My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 6

1FootlooseFootloose (21 Jul. 2006)
George decides to play a big game of Poker on his home planet of Ultron (after his unsuccessful attempt at busking after his health food shop closed down), however, he looses the game- along with his body. Now George Sunday is no more, and the new George poses as "George Monday" and pretends to be his wife's lodger. Janet must now tell her parents and work mates that George has left her. Things get worse when Dr. Crispin announces that he needs a new Doctor so people can pay him to be "exclusive" and George brushes up on his medical skills, applies, and gets the job. ...
2Here's One I Made EarlierHere's One I Made Earlier (28 Jul. 2006)
Janet and George find it hard adjusting to George's new body. It's like starting their relationship all over again a task not helped by unearthing skeletons in both of their cupboards.
3My Kingdom for a CatMy Kingdom for a Cat (4 Aug. 2006)
George is depressed that Janet no longer fancies him in his new body, so he sets about stealing cats souls/essence to making her love him again.
4SidekickSidekick (11 Aug. 2006)
Wanting to get back into Janet's good books, George uses one of his ribs to create a sidekick, Lulu, so he can spend more time at home.
5Not for ProphetNot for Prophet (3 Sep. 2006)
George starts his own religion, which quickly gets threatened by meddling Piers.
6DermomanDermoman (25 Aug. 2006)
George has to retake the superhero test or face his body being destroyed but after being reverted to the mindset of a teenager the test becomes a tall order.
7Top of the TableTop of the Table (1 Sep. 2006)
After failing down the superhero leader board, George tries to climb back up by banning alcohol and cigarettes on Earth.
8BelieveBelieve (10 Sep. 2006)
George mysteriously starts to lose control of his body.