The Guardian (TV Series 2001–2004)

Season 2

1TestimonyTestimony (24 Sep. 2002)
Burton risks everything to get Nick out of jail.
2MonsterMonster (1 Oct. 2002)
Nick must become the guardian to a 13-year-old who killed then raped his adoptive mother.
3The DeadThe Dead (8 Oct. 2002)
Controversy jeopardizes Burton's future as a federal judge.
4The Next LifeThe Next Life (15 Oct. 2002)
Nick and Burton go into business together and represent a hospital whose nurse was euthanizing patients.
5Assuming the PositionAssuming the Position (22 Oct. 2002)
Alvin is arrested while leaving a massage parlor and is removed from his position at legal services of Pittsburgh.
6The LivingThe Living (29 Oct. 2002)
Nick represents a boy who needs a bone marrow transplant for his reluctant sister.
7The InnocentThe Innocent (12 Nov. 2002)
Nick represents a girl who wants to have her father's parental rights terminated after her brother is killed while in his care.
8The NeighborhoodThe Neighborhood (19 Nov. 2002)
Lulu tries to help a couple suspected of murdering their 10-year-old daughter.
9The DarkThe Dark (26 Nov. 2002)
Nick represents James' nephew when he refuses to expose the gang members who beat him at school.
10SacrificeSacrifice (10 Dec. 2002)
Nick represents the hospital Lulu's husband works for after a patient dies under his care.
11No Good DeedNo Good Deed (17 Dec. 2002)
A disgruntled parent holds Nick and Lulu at gunpoint.
12You Belong to MeYou Belong to Me (7 Jan. 2003)
Nick focuses on Lulu's safety when someone breaks into her house, which jeopadizes his relationship with Kim.
13AmbitionAmbition (21 Jan. 2003)
Lulu's mother, who has hired Nick as her attorney, offers her daughter a job that will take her away from Nick and L.S.P..
14Understand Your ManUnderstand Your Man (4 Feb. 2003)
Nick tries to help a transvestite get custody of his late partner's son.
15Where You AreWhere You Are (11 Feb. 2003)
Nick's ethics are questions when a corporate client asks him to test a product and he uses the kids at L.S.P. to do it.
16The WeightThe Weight (18 Feb. 2003)
Nick and Lulu's relationship heats up after he helps her with a difficult case.
17The IntersectionThe Intersection (25 Feb. 2003)
Lulu's life hangs in the balance after her car accident.
18My Aim Is TrueMy Aim Is True (18 Mar. 2003)
Burton defends a cop who shoots and paralyzes Nick's former drug dealer.
19Back in the RingBack in the Ring (1 Apr. 2003)
Nick and Burton fight to help an ex-con regain custody of his son and resume his boxing career. Lulu teams up with Jake to sue a school bus company on behalf of a cheerleader coerced into an unsavory initiation ritual.
20What It Means to YouWhat It Means to You (22 Apr. 2003)
Nick and Lulu's relationship heats up just as they begin working opposing sides of a difficult case.
21Burton & ErnieBurton & Ernie (29 Apr. 2003)
Lulu tries to make her relationship with Nick official after Alvin catches them having sex at L.S.P.
22Sensitive JackalsSensitive Jackals (6 May 2003)
James' world falls apart when an L.S.P. client appears to be the man thought to have killed his nephew.
23All the RageAll the Rage (13 May 2003)
With the possibility of losing Lulu for good, Nick erupts in the courtroom and is sentenced to anger management sessions.