Dunya en Desie (TV Series 2002–2004)

Season 2

1ValentijnValentijn (21 May 2003)
On Valentine's day, Desie accidentally sends a Valentine's card to Dunya's brother. Meanwhile, Desie's mother has an unknown admirer.
2HandlezenHandlezen (28 May 2003)
Desie wants to quit school and become a model. She and Dunya go to a fortune teller, and Dunya is led to believe she'll marry a nerdy classmate.
3Doornen en rozenDoornen en rozen (4 Jun. 2003)
Desie wants to lose her virginity. Dunya's mother needs to see a doctor to check for cervical cancer.
4Blinde liefdeBlinde liefde (11 Jun. 2003)
Dunya has a crush on a blind boy living across the street. Monique teaches Dutch to Kenza.
5Boze oogBoze oog (18 Jun. 2003)
When she and Desie are after the same boy, a jealous Dunya worries that she has the "evil eye", which could hurt Desie, and steals one of Kenza's talismans to protect her. Monique tries to quit smoking.
6Marken - MarrakechMarken - Marrakech (25 Jun. 2003)
Dunya and Desie await the results of their high school exams. Desie wants to go to Spain with Dunya, but both their parents have other plans. Desie also wants to meet her father.