Radio Active (TV Series 1998–2001)

Season 3

1The Wrong Man, the Right RodentThe Wrong Man, the Right Rodent (9 Sep. 2000)
A vandal is striking the school. Fire alarms are pulled. Wiring is wonky. Roger's commentary gets changed. The crew suspects someone in Radio Active.
2It's a Mad, Mad, Mad StationIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad Station (16 Sep. 2000)
George finds an old British coin behind the furnace. Roger discovers the school is built over an old bank. The crew finds a treasure map in the books. They split up to search for the gold.
3Cyrano de InternetCyrano de Internet (23 Sep. 2000)
Sarah is desperate to get a date. She signs up for the Upper Redwood internet dating site. She and Roger starts communicating using aliases. Blaire and Morgan take over the conversation.
4They Call Me Uncle TibbyThey Call Me Uncle Tibby (30 Sep. 2000)
It's the first annual Upper Redwood comic book convention. John Smith who created Normal Man is coming along with TV's Panther Girl. Blaire lies to Miss Atoll that George's uncle Tibby will accompany them. Now she wants to meet him.
5Lou Ann, the FanLou Ann, the Fan (7 Oct. 2000)
It's evaluation week. Everybody is preparing for Miss Atoll. Tanya brings in shy new student Lou Ann who works to befriend the crew in order to undermine Tanya.
6Verse Versus ReverseVerse Versus Reverse (14 Oct. 2000)
Morgan is excited about a lecture by a famous feminist poet. Tanya is not so excited. Blaire is incensed that only females are allowed at the event and the boys dress as women to attend.
7Death of a Nozzle SalesmanDeath of a Nozzle Salesman (21 Oct. 2000)
Roger gets all dressed up to be a salesman for vacuum cleaner nozzles. Morgan thinks that he's been brainwashed.
8Cyber BoyCyber Boy (28 Oct. 2000)
Morgan and Blaire need to book a career day seminar after a computer programmer canceled. Roger gets a new computer which could entrap him as a fugitive hacker on the run from the military.
9The ModelThe Model (4 Nov. 2000)
Famed photographer Barbara Fasco comes in looking to discover a model.
10Bully for YouBully for You (11 Nov. 2000)
Blaire is being bullied. The gang is surprised to find it's the little new girl Becky Sue Drummond (Emily VanCamp). Blaire is helpless. Morgan suggests taking her out on a date.
11RogercusRogercus (18 Nov. 2000)
Miss Atoll bans an artist. DJ X using a voice-box takes her on anonymously.
12Dead Comic's SocietyDead Comic's Society (25 Nov. 2000)
Blaire, Roger, Tanya, and George discover a Secret Book Society among the old books. Roger suggests starting their own secret society.
13A Christmas AtollA Christmas Atoll (2 Dec. 2000)
Miss Atoll is being a Scrooge. The kids are inspired to conjure up the ghosts of Christmas.
14Identity CrisisIdentity Crisis (9 Dec. 2000)
Roger fears that he's too boring and he's not wrong. The gang has trouble taking the yearbook picture.
15Bad AptitudeBad Aptitude (16 Dec. 2000)
Mr. Noseworthy gives the group an aptitude test for their future careers.
16Lou Ann's ReturnLou Ann's Return (6 Jan. 2001)
Roger is happily in love with a new girl. The gang spies on him and is shocked that it's the return of evil Lou Ann.
17Paramedic ParamourParamedic Paramour (13 Jan. 2001)
George has an accident. The girls are bad at first aid. Blaire sabotage them by convincing Mr. Noseworthy to spend all of the remaining Radio Active money in a first aid workshop.
18The Ratings WarThe Ratings War (20 Jan. 2001)
The gang tallies the ratings survey to find that Morgan and Blaire are tied at the top. This begins a ratings war.
19The Wendy Gwendolyn ConundrumThe Wendy Gwendolyn Conundrum (27 Jan. 2001)
Roger is tongue-tied trying to talk to Wendy Gwendolyn. Roger bribes Blaire with a celebrity fork to help set him up with her. Only she thinks that Blaire is asking her out.
20Meat Versus PotatoesMeat Versus Potatoes (3 Feb. 2001)
The group has driver's ed with Miss Atoll.
21Eye to Eye, Pupil to PupilEye to Eye, Pupil to Pupil (10 Feb. 2001)
George and Roger get into a staring contest as the group tries to cram for exams.
22Commercial ChaosCommercial Chaos (17 Feb. 2001)
Morgan gets a commercial for high heel shoes. She rejects the job for the company's questionable methods. Tanya tries to get the part behind her back.
23No Trouble AtollNo Trouble Atoll (24 Feb. 2001)
Morgan plays the Splashing in Water song. Miss Atoll suspends her for the song's supposed hidden meaning. Morgan brings out the School Board Regulations. Miss Atoll gets into trouble and is relieved from Radio Active duties.
24Culture ShockCulture Shock (3 Mar. 2001)
Miss Atoll is looking for someone to go overseas as an exchange student. Everybody wants in.
25Role ReversalRole Reversal (10 Mar. 2001)
Morgan is overbooked and flustered. She falls asleep in her show. She has to kiss Roger in a play. Sarah tries to help by taking on her work. After Sarah gets an A, the sisters switch roles.
26For Whom the Bell Curve TollsFor Whom the Bell Curve Tolls (17 Mar. 2001)
Miss Atoll brings the kids' report cards. Roger falls to C. Blaire is failing. Miss Atoll is shutting down Radio Active. Blaire gets a chance to do the make-up tests but he must quit all of his sports teams.