Space Sentinels (TV Series 1977)

Season 1

1Morpheus: The Sinister SentinelMorpheus: The Sinister Sentinel (10 Sep. 1977)
Morpheus, a villain who received the same training and combined powers given to the three Young Sentinels, comes out of hiding and steals M.O. to copy his memory bank and create duplicates of Sentinel One to fulfill his sinister plans.
2Space GiantsSpace Giants (17 Sep. 1977)
A trio of enormous robots are sent to rob a government gold vault in the desert, but soon the machines deduce that they're superior to humans and begin creating an army to wipe out mankind, so it's up to the Young Sentinels to stop them.
3The Time TravelerThe Time Traveler (24 Sep. 1977)
Kronos, an agent from the future, arrives to swipe plans which will prevent a space station from being built. When Kronos tries to escape, Hercules and Astraea track him back through prehistoric times.
4The SorceressThe Sorceress (1 Oct. 1977)
When the North Pole vanishes, the Young Sentinels investigate and find The Sorceress is responsible. The Sorceress soon makes the Sentinels prisoners of their own imaginations and creates duplicates of them to do her bidding.
5The Return of AnubisThe Return of Anubis (8 Oct. 1977)
Archeologists release Anubis from the pyramid where he's been imprisoned for 5,000 years, plotting his revenge against mankind.
6The Wizard of OdThe Wizard of Od (15 Oct. 1977)
Teaser the elf seeks help from the Young Sentinels when the wizard who rules Od in the land of Fancia creates a wish machine which disrupts the natural laws and puts every universe in jeopardy.
7The Prime SentinelThe Prime Sentinel (22 Oct. 1977)
The Prime Sentinel, leader of all Sentinels, is overtaken by an evil force, so the Young Sentinels head to outer space to battle the mysterious blob which feeds on energy.
8Commander NemoCommander Nemo (29 Oct. 1977)
When Commander Nemo rises from the water and wages war on those who pollute the oceans, the Young Sentinels investigate, but Astraea is soon captured by the deranged sea captain and forced to turn against her friends.
9Voyage to the Inner WorldVoyage to the Inner World (5 Nov. 1977)
The dying Queen Darkari sends a machine from the Inner World to capture Astraea to siphon her brain waves, so Herc, Merc and M.O. journey to the earth's core and mount a rescue.
10LokiLoki (12 Nov. 1977)
A black box emerges from the sea containing Loki, a nefarious telekinetic giant who transports the Young Sentinels to another dimension and commandeers their ship to take revenge on the man who imprisoned him.
11FaunaFauna (19 Nov. 1977)
A teenage girl, raised by wolves and blessed with the ability to telepathically control wild creatures, launches an attack on an animal testing lab. Complications arise when a wolf mutates into a man-beast and vows revenge against mankind.
12The Jupiter SporeThe Jupiter Spore (26 Nov. 1977)
A probe returns from Jupiter with a soil sample, but the moment it's exposed to air, a plant sprouts at an alarming growth rate of 1,000 feet per minute. The Sentinels head to Jupiter to find a solution before the plant consumes the Earth.
13The World ShipThe World Ship (3 Dec. 1977)
A planetoid is on a collision-course with Earth, so the Young Sentinels set off to destroy it, but they soon discover it's actually a ship captained by a lion-man who plans to claim the Earth for his own race of people.