Radio Active (TV Series 1998–2001)

Season 2

1The LeaderThe Leader (11 Sep. 1999)
Blaire Resnickie and Roger Richards join Radio Active. Miss Atoll is choosing a leader for the group.
2The InvasionThe Invasion (18 Sep. 1999)
Roger has hives. Tanya had seen something. Power shortage leaves George's headlines sounding like an alien invasion announcement. Same thing happens and Morgan's clarification sounds like a call for evacuation. Panic ensues.
3Sock It to MeSock It to Me (25 Sep. 1999)
It's career week. The Radio Active crew interviews Miss Atoll's guest speakers but they stink.
4Dr. TanyaDr. Tanya (2 Oct. 1999)
The Radio Active crew starts a new segment called Dr. Tanya.
5The InterceptionThe Interception (9 Oct. 1999)
Something is wrong with the equipment. George and Blaire intercept a possible criminal conversation.
6The Blaire Resnickie ProjectThe Blaire Resnickie Project (16 Oct. 1999)
The crew tells Blaire a ghost story about a dead PE teacher. Radio Active has no listeners. Mr. Noseworthy suggests doing more original programming and Blaire suggests doing the ghost story.
7Dark SarahDark Sarah (23 Oct. 1999)
Mr. Noseworthy has a scary inspection. He takes away Sarah's mail duties for the day. Morgan is too busy for her. Sarah feels invisible and decides to go dark goth.
8Logic 101Logic 101 (30 Oct. 1999)
Morgan finally agrees to go on a date with Blaire only if he changes his ways for a full week. Then Mr. Noseworthy offers him a job coaching an all-girls hockey team.
9The Truth and Nothing But the TruthThe Truth and Nothing But the Truth (6 Nov. 1999)
Mr. Noseworthy is overjoyed to be awarded the most spaced-out in the school newspaper secretly given by Roger. Miss Atoll is not so happy. Roger tricks Sarah to clean out his locker. Roger bets that Morgan can't go without lying for a day.
10The Big LieThe Big Lie (13 Nov. 1999)
Morgan doesn't have a date for the big dance. Nobody believes that cool guy Matt Stoker would go out with her. She asks him to be her lab partner. A misunderstanding blows up into a big lie.
11The Marathon BroadcastThe Marathon Broadcast (20 Nov. 1999)
Radio Active tries to break the world record for the longest high school broadcast which is twenty hours.
12The ReviewThe Review (27 Nov. 1999)
Roger does a scathing review of Morgan's show for being too aggressive. She tries to change her ways.
13Television ActiveTelevision Active (4 Dec. 1999)
George has an idea of upgrading to a television show. The crew elects Tanya to sell the idea to Miss Atoll.
14Morgan UnpluggedMorgan Unplugged (11 Dec. 1999)
Morgan is almost late for the first time. She's hyper flustered after eating Sarah's sugar cereal. She turns the wrong switch and broadcasts her singing instead of the music. To her surprise, everybody loves it.
15The Prince and the PimpleThe Prince and the Pimple (18 Dec. 1999)
Roger can't get a date to an upcoming dance. Morgan is stressed about a pimple and she can't get a date either.
16The Junk Food RacketThe Junk Food Racket (8 Jan. 2000)
After Tanya's expose, the school board bans junk food. Mr. Noseworthy appoints her inspector. Roger and Morgan start a black-market business from the Radio Active cabinet.
17Good... Win HuntingGood... Win Hunting (15 Jan. 2000)
The gang's science project fails. Their only option is to solve Noseworthy's impossible math problem. George is happy to get the janitor job. He finds the problem in Noseworthy's office and promptly solves it. How do you like them apples?
18Matchmaker, MatchmakerMatchmaker, Matchmaker (22 Jan. 2000)
Morgan has another bad date. Her next date cancels. Tanya uses astrology to find her a date and it leads to George. Roger is having bad luck. Miss Atoll warns Sarah about rollerskating in the halls.
19Smart and SmarterSmart and Smarter (29 Jan. 2000)
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20Disk-JunkieDisk-Junkie (5 Feb. 2000)
Mr. Noseworthy is suddenly taken with being a disk jockey. The crew does everything they can to get him out of the booth.
21Fashion PoliceFashion Police (12 Feb. 2000)
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22Morgan and Blaire: Sitting in a Tree...Morgan and Blaire: Sitting in a Tree... (19 Feb. 2000)
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23Miz Atoll DearestMiz Atoll Dearest (26 Feb. 2000)
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24DaydreamsDaydreams (4 Mar. 2000)
Miss Atoll gives the Radio Active crew a grammar seminar. The kids get bored and start having daydreams.
25Return to SenderReturn to Sender (11 Mar. 2000)
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26The Fund RaiserThe Fund Raiser (18 Mar. 2000)
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