Crank Yankers (TV Series 2002–2021)

Season 2

1Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah SilvermanJimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman (4 Mar. 2003)
Elmer calls about anal beads; Special Ed calls a record store looking for a certain song.
2Wanda Sykes & Robert SchimmelWanda Sykes & Robert Schimmel (11 Mar. 2003)
Spoonie Luv looks into karate lessons; Gladys complains about a video store mix-up. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Kimmel, and Robert Schimmel.
3Snoop Dogg & Kevin NealonSnoop Dogg & Kevin Nealon (18 Mar. 2003)
Snoop Dogg calls about running for public office; Hadassah has a run-in with a salesperson.
4Jeff Garlin & Gilbert GottfriedJeff Garlin & Gilbert Gottfried (25 Mar. 2003)
George Zucco calls about swelling testicles; Bobby Fletcher hits an innocent bystander.
5Fred Armisen & Kevin NealonFred Armisen & Kevin Nealon (1 Apr. 2003)
Hadassah calls about a perfume rash on her vagina; Ken repeatedly asks a caller to hit the pound key.
6Episode #2.6Episode #2.6 (8 Apr. 2003)
Gladys gets glued to a toilet seat; Steven calls a talent agent and keeps doing Bobcat Goldthwait impressions.
7Episode #2.7Episode #2.7 (15 Apr. 2003)
A blind stripper applies for college; Dick Birchum wants swimming lessons for his conjoined twins. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Adam Carolla, Ian Black, Jim Florentine, Jimmy Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, and David Wain.
8Episode #2.8Episode #2.8 (22 Apr. 2003)
Bobby Fletcher can't stop burping; Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky talk hip-hop.
9Episode #2.9Episode #2.9 (29 Apr. 2003)
Elmer calls about a gay cruise; Danny seeks out the help of a rabbi.
10Episode #2.10Episode #2.10 (6 May 2003)
Spoonie Luv calls for driving lessons; Niles Standish wants a balloon ride. Yanker voices: Tony Barbieri, Fred Armisen, Susie Essman, Jim Florentine, Katie Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, and Sarah Silverman.
11Episode #2.11Episode #2.11 ()
Special Ed goes out to the ballgame; a sleazy professor calls a co-ed. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Jeff Goldblum, Fred Armisen, Michael Ian Black, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and David Wain.
12Episode #2.12Episode #2.12 (23 Sep. 2003)
Gladys calls for a conjugal visit; Ken gets stuck in a restroom.
13Episode #2.13Episode #2.13 (30 Sep. 2003)
Hadassah tests her boyfriend's sperm; Jeff needs a job.
14Episode #2.14Episode #2.14 (7 Oct. 2003)
Hadassah tests her boyfriend's sperm; Jeff needs a job.
15Episode #2.15Episode #2.15 (14 Oct. 2003)
Cammie calls about her haunted breast implants; Tony Deloge tries to get a free meal.
16Episode #2.16Episode #2.16 (21 Oct. 2003)
Elmer calls about gay porn on his computer; Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew reach out to their listeners.
17Episode #2.17Episode #2.17 (28 Oct. 2003)
Cammie inquires about hourly car rentals; Dick Birchum needs some kids to work around the house.
18Episode #2.18Episode #2.18 (4 Nov. 2003)
Gladys gets intimate with slime; Elmer needs the lotto numbers.
19Episode #2.19Episode #2.19 (11 Nov. 2003)
Bob Odenkirk tries to overcome a speech impediment; Samir wants to throw a party.
20Episode #2.20Episode #2.20 (18 Nov. 2003)
Elmer calls a brothel looking for a woman he met 30 years ago; Marion inquires about plastic surgery for her 11-year-old daughter.
21Episode #2.21Episode #2.21 (10 Feb. 2004)
Bobby and Billy Fletcher call to make a reservation at a restaurant and Hadassah receives a sexually suggestive toy from her mother.
22Episode #2.22Episode #2.22 (17 Feb. 2004)
Cammie wants to teach kids about the birds & the bees; Gladys has questions about her teenage son's breast-milk habits.
23Episode #2.23Episode #2.23 (24 Feb. 2004)
Homeless, retired R&B singer Stompie looks for love; Hadassah becomes a telemarketer.
24Episode #2.24Episode #2.24 (2 Mar. 2004)
Gladys hits the jackpot at a broken ATM; Niles asks a salesperson to eat a used tissue for $500.
25Episode #2.25Episode #2.25 (9 Mar. 2004)
Elmer looks for charitable donations; Special Ed needs a piano lesson.
26Episode #2.26Episode #2.26 (2004)
Jeff plans a surprise party and Cammie asks for advice on how to date a Jewish man. Yanker voices: Eminem, Lisa Kushell, Jeff Goldblum, and Nick DiPaolo.
27Episode #2.27Episode #2.27 (27 Jul. 2004)
Birchum looks to hire some mourners for his dad's funeral; Elmer calls a carnival about a teddy bear stuffed with glass. Yanker voices: Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Green, and Jamie Kennedy.
28Episode #2.28Episode #2.28 (3 Aug. 2004)
Cammie needs a house sitter; Hadassah interviews an artist.
29Episode #2.29Episode #2.29 (2004)
Special Ed professes his undying love for spaghetti; Ken calls a paper with breaking news.
30Episode #2.30Episode #2.30 (17 Aug. 2004)
Niles recruits for a basketball team; Special Ed in space.
31Episode #2.31Episode #2.31 (2004)
Join Special Ed and all your favorites in this collection of the craziest Crank Yankers calls. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, David Alan Grier, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Adam Carolla.
32Episode #2.32Episode #2.32 (2004)
Join Elmer and all your favorites in this collection of the crudest Crank Yankers calls. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Seth MacFarlane, Adam Carolla, Kevin Kimmel, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Lisa Kushell.