Bonkers (TV Series 1993–1994)

Season 1

1Going BonkersGoing Bonkers (4 Sep. 1993)
When cartoon star Bonkers T. Bobcat is fired, he helps the police search for missing toons.
2Gone BonkersGone Bonkers (4 Sep. 1993)
When Bonkers is captured by The Collector, it's up to his reluctant partner, Piquel, to save him.
3In the BagIn the Bag (6 Sep. 1993)
When the Mad Hatter is robbed, Bonkers and Piquel are on the case, chasing after a lonely toon bag.
4Hear No Bonkers, See No BonkersHear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers (7 Sep. 1993)
Piquel is fired. But Bonkers still needs his help with a mysterious soap that makes toons disappear.
5Out of Sight, Out of ToonOut of Sight, Out of Toon (8 Sep. 1993)
While on a case, Lucky catches the toon flu and becomes increasingly more toon-like.
6Is Toon Fur Really Warm?Is Toon Fur Really Warm? (9 Sep. 1993)
Piquel and Bonkers invite Skunky Skunk to Marilyn's party, but he's accused of a crime and vanishes.
7Calling All CarsCalling All Cars (10 Sep. 1993)
Ma Parker, a toon tow truck, befriends Lucky as part of a scheme to steal car parts from the police.
8Fall Apart Bomb SquadFall Apart Bomb Squad (13 Sep. 1993)
Fall-Apart Rabbit helps Bonkers and Piquel capture an angry toon bomb with stand-up comedy dreams.
9In Toons We TrustIn Toons We Trust (14 Sep. 1993)
When Li'l Hubert is arrested on the scene, Bonkers believes he's innocent and helps clear his name.
10Never Cry PigNever Cry Pig (15 Sep. 1993)
It's another case for the Toon Division as Lucky Picquel and Bonkers investigate reports of a wolf blowing down the houses of the three little... excuse me... Three Big Pigs. But when Bonkers goes undercover as a wolf himself, is he barking up the wrong tree?
11Hamster HouseguestHamster Houseguest (16 Sep. 1993)
Piquel dreams of a relaxing weekend; but, thanks to Bonkers, ends up babysitting a toon hamster.
12The Cheap Sheep SweepThe Cheap Sheep Sweep (17 Sep. 1993)
Bonkers is kidnapped by a wolf in sheep's clothing, who is selling toons as novelty sheep.
13The Day the Toon Stood StillThe Day the Toon Stood Still (18 Oct. 1993)
Pops Klok, the keeper of toon time, quits, throwing all toons into uncontrollable chaos.
14Weather or NotWeather or Not (21 Sep. 1993)
Bonkers uses his new how-to-be-a-detective kit to search for the missing weather toons.
15Basic SprainingBasic Spraining (22 Sep. 1993)
Piquel inadvertently sends Bonkers to a fake police academy run by a vengeful villain.
16Once in a Blue ToonOnce in a Blue Toon (23 Sep. 1993)
Bonkers and Piquel are tasked with reforming a prisoner named Toon Louse, who is a hard case that eats everything in sight.
17Luna-ToonsLuna-Toons (24 Sep. 1993)
Aliens invade Earth, but no one notices because the humans think they are toys.
18Time Wounds All HeelsTime Wounds All Heels (27 Sep. 1993)
A criminal Piquel sent up the river many years ago is back and stalking Piquel. Or so Piquel thinks.
19PoltertoonPoltertoon (28 Sep. 1993)
A ghost moves into Piquel's house on the night Chief Kanifky's coming for dinner.
20Hand Over the DoughHand Over the Dough (29 Sep. 1993)
Someone is sabotaging Butterman's Bakeries and the clues lead to spokestoon Mikey Muffin.
21Ski Patrol/Bonkers in Space/The Rubber Room Song/Draining Cats and DogsSki Patrol/Bonkers in Space/The Rubber Room Song/Draining Cats and Dogs (30 Sep. 1993)
Bonkers is an ambulance driver, spaceship washer and more in a series of shorts.
