Galaxy High School (TV Series 1986)

Season 1

1Welcome to Galaxy HighWelcome to Galaxy High (13 Sep. 1986)
Doyle Cleverlobe and Aimee Brightower arrive at Galaxy High and are greeted by class president Milo De Venus. Because of her exceptional grades, Aimee is rewarded a scholarship and a Zeron X-5000 Turbo Space Coup De Ville, while Doyle has to take an extra job at Luigi's pizza parlor and gets used 37 year old Benson Hofflinger model one 7000 skateboard. Needless to say, Aimee is having the time of her life while Doyle is longing for life back on Earth.
2Pizza's HonorPizza's Honor (20 Sep. 1986)
Doyle has to deliver a hundred of Luigi's pizzas to Tremble Hall on the haunted planet of Tingler. Beef and his Bonk bunch follow along to prove the Earthboy is a big Kakalack (closest Earth equivalent: chicken).
3The Beef Who Would Be KingThe Beef Who Would Be King (27 Sep. 1986)
Tired of Beef's bullying, Doyle finds out what's Bonk's weak spot from his locker: onions. Just before Beef is about to extract his revenge on Doyle, aliens from the planet Cholesterol arrive and proclaim Beef their new leader, the High Cholesterol. Despite Doyle and Aimee's objections, the Cholesterolians insist on taking Beef back to their planet and bathing him in luxury... before they devour him.
4Where's Milo?Where's Milo? (4 Oct. 1986)
Milo loses his popularity as class president and his job at Luigi's because of his clumsiness. Al Gatori of 'The Leather Scene' store offers the downtrodden Venusian a job and turns him into a living mannequin.
5Those Eyes, Those LipsThose Eyes, Those Lips (11 Oct. 1986)
Rockstar Mick Maggers is playing a concert at Galaxy High and his biggest fan, Booey Bubblehead is desperate to meet him. Unfortunately the tickets are sold out in no time. Beef is also looking to get in and gets a job as a security guard. Meanwhile, Doyle has inadvertently let loose a Pizza monster with extra Tog, that has set his eyes on Wendy.
6Doyle's New FriendDoyle's New Friend (18 Oct. 1986)
Everyone at Galaxy High is preparing for the Hands Across the Universe Dance. Aimee is expected to be crowned Queen of the dance and Beef Bonk plans to make sure he's made King. The first guest student to arrive is Wolfgang Armadillo, a big practical joker. His pranks make him instantly unpopular, though Doyle insists on standing up for his new friend.
7Dollars and SenseDollars and Sense (25 Oct. 1986)
Reggie Unicycle, the richest teen in the universe and famed Galaxy High alumni, visits the school and instantly sets his mind on Aimee Brightower. Creep is crushed when Aimee begins to fall for Reggie's charms, then misunderstands Miss McBrain's explanation about 'the Midas touch' and thinks Aimee will be turned to gold.
8Beach Blanket Blow-UpBeach Blanket Blow-Up (1 Nov. 1986)
The winter comet has come to Galaxy High School chilling everyone to the bone. Good thing it's time for spring break and everyone is planning on going to Ft. Lauteroid for the Summer Nova. Everyone except Doyle, he's got to make up for flunking chemistry. However his loss is everyone's gain as he makes a discovery of earth-shattering proportions. Ft. Lauteroid is set to be destroyed when the Summer Nova flames out and all his friends and classmates will go with it unless he can come to the rescue.
9The Brain BlasterThe Brain Blaster (8 Nov. 1986)
Doyle has to improve his grades if he wants to represent Galaxy High at the Psyche Hockey championship. An unsavory character named Punk McThrusters offers Doyle a Brain Blaster hit. Struggling with his tests, Doyle decides to try the Brain Blaster and instantly becomes addicted. Although his grades are higher than ever, he soon runs out of Buckazoids to pay for the Brain Blaster and resorts to stealing from his friends.
10The Brat PackThe Brat Pack (15 Nov. 1986)
After trashing the teachers lunch table, Beef Bonk gets the worst punishment Miss McBrain can think of: he is put in charge of the elementary school class. The alien tots turn out to be an unruly bunch who dream of a day out to Nova-land. Beef offers to take them there if they behave. When Miss McBrain forbids it, he decides to grant the toddlers their wish anyway and gets the others to help.
11Founder's DayFounder's Day (22 Oct. 1986)
Galaxy High is celebrating Founders Day to commemorate the opening of Galaxy High. Beef chases Doyle, Aimee, Milo and the Creep into Professor Icenstein's experimental time machine and accidentally sends them back to the original founders day. The foursome becomes the discoverers of the asteroid Flutor instead of the ones who were supposed to discover it: pancake baker Luigi and his star waitress Biddy McBrain. Not only have they got to get 5.000 mega-credits together to pay for the discovery, they have to convince Biddy to become a high school principal, Luigi to ...
12Martian MumpsMartian Mumps (29 Nov. 1986)
Lox, a new student from Mars arrives and infects Milo with the Martian Mumps. Soon the entire school is looking green, sporting antennas and very punctual. Only Doyle and Aimee, being from Earth appear to be immune. Captain James T. Smirk of the Medifederation Starship Eagle Eyes arrives on the scene and places Galaxy Hign under eternal quarantine and place it in orbit around Mars.
13It Came from EarthIt Came from Earth (6 Dec. 1986)
It's the last day of school, and Galaxy High is competing in a Zuggleball championship match vs the Milkyway Mastodons. An overconfident Doyle bumps into a SVN TV camera and wakes up 15 years later and 400 feet tall on Earth. Aimee is a doctor, Earl Ecchhh her nurse and Gilda Gossip a news reporter. The monster size Doyle goes looking for Prof Icenstein in New York and soon finds himself being chased by sheriff Roland. President Milo and first secretary Bubblehead send the military after him, led by General Beef Bonk.