Home Movies (TV Series 1999–2004)

Season 1

1Get Away from My MomGet Away from My Mom (26 Apr. 1999)
Brendon's mother Paula announces her plans to go on a date with Brendon's soccer coach, Mr. McGuirk.
2I Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher ConferencesI Don't Do Well in Parent-Teacher Conferences (3 May 1999)
Brendon fails to give an oral report in school, so his mother is asked to attend a parent-teacher conference. However, she can't keep her sanity in such a situation.
3The Art of the Sucker PunchThe Art of the Sucker Punch (10 May 1999)
After Jason is dragged through the mud by the school bully, Shannon, Brendon plots a rather selfish revenge match.
4Brendon Gets RabiesBrendon Gets Rabies (17 May 1999)
Brendon volunteers to take care of a vacationing couple's pet cat. However, it escapes its house and later turns up with rabies.
5YokoYoko (24 May 1999)
While on a camping trip, Brendon and a female classmate, Loni, start becoming an item, but Melissa and Jason can't stand the newest member of their movie troupe. Meanwhile, a foreign student plays a nasty prank on McGuirk.
6Director's CutDirector's Cut (2 Sep. 2001)
Duane wants to produce a rock opera based on Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" but runs into some stiff opposition from Brendon and his own project, a fictional meeting between Louis Braille and Louis Pasteur.
7It Was Supposed to Be FunnyIt Was Supposed to Be Funny (9 Sep. 2001)
Brendon films a documentary about Melissa's grandfather that was supposed to be funny.
8Method of ActingMethod of Acting (16 Sep. 2001)
Brendon auditions for a play and Paula teaches a creative writing class.
9Life Through a Fisheye LensLife Through a Fisheye Lens (23 Sep. 2001)
Brendon tries to get a fisheye lens for his camera.
10School NurseSchool Nurse (30 Sep. 2001)
Brendon fakes being sick so the school nurse will send him home.
11Mortgages & MarblesMortgages & Marbles (30 Sep. 2001)
Brendon's baby sister Josie has a habit of shoving marbles into her nostrils, so he produces an educational film about this for extra credit in class. Coach McGuirk also turns to Erik for advice about buying a new house.
12Law and BoarderLaw and Boarder (7 Oct. 2001)
Brendon gets hit by a car while riding his bike and has to go to court because he broke the law.
13Brendon's ChoiceBrendon's Choice (7 Oct. 2001)
Brendon is curious about his father.