Lassie's Rescue Rangers (TV Series 1973–1975)

Season 1

1Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder MountainLassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain (11 Nov. 1972)
A group of Native Americans are being swindled by businessman off their land on Thunder Mountain.
2LostLost (8 Aug. 1973)
The Rescue Rangers try to find a boy who has been missing in unfamiliar surroundings.
3The Animals Are MissingThe Animals Are Missing (15 Sep. 1973)
After a series of mini earthquakes, the Rangers head out to a valley that appears to be home to many animal inhabitants.
4Mystic MonsterMystic Monster (22 Sep. 1973)
Lassie and the Rangers investigate a comet that has crash lands in the forest. Can this contain an alien life form...or can it?
5Lassie's Special AssignmentLassie's Special Assignment (29 Sep. 1973)
After being instructed to through a recorded message Ben sets off to save a scientist from the clutches of the enemy.
6The ImpostersThe Imposters (6 Oct. 1973)
After the Turners are frame them for crimes they didn't commit they are mistakenly arrested.
7Deadly CargoDeadly Cargo (13 Oct. 1973)
The Rescue Rangers are in trouble after Jean Fox has been kidnapped by criminals in order to get their cargo of explosives back from their plane that crash landed.
8GrizzlyGrizzly (20 Oct. 1973)
A grizzly bear hampers the efforts made by the Rescue Rangers when a fire is about to engulf the city,
9Deepsea DisasterDeepsea Disaster (27 Oct. 1973)
A rejected Navy hopeful tries to stops the Rangers from spending a few days living under water.
10Black OutBlack Out (3 Nov. 1973)
The Rescue Rangers help out locate some missing locals after the town goes into total darkness. Also there is a thief on the loose.
11Arctic AdventureArctic Adventure (10 Nov. 1973)
A fire has broken out which threatens to destroy the town of Bear Claw. The Rangers must search for the missing firefighters so they can stop the fire and save the town.
12The Sunken GalleonThe Sunken Galleon (17 Nov. 1973)
Buried treasure has been uncovered by the Rangers but more importantly a submarine. They now have to investigate to see where it has come from.
13GoldmineGoldmine (24 Nov. 1973)
Attempting to break into Fort Knox the criminals take Gene hostage so they have some leverage.
14RodeoRodeo (1 Dec. 1973)
A rodeo belonging Jerry Carr is about to be called off after a string of unaccounted for accidents. The Rangers must deal with this is they want to take part in it.
15Hullabaloo in HollywoodHullabaloo in Hollywood (8 Dec. 1973)
Trouble arises when the Rescue Rangers go to Hollywood where they are about to star in a film.
16Tidal WaveTidal Wave (15 Dec. 1973)
On a trip to Florida the Rangers encounter a natural disaster that is set to ruin their holiday.