22Tune PigTune Pig (1 Oct. 1993)
Bonkers is the singer Julio Calamari's biggest fan - until he discovers Calamari's dark secret.
23New Partners on the BlockNew Partners on the Block (4 Oct. 1993)
Bonkers gets teamed with Miranda Wright. Piquel gets a job with the F.B.I.
24Witless for the ProsecutionWitless for the Prosecution (5 Oct. 1993)
Miranda hides out in Bonkers' apartment but is not prepared for a weekend with his toon neighbors.
25Bobcat FeverBobcat Fever (21 Mar. 1993)
Bonkers is infected by a toon virus, Sheryl Germ, who believes she's been hired by an agent.
26What You Read Is What You GetWhat You Read Is What You Get (25 Apr. 1993)
Every story Bonkers reads about in the tabloid, The National Trash, comes true.
27Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep?Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep? (8 Oct. 1993)
A frustrated toon sheep, Baabra, takes over Bonkers' dreams.
28Trains, Toons, and Toon TrainsTrains, Toons, and Toon Trains (28 Feb. 1993)
Bonkers and Miranda transport a prisoner, Vic 'Stiff-Lips' Sullivan, to the state pen via train.
29Quibbling RivalryQuibbling Rivalry (12 Oct. 1993)
Miranda's news anchor sister Shirley comes to town and makes her personal campaign to blame Bonkers for everything that goes wrong.
30The Toon That Ate HollywoodThe Toon That Ate Hollywood (4 Apr. 1993)
Gloomy (a failed human clown) uses the humorizer to suck the comedy out of toons everywhere.
31Springtime for the IguanaSpringtime for the Iguana (14 Oct. 1993)
When toon legend, Roderick Lizzard, is suspected of arson, Bonkers sets out to solve the mystery.
32CasabonkersCasabonkers (15 Oct. 1993)
Bonkers' old flame, Katya, waltzes back into his life, bringing intrigue and danger with her.
33Tokyo BonkersTokyo Bonkers (7 Mar. 1993)
Bonkers and Miranda travel to Japan to deliver the brain of the evil toon, Z-bot, to the Tokyo PD.
34Love StuckLove Stuck (19 Oct. 1993)
The contestants on the "Love Corral" TV show have gone missing. Villain, Winston Prickly, who hates that the good guys always get the girl, has his eyes on Rita.
35When the Spirit Moves YouWhen the Spirit Moves You (11 Apr. 1993)
Bonkers and Miranda encounter a toon ghost from the 1930's and call in Ludwig Von Drake for help.
36Of Mice and MenaceOf Mice and Menace (21 Oct. 1993)
Bonkers takes in three toon mice he believes are abandoned pets, but are actually criminals in hiding.
37Toon for a DayToon for a Day (6 Jun. 1993)
When Grating gets konked on the head, he wakes up thinking he's Bucky Buzzsaw, a toon beaver.
38The Stork ExchangeThe Stork Exchange (14 Mar. 1993)
Lilith DuPrave kidnaps the storks who deliver toon babies to their parents and involves them in weapons smuggling.
39Dog Day AfterToonDog Day AfterToon (26 Oct. 1993)
Miranda and Grating are held hostage when a toon dog, Pitts, robs a bank after being fired.
40Fistful of AnvilsFistful of Anvils (18 Apr. 1993)
Bonkers tells Miranda's nephew, Timmy, a bedtime story set in the Wild West.
41The 29th PageThe 29th Page (28 Oct. 1993)
Time is running out for Bonkers and Miranda as catastrophe strikes Hollywood when the 29th page of every book in town is stolen by a vicious toon gangster.
42Cartoon CorneredCartoon Cornered (29 Oct. 1993)
Grating is locked in a zany alternate toon reality while Wildman Wyatt escapes prison.
