My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 3

1Baby TalkBaby Talk (7 Jun. 2002)
Janet worries about keeping the baby's superhero characteristics from her parents.
2Zero ToleranceZero Tolerance (14 Jun. 2002)
George disarms a man demanding drugs at the health center without using his super powers. George expects everyone to live up to his code.
3Pet RescuePet Rescue (21 Jun. 2002)
George bonds with Ella and Stanley's dog. Dr. Piers sacks Mrs. Raven.
4The Older ManThe Older Man (28 Jun. 2002)
George's earthly body begins to look its age. Dr. Piers hires a new nurse.
5Puttin' on the WritsPuttin' on the Writs (5 Jul. 2002)
Mrs. Raven sues ThermoMan after he rescues her. Stanley moves in with Tyler.
6Shock, Horror!Shock, Horror! (12 Jul. 2002)
A journalist reports Janet is having an affair with ThermoMan. Mrs. Raven falls asleep at her desk.
7Little Green ManLittle Green Man (2 Aug. 2002)
Janet and George have marital problems.
8Mine's a DoubleMine's a Double (9 Aug. 2002)
A clone keeps Janet company while George is at a conference.
9A Little LearningA Little Learning (16 Aug. 2002)
Ella and Stanley do not invite George to their anniversary party because of his seemingly unending faux pas, and George wishes he weren't stupid. Mrs. Raven wants to get married.
10A Day to RememberA Day to Remember (23 Aug. 2002)
George manages to erase his own memory just as a meteor heads toward Earth.