My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 2

1Comic Relief Special: My Super HeroComic Relief Special: My Super Hero (16 Mar. 2001)
Thermoman saves the UK so much that he inadvertently starts to get television shows cancelled. Can he learn to stop being so good at his job before a 90s maniac ruins everything.
2ParentsParents (14 May 2001)
After gross misbehavior, Janet is forced to tell her parents of George's identity.
3GirlfriendGirlfriend (21 May 2001)
Janet, worried they are in a rut, yearns for excitement, but George's fiancée from Ultron may be a bit more excitement than she wanted.
4CarCar (28 May 2001)
George helps Arnie get his powers back to free himself for making enough money to buy Janet a car.
5NemesisNemesis (4 Jun. 2001)
Thermoman is dogged by an old schoolmate who has sworn revenge, and Janet finds herself strangely drawn to Piers.
6PregnantPregnant (11 Jun. 2001)
Janet discovers she is pregnant. George protects the fetus.
7WeddingWedding (18 Jun. 2001)
George must convince Janet to marry him or suffer the consequences.