My Hero (TV Series 2000–2007)

Season 1

1PilotPilot (4 Feb. 2000)
Thermoman rescues Janet and falls in love with her, following her to Northolt where she is being pursued by Dr. Piers.
2Guess Who's Coming to LunchGuess Who's Coming to Lunch (11 Feb. 2000)
George wants to meet Janet's parents, but she's afraid of their reaction so George works at being "normal".
3Mission ImpossibleMission Impossible (18 Feb. 2000)
Janet causes Thermoman to be late for a rescue when she insists on cleaning his uniform and an unforeseen result threatens Thermoman's secret identity.
4Thermoman's Greatest ChallengeThermoman's Greatest Challenge (25 Feb. 2000)
George's nightmares of Janet dying cause him to be overprotective, and then Dr. Piers invites Thermoman to a charity event causing even more complications.
5Old Man RiverdanceOld Man Riverdance (3 Mar. 2000)
George's dad disapproves of their relationship, and they must convince him Janet is not a distraction. Ratings have slipped on Dr. Piers' show.
6The Party's OverThe Party's Over (10 Mar. 2000)
George struggles with the concept of a surprise party on Janet's birthday.
7My Hero ChristmasMy Hero Christmas (22 Dec. 2000)
It's George's first Christmas, and although he has trouble with the concept he tries to spread good cheer.