The Guardian (TV Series 2001–2004)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (25 Sep. 2001)
Nick's first child advocacy case involves deciding the proper custody of young Hunter Reed, who has just witnessed his father kill his mother.
2ReunionReunion (2 Oct. 2001)
Nick must help young Hunter Reed choose whether or not to lie to secure his father's freedom.
3PaternityPaternity (9 Oct. 2001)
Nick must represent the handicapped son of a prostitute and find the prostitute's client, who fathered the boy.
4Lolita?Lolita? (16 Oct. 2001)
Nick must represent a teenage girl who claims to be a rape victim.
5The Men from the BoysThe Men from the Boys (23 Oct. 2001)
Nick must help a gay teenager who is living on the streets of Pittsburgh
6Indian SummerIndian Summer (30 Oct. 2001)
Nick is duped into representing an untruthful young woman after they have a sexual encounter.
7Feeding FrenzyFeeding Frenzy (6 Nov. 2001)
Nick finds himself back in the world of drugs as he searches for the person who murdered a drug dealer.
8HeartHeart (20 Nov. 2001)
Nick contemplates adopting a terminally ill 12-year-old girl.
9The FunniesThe Funnies (27 Nov. 2001)
Nick must represent Barbara's teenage son, who is arrested for drug possession.
10LoyaltiesLoyalties (11 Dec. 2001)
Nick defends an arab american whose restaurant has been vandalized.
11HomeHome (18 Dec. 2001)
Nick is reinstated as Hunter Reed's guardian.
12CausalityCausality (8 Jan. 2002)
Burdened by the pressure of his new job, Nick starts using drugs again.
13PrivilegePrivilege (22 Jan. 2002)
Nick and Burton are hired to contest the will of a wealthy woman whose death may uncover a family secret.
14FamilyFamily (5 Feb. 2002)
Nick's aunt and cousin return to his life and evoke bad memories.
15In Loco ParentisIn Loco Parentis (26 Feb. 2002)
An infant is held hostage by her drug-addicted mother who fears the baby will be taken away again.
16SolidaritySolidarity (5 Mar. 2002)
Nick and Burton try to resolve a labor dispute at a local factory.
17The DivideThe Divide (12 Mar. 2002)
Nick represents a young boy who wishes to stop his adoption by a couple who wants him, but not his brother.
18Mothers of the DisappearedMothers of the Disappeared (26 Mar. 2002)
Nick represents a woman who wants her missing daughter declared dead -- until the girl suddenly reappears.
19Lawyers, Guns and MoneyLawyers, Guns and Money (9 Apr. 2002)
His parole officer creates serious problems for Nick.
20ShelterShelter (7 May 2002)
Nick and Lulu help two homeless teenagers who want custody of their infant.
21The Chinese WallThe Chinese Wall (14 May 2002)
Nick takes action when Burton brings in someone else to run the firm.
22The BeginningThe Beginning (21 May 2002)
Nick's world falls apart when secrets and a compromising situation threaten his freedom.