My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 5

1The Foresight SagaThe Foresight Saga (7 Jan. 2005)
George and Janet welcome Cassie into the family. Dr. Piers enters a competition.
2Illegal AliensIllegal Aliens (14 Jan. 2005)
The immigration department investigates George and Arnie after a dust-up with one of their officers, and Piers finds out he has a son.
3The First Husband's ClubThe First Husband's Club (21 Jan. 2005)
Janet urges George to become more assertive after he ends up paying for someone else's accident. Dr. Piers joins a dating service. A mens' group results in consequences for the women.
4Cassie Come HomeCassie Come Home (28 Jan. 2005)
The children are put into care, requiring George and Janet to go to parenting classes.
5Nothing to HideNothing to Hide (4 Feb. 2005)
Thermoman retrieves the stolen "Mona Lisa", but comes under suspicion by the police when it's discovered at the flat. Mrs. Raven wants to go on vacation, and Dr. Piers becomes an art patron.
6Brain DrainBrain Drain (11 Feb. 2005)
George is infected by an internet virus, and the cure has interesting consequences. The clinic is due for its annual inspection.
7Fear and ClothingFear and Clothing (25 Feb. 2005)
George becomes obsessed with superstitions after an accident on Friday the 13th. Dr. Piers markets a new diet.
8How Green Was My OllieHow Green Was My Ollie (4 Mar. 2005)
Ultronian produce George imports has strange effects. Dr. Piers challenges Thermoman on how he treats nature and accuses him of global warming.
9Big BotherBig Bother (18 Mar. 2005)
Janet finds out that George is filming her for a reality show on Ultron. Piers examines a beautiful film star.
10Night FeverNight Fever (25 Mar. 2005)
George begins having nightmares and consults Dr. Piers who convinces him he actually loves Mrs. Raven. Tyler has an operation. Mrs. Raven may have been kidnapped.