Radio Active (TV Series 1998–2001)

Season 1

1FraudcastFraudcast (12 Sep. 1998)
Atoll threatens the Radio Active crew with Kevin failing school. The crew has a scheme to help Kevin pass Noseworthy's quiz.
2Quiz ShowQuiz Show (19 Sep. 1998)
Miss Atoll forces Kevin to participate in the Upper Redwood challenge against Morgan.
3The GossipThe Gossip (26 Sep. 1998)
Sarah has a piece of gossip for Morgan. Morgan goes on the air with the gossip but Tanya is not happy. Tanya is the one who wrote the love letter to the science geek. Morgan's gossip talk gains popularity.
4The Evil EmpireThe Evil Empire (3 Oct. 1998)
Kevin schemes to switch Miss Atoll's teaching duties with Mr. Noseworthy's VP duties. Soon, the Atoll administration becomes Kevin's nightmare and he has more scheming to do.
5The CD CaseThe CD Case (10 Oct. 1998)
Miss Atoll is horrified to find a broken CD. Morgan is the only one with an airtight alibi and she launches into an investigation.
6Payola PaybackPayola Payback (17 Oct. 1998)
Ethan pays Kevin to play a song by George and Tanya. Morgan is suspicious of the constant repeat play of the horrible song.
7The Big ShotThe Big Shot (24 Oct. 1998)
Mr. Noseworthy reads a letter from the new local radio station looking for new talent. They're listening to Radio Active to hire the one best host. Everybody goes over the top to impress.
8The Great HypnotoThe Great Hypnoto (31 Oct. 1998)
Ethan uses the instruction manual of his grandfather, The Great Hypnoto, to hypnotize his friends and Miss Atoll.
9Love BetsLove Bets (7 Nov. 1998)
George creates super-chess. Miss Atoll moves into Mr. Noseworthy's office. Morgan is obsessed with a Hollywood actor. Ethan bets Kevin $5 that he can't get Morgan to kiss him.
10The Prima DonnaThe Prima Donna (14 Nov. 1998)
Morgan is having a bad day and threatens to quit. Everybody is afraid and they try to be especially nice to her.
11Tanya's Psychic ConnectionTanya's Psychic Connection (21 Nov. 1998)
When George blows his nose with the weather report, Morgan comes up with Tanya's Psychic Weather Report. Miss Atoll berates Tanya until her psychic report comes true.
12The ReplacementThe Replacement (28 Nov. 1998)
Miss Atoll threatens to fail Kevin for missing his own show and he doesn't care. He sweet-talks Morgan by pretending to be in love with her. He gets Ethan to impersonate him on the next show so that he can hit on the hot girl at the mall.
13The TicketThe Ticket (10 Dec. 1998)
Rock group Juicy Freaks is coming. The gang is desperate for tickets. The promoter sends Radio Active one media ticket. Each member tries to get it from Miss Atoll.
14Boxing TanyaBoxing Tanya (12 Dec. 1998)
Ethan loses his beeper in the locked cabinet. Tanya punches it and it hits Ethan. Morgan mistakenly assumes that a bully is on the loose and later that Kevin is on a rampage. Tanya fears a repeat of a childhood incident.
15Ethan LiveEthan Live (19 Dec. 1998)
Ethan is short of cash but he promised to buy Linda a necklace. He comes up with an idea to sell tapes of "Too hot for Radio Active".
16The PlayThe Play (9 Jan. 1999)
Miss Atoll wants the gang to do a play on the air. It's the strangest ever Beauty and the Beast production.
17Mr. MoneybagsMr. Moneybags (16 Jan. 1999)
Nobody is willing to do selfish Ethan a favor. When his rich uncle Frank dies, he gets a big inheritance. Unexpectedly, he gives everybody gifts. Only there are strings attached.
18The Radio ActivistsThe Radio Activists (23 Jan. 1999)
Mr. Noseworthy recounts his student activist days. The school board bans his beloved book. He convinces gullible Sarah to take over the radio. The school board quickly folds and Morgan has an idea of how to get their way on any issue.
19The Classy GirlThe Classy Girl (30 Jan. 1999)
When Morgan gets dumped by football jock Brad for the dance, she picks Kevin to make Brad jealous. Kevin gets a date with rich girl Melissa.
20Morgan's Day OffMorgan's Day Off (6 Feb. 1999)
Morgan is tired of school. She revolts after Miss Atoll's petty assignments and forces a detention from her. Of course, Kevin also has detention. Morgan decides to quit school.
21Stalag 16 1/2Stalag 16 1/2 (13 Feb. 1999)
Miss Atoll keeps catching the gang and giving everybody detention. They suspect that she has a spy within the group.
22The PoetThe Poet (20 Feb. 1999)
The school board ranks Upper Redwood 46 out of 47. The gang has trouble with the poetry assignment except surprisingly George. Kevin gets him to write a poem for Wendy. Kevin reads it over the air as his own and he gains unwanted fame.
23The Secret AdmirerThe Secret Admirer (27 Feb. 1999)
Morgan has another bad date and then she finds a secret admirer letter in her locker. A word in the letter leads her to Ethan but he thinks it's his spray. Tanya gets the same letter also leading to Ethan.
24BlackmailBlackmail (6 Mar. 1999)
Everybody ignores Sarah. She delivers Miss Atoll a letter stating that she had failed high school. Atoll tries to keep her silence by making her the newest member of Radio Active.
25The SubstituteThe Substitute (13 Mar. 1999)
Miss Atoll is away for a week. In a surprise, Tanya is the new substitute teacher.
26Ethan Without a CauseEthan Without a Cause (20 Mar. 1999)
Ethan doesn't want to be a suck anymore. He tries to be a bad boy but he's doing it badly. George tries a personal ad with Morgan's help.