The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (TV Series 1967–1968)

Season 1

1The Flash: The Chemo-CreatureThe Flash: The Chemo-Creature (9 Sep. 1967)
The Flash battles a chemically altered giant ant.
2The Atom: Invasion of the Beetle-MenThe Atom: Invasion of the Beetle-Men (1967)
The Atom faces off against alien creatures that resemble bugs, and can change their size at will.
3Green Lantern: Evil Is as Evil DoesGreen Lantern: Evil Is as Evil Does (1967)
The Guardians Of The Universe hold sway on the planet Oa, and they contact test pilot Hal Jordan to alert him to the escape of Evil Star, an intergalactic super-criminal who wears a star-band on his wrist that gives him unlimited powers. Hal Jordan alerts his young mechanic Kairo, a lad from Venus, and quickly transforms into his true identity of Green Lantern, in time for Evil Star to attack Earth. After being beaten back by Green lantern, Evil Star fires across the universe to Oa, where a final confrontation ensues as the lord of crime seeks to wear out the 24-hour ...
4Hawkman: Peril from PlutoHawkman: Peril from Pluto (2 Dec. 1967)
Kobarah, an interplanetary pirate, has built a gigantic energy beam transmitter on the planet Pluto, from which he bombards Earth with a powerful wave of energy. When news of the holocaust reaches Midway City, it brings into action Hawkman, the winged avenger from Thanagar now living on Earth as scientist Carter Hall. With the aid of his fighting mascot Screel, a powerful red-tailed hawk, Hawkman flies his powerful Hawkship to intercept Kobarah's beam and attempt to destroy Kobarah's transmitter.
5Justice League of America: Between Two ArmiesJustice League of America: Between Two Armies (9 Sep. 1967)
The Rock Men and Chrystal Men, alien races of the planet Mercury, are at war and use Earth as a launching base for their conflict. The Rock Men send a force that drills into Earth's surface to establish a beam transmitter that can detonate the mammoth energy orb that powers the Chrystal Men nation, an act that will destroy the planet and wreck the entire solar system. While a Chrystal Man force flies to Earth to stop their enemy, the Rock Men fight back with energy weapons that attract a cosmic storm of debris, bringing out Superman, Green Lantern, and Hawkman to ...
6Teen Titans: The Monster MachineTeen Titans: The Monster Machine (9 Sep. 1967)
The Teen Titans take-on an army of giant alien robots.
7The Flash: Take a Giant StepThe Flash: Take a Giant Step (19 Sep. 1967)
The Flash and Kid Flash battle the evil Professor Krag.
8The Atom: The Plant MasterThe Atom: The Plant Master (19 Sep. 1967)
The Atom takes on the Plant Master.
9Green Lantern: The Vanishing WorldGreen Lantern: The Vanishing World (19 Sep. 1967)
Space villains led by the evil Orc try to strand Kairo and Green Lantern on a world that regularly vanishes into another dimension.
10Hawkman: A Visit to VenusHawkman: A Visit to Venus (19 Sep. 1967)
Multi armed aliens seize a spacecraft from Earth and use a powerful mind control jewel to control them, and battle Hawkman when he intervenes.
11Justice League of America: Target EarthJustice League of America: Target Earth (11 Sep. 1967)
Earth is targeted for attack, so it's up to the JLA to save the day.
12Teen Titans: The Space Beast Round-upTeen Titans: The Space Beast Round-up (19 Sep. 1967)
The Teen Titans defend a small town from attack by hideous monsters from another world.
13The Flash: To Catch a Blue BoltThe Flash: To Catch a Blue Bolt (29 Sep. 1967)
The Flash and Kid Flash take-on their super-speed nemesis, Blue Bolt.
14The Atom: The House of DoomThe Atom: The House of Doom (29 Sep. 1967)
The Atom and his fellow scientists enter a house of doom.
15Green Lantern: Sirena, Empress of EvilGreen Lantern: Sirena, Empress of Evil (29 Sep. 1967)
Green Lantern battles Sirena and her army of winged warriors.
16Hawkman: The Twenty Third DimensionHawkman: The Twenty Third Dimension (29 Sep. 1967)
Hawkman is transported to the 23rd dimension by two villains from Jupiter.
17Justice League of America: Bad Day on Black MountainJustice League of America: Bad Day on Black Mountain (29 Sep. 1967)
A villain named Mastermind challenges the Justice League by attacking Earth.
18Teen Titans: Operation: RescueTeen Titans: Operation: Rescue (29 Sep. 1967)
The Teen Titans aid an explorer who has been captured by a lost tribe.