising results.
15Rocket ManRocket Man (25 Apr. 2004)
Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale - but when the encounter gives them a chance to land an even bigger fish, Dimitrius goes undercover as the bait. Meanwhile, Dimitrius wife Donna has some unexpected news of her own.
16Elvis Is in the BuildingElvis Is in the Building (2 May 2004)
Sue and the team must infiltrate a Chinese drug-smuggling ring, requiring Bobby to go undercover at the gang leader's nightclub - as an Elvis impersonator. And Sue learns that her friend Troy has an estranged brother - and that the estranged brother has a secret.
17Hit and RunHit and Run (9 May 2004)
When the members of a think tank are found shot dead, Sue and the team track down the sole survivor - but is he a possible future victim or the murderer? By accident, Sue ends up in the fleeing man's car. And Sue teaches Levi some new tricks - or maybe he's teaching her.
18Concrete EvidenceConcrete Evidence (16 May 2004)
Investigating a 5-year old murder, the team automatically links the killing to a group of drug dealers, but further investigating draws them towards another killing that occurred just months before the first. Meanwhile, Myles attempts to improve his neighborly relations.
19The KissThe Kiss (23 May 2004)
In order to solve a case involving two men shot with the same gun, Sue and Jack go undercover to the law firm that the two men both worked at. With Myles' sister also working at the law firm the agents get deeper and deeper into the facts of the case.