George Lopez (TV Series 2002–2007)

Season 2

1Who's Your Daddy?Who's Your Daddy? (2 Oct. 2002)
George runs into his aunt at the store and finds out that Benny has been lying to him for over 30 years and that his father is alive and is living in California.
2Token of UnappreciationToken of Unappreciation (9 Oct. 2002)
After his bosses ask him to help on the assembly line, which is humiliating because it is the duty he performed before his promotion to manager, he receives a job offer from a competitor.
3The Show DyslexicThe Show Dyslexic (16 Oct. 2002)
When Max performs poorly in school, one of his teachers suspects that he has a learning disability. Angie wants to place Max in special classes, but George objects.
4Halloween CheerHalloween Cheer (23 Oct. 2002)
As George gets ready for Halloween, Carmen falls into a depression after her best friend, Toby, moves away. After George 'letting Carmen find her own way' doesn't work, Angie gets her on the cheerleader team so she can make new friends.
5The UnnaturalThe Unnatural (30 Oct. 2002)
George pushes Max to be better in baseball for his team's upcoming game; but in the process, Max accidentally ruins George's Steve Garvey autographed baseball.
6No Free LaunchNo Free Launch (6 Nov. 2002)
George must help sell chocolate bars to fund Max's school trip to Florida's Cape Canaveral--but the effort doesn't quite go accordingly to plan.
7The Wedding DanceThe Wedding Dance (13 Nov. 2002)
George and Angie never had a dance at their wedding so Angie prepares to have one now; except to calm her nerves before the dance, she has a few too many drinks and can't remember it the next morning.
8Love BitesLove Bites (20 Nov. 2002)
George and Angie worry Carmen's going to have sex with a boy from school after her breasts fill in and she comes home with a hickey.
9Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, HoneyGuess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey (27 Nov. 2002)
George thinks he's found his real father when he meets one of Benny's coworkers that she supposedly slept with 35 years ago.
10CharityCharity (4 Dec. 2002)
Angie turns the house upside down when she takes on too many charities.
11Meet the Cuban ParentsMeet the Cuban Parents (11 Dec. 2002)
When Angie's parents, Vic and Emilina, visit for Christmas, George thinks they still believe that he is not good enough for their daughter.
12This Old CasaThis Old Casa (8 Jan. 2003)
Benny's bathroom is falling apart and Angie tries to convince George if he fixes it up for her, she'll be grateful to him for once in his life.
13Super BowlSuper Bowl (15 Jan. 2003)
The Lopez family finds out that Benny's estranged brother, Uncle Joe, will die soon. George and Angie convince Benny to reconcile with Uncle Joe.
14The Valentine's Day MassacreThe Valentine's Day Massacre (5 Feb. 2003)
George and Angie confront the lies that began their relationship.
15Girl FightGirl Fight (12 Feb. 2003)
After Carmen ends her relationship with her classmate, Adam, he tries to ruin her reputation at school. George and Angie want to repair the damage.
16George vs. GeorgeGeorge vs. George (26 Feb. 2003)
When Carmen is accepted to a private school, George and Angie decide to take a bank loan for the tuition. They receive a bad credit report that reveals more history of George's father.
17A Kiss Is Just a KissA Kiss Is Just a Kiss (5 Mar. 2003)
As a surprise for Angie's birthday, George arranges for her father, Vic, and sister, Gloria, to visit for the celebration.
18Profiles in CourageProfiles in Courage (12 Mar. 2003)
The airplane parts factory where George works is under consideration by the federal government for more business. George's boss orders him to demote the worker.
19Secrets and LiesSecrets and Lies (26 Mar. 2003)
Benny tries to turn a stumble at work into a huge a workman's compensation claim.
20Girls Night OutGirls Night Out (2 Apr. 2003)
Angie invites Marisol to stay with them when her ex-boyfriend Junior harasses her at work. But she and George both come to regret that decision when Marisol and Carmen sneak out to confront Junior.
21I Only Have Eyes for YouI Only Have Eyes for You (23 Apr. 2003)
When George over-reacts to an incident between Max and Carmen he is forced to re-evaluate his relationship with his daughter.
22Team LeaderTeam Leader (30 Apr. 2003)
George embellishes on Ernie's work record to keep him from getting fired, and instead Ernie is elected the new team leader. Ernie's confident he can get the job done but George is stuck doing both their work.
23George Has Two MommiesGeorge Has Two Mommies (7 May 2003)
Max and Ricky set off a bottle rocket and accidentally burn down the garage, which had $17,000 of Angie's beauty supplies in it. George can't get a loan so Benny calls up Manny's new wife for help.
24Long Time No SeeLong Time No See (14 May 2003)
When George's father Manny sends him a check for $20,000 to pay off his debt, George and the family take a trip out to Phoenix to meet his father for the first time in 36 years however he punches him and storms out.