Happiness (TV Series 2001–2003)

Season 2

1A Little Bit of LoveA Little Bit of Love (14 Jan. 2003)
When Miles Davis helps ruin a potential romance Danny turns to rachel and a cure for baldness
2A Nice PersonA Nice Person (21 Jan. 2003)
Danny wants to be nice, Terry wants an affair and Sid and Charlie want to be global capitalists
3Real DancingReal Dancing (28 Jan. 2003)
Danny introduces Angus to the peace quiet and utter boredom of fishing. In return he arranges for Danny to meet a call girl.
4PerspectivePerspective (4 Feb. 2003)
Danny feels a spot of serious acting will bring some much needed gravitas into his life and auditions for cute thirty something TV show wet feet and Angus feels his age.
5Old Bloke at the DoorOld Bloke at the Door (11 Feb. 2003)
The world's gone mad. Danny gets a girlfriend, Sid and Charlie get work and Angus takes it easy.
6People Move OnPeople Move On (18 Feb. 2003)
Angus and Terry attempt reconciliation with their wives, but another relationship is coming to an end and it could drive Charlie to drink.