My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 4

1A Sporting ChanceA Sporting Chance (8 Aug. 2003)
George becomes competitive after his first cricket match.
2The Living DeadThe Living Dead (15 Aug. 2003)
George steps in front of a bus in order to cash in on a life insurance policy. Mrs. Raven opens a hypnotherapy practice.
3Taking the CreditTaking the Credit (22 Aug. 2003)
George amasses debt after a shopping spree with credit cards "he just had to sign for", and Janet risks the wrath of The Lord High Arbiter when she tries to pull the family out of debt.
4It's All in the MindIt's All in the Mind (29 Aug. 2003)
George uses his mind-reading powers to do research for a report on humanity. Janet must raise £1,000.
5Space VirusSpace Virus (5 Sep. 2003)
Thermoman picks up a space virus while on Ultron and passes it on to Janet, Ella, Stanley, and Mrs. Raven. The cure results leaves some interesting side effects, and re-sparks Mrs. Raven's interest in life.
6The Mayor of NortholtThe Mayor of Northolt (12 Sep. 2003)
Frustrated in getting a street lamp fixed, George runs for mayor against Dr. Piers.
7BigBig (19 Sep. 2003)
Ollie grows at an accelerated rate, Piers worries about his grey hair, and Ella doesn't want to take Stanley to her reunion.
8The ConsultantThe Consultant (26 Sep. 2003)
Arnie conducts a study to check on Thermoman's performance which results in George experiencing his first on-the-job stress. Dr. Piers refuses Mrs. Raven's request for a pay rise, with the expected results.
9The Family WayThe Family Way (3 Oct. 2003)
George becomes pregnant with a surrogate baby, and Dr. Piers gets a bad review.
10Time and Time AgainTime and Time Again (10 Oct. 2003)
George decides to return to Ultron forever after interfering in the space-time continuum. Mrs. Raven celebrates April Fool's Day.