Weinerville (TV Series 1993–1994)

Season 1

1Marc's Mother VisitsMarc's Mother Visits (11 Jul. 1993)
Marc learns that his mother is coming which explained why most of its inhabitants don't want to be around when she arrives.
2Tooth HurtyTooth Hurty (11 Jul. 1993)
Marc teaches the importance of taking care of your teeth. Marc shows us we can recycle gum after we chewed it with the "Gum Again Machine" and shows us interesting chewed gum art work.
3HumidityHumidity (11 Jul. 1993)
A huge heat wave hits Weinerville as everyone tries to stay cool.
4Spring CleaningSpring Cleaning (11 Jul. 1993)
While cleaning up Schnitzel's poop, Marc is called by Mayor Dottie to help get Zip out of the vacuum cleaner.
5Zip in SpaceZip in Space (18 Jul. 1993)
Zip plays on a toy rocketship and is accidentally launched into outer space. Marc and Mayor Dottie enlist Captain Ozone to help rescue Zip.
6Missing CartoonMissing Cartoon (18 Jul. 1993)
Mayor Dottie enlists a detective named Nick Tracy to find the missing cartoons.
7Giant SpiderGiant Spider (18 Jul. 1993)
A giant spider has caught Zip.
8HauntedHaunted (18 Jul. 1993)
Marc learns from Mayor Dottie that ghosts have been haunting Weinerville.
9Weight LossWeight Loss (25 Jul. 1993)
After Marc overeats and becomes fat, Dottie puts him on a vigorous exercise program.
10FootballFootball (25 Jul. 1993)
Marc starts a football team as Big Pops, Mayor Dottie, and Socko want to be on it as the quarterback.
11Zip Stuck in VCRZip Stuck in VCR (25 Jul. 1993)
Zip gets stuck in the VCR as Mayor Dottie works to get him out.
12MagicMagic (25 Jul. 1993)
Mayor Dottie has a magic kit and she has to use instructions. She zapped Zip too many times, but she can't stop waving with her wand.
13BubblegumBubblegum (1 Aug. 1993)
Upon seeing Mayor Dottie's bubblegum-blowing trophies, Zip starts blowing bubblegum and starts getting trapped.
14Talent ShowTalent Show (1 Aug. 1993)
Weinerville is holding a talent show where Big Pops plays the kazoo with his nose, Marc juggles, and Dottie does a mime act. However, Captain Bob's drums and hula girl wins.
15Dottie's BirthdayDottie's Birthday (1 Aug. 1993)
It's Mayor Dottie's birthday as Marc tries to find her a good birthday present.
16SpaghettiSpaghetti (1 Aug. 1993)
Big Pops makes his special spaghetti and meatballs which everyone wants to try as he demonstrates how he makes it.
17Bake OffBake Off (8 Aug. 1993)
The citizens of Weinerville are baking cakes in order to raise money for the Old Puppets Home.
18Balloon ZipBalloon Zip (8 Aug. 1993)
Mayor Dottie gets some balloons from Nick Tracy (who was last seen in "Missing Cartoons"). When Zip asks Mayor Dottie for a balloon, he gets stuck on one of them. Meanwhile, Pops and Louie have an argument on who has been belching smoke near their buildings.
19BaseballBaseball (8 Aug. 1993)
Zip takes an interest in joining Weinerville's baseball team, while practicing his batting. Marc has been getting tired of Schnitzel's jokes that he tells the audience to test there hand eye coordination by focusing on throwing baseballs at a target, like Schnitzel.
20Budget CutbacksBudget Cutbacks ()
Mayor Dottie gets a call from the Head of the Network that there is going to be some budget cutbacks.
21PopcornPopcorn (15 Aug. 1993)
Zip cooks up some popcorn. However, he uses way too much and the whole Puppet City is covered in popcorn.
22RecyclingRecycling (15 Aug. 1993)
Everyone in Weinerville does their part in recycling.
23Snow DaySnow Day (15 Aug. 1993)
It's snowing in Puppet City, Little Pops shovels all his snow to Louie's door, closing him in.
24Train RideTrain Ride (15 Aug. 1993)
Zip rides a train in Dottie's office, but it goes out of control and Zip goes crashing through the wall. Marc has his own train with a couple children from the audience, and tells them to smile and wave and makes a ratings joke.
25Zip's Family TreasureZip's Family Treasure (22 Aug. 1993)
Dottie puts together a seance to connect with the spirit of Zip's great grandfather to find out where his family treasure is buried. Things however keep on interrupting her.
26Ziggy Zag ConcertZiggy Zag Concert (22 Aug. 1993)
The Ziggy Zag Concert is occurring in Weinerville.
27Camp IdontwannaCamp Idontwanna (22 Aug. 1993)
Baby Jeffrey is going to camp and Dottie was nice and packed for him. But Dottie packed too many suitcases and has to repack due to rules.
28Auxiliary Satellite SystemAuxiliary Satellite System (22 Aug. 1993)
Dottie can't watch TV, her auxiliary satellite is on the fritz. So she calls for Captain Ozone to try and fix it.