Home Movies (TV Series 1999–2004)

Season 2

1PoliticsPolitics (6 Jan. 2002)
Brendon runs for school president, but trouble starts when Shannon endorses his candidacy. When Shannon uses his prediction of Brendon's win to join the inner circle, Brendon must decide how to handle things.
2Identifying a BodyIdentifying a Body (13 Jan. 2002)
Brendon's class is sent out to collect money for a walkathon to benefit the homeless. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk asks Brendon along to the morgue to identify McGuirk's dead uncle and pick up his inheritance. Along the way, they manage to spend all of the money Brendon collected for the walkathon.
3HiatusHiatus (20 Jan. 2002)
Brendon, Melissa and Jason endure a self-imposed hiatus from filmmaking. Meanwhile, Coach McGuirk and Mr. Lynch travel south of the border together
4Business & PleasureBusiness & Pleasure (27 Jan. 2002)
Coach McGuirk thinks Brendon has a drug problem.
5The PartyThe Party (3 Feb. 2002)
Brendon makes a film for Fenton Muley and Fenton hates it.
6ImpressionsImpressions (10 Feb. 2002)
Brendon uses Jason's parents' country club to impress a girl. Paula has trouble taking a typing test. McGuirk tries take a date to the opera that thinks he is a bodybuilder.
7DadDad (17 Feb. 2002)
Brendon meets his father and his father's annoying girlfriend. A disabled child joins McGuirk's soccer class.
8TherapyTherapy (24 Feb. 2002)
Brendon, Andrew, and Linda go to therapy.
9Class TripClass Trip (3 Mar. 2002)
Paula chaperones Brendon, Jason, and Melissa on a class trip to a hotel where they need to film part of a movie. McGuirk gets a job at the coffee shop next door by using Brendon's name.
10HistoryHistory (10 Mar. 2002)
Brendon works on his new film, "Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space" instead of studying for history class.
11Writer's BlockWriter's Block (17 Mar. 2002)
Brendan, suffering from writer's block, becomes increasingly anxious as the school Writer's Fair nears. Meanwhile, his mother works on her own work - a romance novel - and Coach McGuirk, suffering from insomnia, checks himself into a sleep center as a study subject.
12Pizza ClubPizza Club (24 Mar. 2002)
McGuirk finds out about Brendon and his dad's Pizza Club and tries to bribe Brendon for membership.
13The WeddingThe Wedding (31 Mar. 2002)
Brendon gets a rash on his back that he calls "The Crab". Andrew and Linda get married.