Crank Yankers (TV Series 2002–2021)

Season 4

1Episode #4.1Episode #4.1 (9 Feb. 2007)
Lil Jon calls a classical harpist to join his pimped out tour in the season premiere of the crank calling series; features Lil Jon, Andy Milonakis, Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel.
2Episode #4.2Episode #4.2 (2007)
Steve-O calls about skydiving. Special Ed calls a grocery store about his mom's melons; features Steve-O, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Jim Florentine & Kenan Thompson.
3Episode #4.3Episode #4.3 (2007)
Chamillionaire is punked by the manager of a rival artist. Jack Larson calls about his dog's excessive ticks; features Chamillionaire, Dane Cook & Jimmy Kimmel.
4Episode #4.4Episode #4.4 (2007)
Two drunk Irish guys interview a potential assistant. Lil Jon calls a daycare for Special Ed; features Good Charlotte, Lil Jon, Sarah Silverman & Jim Florentine.
5Episode #4.5Episode #4.5 (2007)
Francis calls to order congratulatory trophies for his last-place team in an episode of the crank calling series; features Dave Chappelle, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel & Jim Florentine.
6Episode #4.6Episode #4.6 (2007)
Andy phones the neighborhood shops. Ryan calls to have a fur coat made for his daughter's doll; features Andy Milonakis, Jimmy Kimmel & Ryan Dunn.
7Episode #4.7Episode #4.7 (2007)
Sav McCaulay calls from The Phone Zone game show in an episode of the crank calling series; features Dane Cook, Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla.
8Episode #4.8Episode #4.8 (2007)
A shady car dealer tries to sell a stolen luxury car in an episode of the crank calling series; features Nick Cannon, David Alan Grier, Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel.
9Keep Your Head UpKeep Your Head Up (28 Aug. 2017)
Special Ed calls up one of the few remaining Blockbusters, Wanda Sykes calls up a Wallmart, and even more. Guest Starring Kodak Black.