Titus (TV Series 2000–2002)

Season 3

1Racing in the StreetsRacing in the Streets (14 Nov. 2001)
Erin is chagrined to discover that Titus is drag racing while still recovering from his accident.
2Amy's BirthdayAmy's Birthday (21 Nov. 2001)
Erin, Titus, Dave, and Tommy attempt to throw a surprise sixteenth birthday party for Amy, but the plan goes awry when Child Protective Services become involved.
3Tommy's Not GayTommy's Not Gay (28 Nov. 2001)
The group deals with Tommy's meltdown after his father comes out as gay.
4Shannon's SongShannon's Song (5 Dec. 2001)
Titus's annoyingly perfect sister, Shannon, comes to from Africa to visit and takes attention away from Titus.
5Grad SchoolGrad School (12 Dec. 2001)
Erin runs into problems during her first day as a social worker intern.
6HouseboatHouseboat (19 Dec. 2001)
Titus traps his father on a houseboat so that Erin can inundate him with Christmas cheer.
7The TrialThe Trial (2 Jan. 2002)
Juanita Titus is on trial for murder, but the real drama comes after the verdict is rendered.
8Grandma TitusGrandma Titus (9 Jan. 2002)
Grandma Titus is suffering from dementia and shows up at the high school intending to teach classes. The guys show up to rescue her and Titus reflects in how she shielded him from his father and other family dynamics.
9ErrrrErrrr (16 Jan. 2002)
Titus reminisces about his high school romantic experiences in an effort to help Amy through a breakup.
10Tommy's CrushTommy's Crush (23 Jan. 2002)
Tommy meets with the wrath of Titus' father when he develops a crush on Titus' sister.
11Into Thin AirInto Thin Air (30 Jan. 2002)
Titus and Dave become trapped on a snowy ledge after they stray from approved ski slopes.
12Too Damn GoodToo Damn Good (6 Feb. 2002)
Titus's insecurities kick in when he is asked to design a car for Ford.
13Bachelor PartyBachelor Party (13 Feb. 2002)
Erin has her turn in the neutral space freaking out about Christopher's bachelor party, but things didn't go as planned for the guys night out.
14Hot StreakHot Streak (20 Feb. 2002)
Titus tries to bond with his dad by taking him on vacation.
15The SessionThe Session (6 Mar. 2002)
Erin brings the entire family in for group therapy, without telling them that her psychology class is watching through a two-way mirror.
16Same CourtesySame Courtesy (20 Mar. 2002)
After the embarrassing session with the psychiatrist, Titus plots his revenge against Erin and the gang with tragic results.
17After Mrs. ShafterAfter Mrs. Shafter (29 Jul. 2002)
Papa Titus has entered a romantic relationship with Tommy's mother, which infuriates Tommy.
18The VisitThe Visit (29 Jul. 2002)
Titus's mom shows up at an inopportune moment when a social worker is performing a home visit to determine if Erin and Titus can adopt Amy.
19Insanity Genetic: Part 1Insanity Genetic: Part 1 (5 Aug. 2002)
As they fly home after Juanita's funeral, Titus reads an article about how insanity is genetic while everyone else manages to piss off both passengers and stewards.
20Insanity Genetic: Part 2Insanity Genetic: Part 2 (5 Aug. 2002)
After the ruckus on the plane, the FBI threatens to label the gang as terrorists... unless they sign the commitment papers to put Titus in an institution.
21The ProtectorThe Protector (12 Aug. 2002)
Christopher goes to school to confront a bully who has been picking on Amy, however he learns a horrible secret.