43The Good, the Bad, and the KanifkyThe Good, the Bad, and the Kanifky (1 Nov. 1993)
Kanifky is demoted and becomes Bonkers' and Piquel's partner.
44I Oughta Be in ToonsI Oughta Be in Toons (2 Nov. 1993)
A human in disguise wants to take the place of the most famous toon in the world.
45Frame That ToonFrame That Toon (3 Nov. 1993)
Bonkers convinces Piquel to sacrifice solving a "big case" to help him track down a wayward toon.
46A Wooly BullyA Wooly Bully (4 Nov. 1993)
Toon superhero, Mammoth Mammoth, goes on a crime rampage while Bonkers tries to be more efficient.
47Stay ToonedStay Tooned (5 Nov. 1993)
When a valuable piece of evidence disappears, Bonkers soon has everybody suspecting everybody else.
48O Cartoon! My Cartoon!O Cartoon! My Cartoon! (10 Nov. 1993)
Bonkers stars as a WWII pizza delivery cat, a brilliant detective and more in a series of shorts.
49Color Me PiquelColor Me Piquel (11 Nov. 1993)
Lucky learns that Toons have the ability to rub off of people and temporarily transfer their color and traits to them. A villainous colorless gang of two kidnaps Toons to experiment with this.
50Stand-In DadStand-In Dad (12 Nov. 1993)
Piquel must break a promise to Marilyn when he's pulled into a top priority undercover assignment.
51Cereal SurrealCereal Surreal (15 Nov. 1993)
Someone is stealing the prizes out of all of the wheat crunchy cereal boxes.
52IfIf (16 Nov. 1993)
This collection of shorts showcases Bonkers as a delivery toon - even in the Wild West.
53The DimmingThe Dimming (17 Nov. 1993)
Piquel spends his vacation as the caretaker of an old resort hotel so he'll have peace and quiet.
54Toon with No NameToon with No Name (18 Nov. 1993)
The cast members of a movie Bonkers did years ago are disappearing one by one.
55Get WackyGet Wacky (19 Nov. 1993)
The most incurable toon criminal, Wacky Weasel, has escaped from prison and Bonkers must face him.
56The Final ReviewThe Final Review (22 Nov. 1993)
Bonkers emulates his TV hero, T.J. Fingers, while investigating threats aimed at a TV critic.
57Goldijitters and the 3 BobcatsGoldijitters and the 3 Bobcats (24 Nov. 1993)
Bonkers has a prehistoric adventure, Jitters gets married, and more in this collection of shorts.
58Seems Like Old ToonsSeems Like Old Toons (26 Nov. 1993)
Despite Piquel's trepidation, Marilyn goes to Toon Camp, where she has to save a struggling studio.
59Miracle at the 34th PrecinctMiracle at the 34th Precinct (27 Nov. 1993)
Santa is missing and his reluctant stand-in is - Lucky Piquel.
60Comeback KidComeback Kid (29 Nov. 1993)
A toon cow and a toon chicken, Stew and Chick, con Bonkers into directing a movie starring Piquel.
61The Greatest Story Never ToldThe Greatest Story Never Told (7 Feb. 1994)
Piquel ends up on the TV show, Cops R Us, when a toon camera and mic do a story about him.
62Fall Apart LandFall Apart Land (9 Feb. 1994)
Lucky Piquel and Fall-Apart Rabbit become unlikely partners in a theme park called Fall Apart Land.
63Imagine ThatImagine That (14 Feb. 1994)
Bonkers and Piquel must stop a toon pencil covering the city in graffiti before he corrupts Marilyn.
64A Fine Kettle of ToonsA Fine Kettle of Toons (17 Feb. 1994)
Worried Bonkers and Piquel are shirking, Kanifky teams up with Fall-Apart Rabbit to investigate.
65Stressed to KillStressed to Kill (23 Feb. 1994)
Piquel's stress level is record high, so Bonkers takes it upon himself to de-stress his partner.