Seiju Sentai Gingaman (TV Series 1998–1999)

Season 1

1Densetsu no yaibaDensetsu no yaiba (22 Feb. 1998)
On the day the 133rd Gingaman squadron receive their duty, the Space Pirates Balban reawaken; forcing the team into action where the fall of one will lead to the emergence of a new hero.
2Seijû no SairaiSeijû no Sairai (1 Mar. 1998)
The Balban begin to search for a means to revive their bestial ship Daitanix; as Shelinda invades the Ginga Forest forcing a decision where Gingaman's fate hangs in the balance.
3Daichi no ChieDaichi no Chie (8 Mar. 1998)
As Sambash officially becomes Zahab's subordinate for reviving Daitanix, Gouki shows doubt in abandoning the Ginga Forest due to a particular reason.
4Âsu no KokoroÂsu no Kokoro (15 Mar. 1998)
Hikaru gets into trouble with Hayate when he uses his electric Earth for menial tasks as Sambash's latest subordinate tries to absorb electricity for Daitanix.
5Hissatsu no KibaHissatsu no Kiba (22 Mar. 1998)
Sambash summons a weapon-collecting subordinate in order to gather for recreating a dangerous weapon, leading to the Starbeast Swords and Ryouma being put in danger as he tries to make them his own.
6Seijû no KikiSeijû no Kiki (29 Mar. 1998)
When Sambash releases a Majin that poisons the air of Earth in hopes of healing Daitanix, Gingaman and Yuuta face a deadly crisis that only the Starbeasts may be capable of stopping at a high cost.
7Fukkatsu no TokiFukkatsu no Toki (5 Apr. 1998)
Gingaman must discover the way to use their Kiba Blades to bring back the Starbeasts before their power can be co-opted by the brother Majin Tagredor and Torbador for Daitanix.
8Aijô no RyôriAijô no Ryôri (12 Apr. 1998)
Hikaru is taken in by a motherly chef who wants to teach him the ways of good cooking even while Sambash's Majin searches for the best food to awaken Daitanix.
9Himitsu no KonekoHimitsu no Koneko (19 Apr. 1998)
A meteorite seals away Gingat's power, turning it into a small feline that a girl adopts in place of her missing cat.
10Kaze no FueKaze no Fue (26 Apr. 1998)
When a Majin tries to use noise to revive Daitanix, Hayate's flute-playing may be the only remedy to deal with it; despite the memories and danger brought about by this.
11Senshi no JunjôSenshi no Junjô (3 May 1998)
Gouki falls in love with Yuuta's teacher while helping him out with a school visit; while Sambash uses a Majin to assist him as part of his ultimate plan.
12Akumu no SaikaiAkumu no Saikai (10 May 1998)
Sambash reveals the truth of his ultimate plan by bringing back Hyuuga to force the Gingaman to play by his rules; but what appears to be a reunion reveals a devious hand at play.
13Gyakuten no JûgekibôGyakuten no Jûgekibô (17 May 1998)
As Budou decides to search for the Lights of Ginga as Balban's new general, Wisdom Tree Moak finds itself in grave danger even as it forms new weapons for the Gingaman.
14Futari no SayaFutari no Saya (24 May 1998)
Saya takes the place of an actress she looks like in order to help film a movie as a Majin takes target on cameras for the Lights of Ginga.
15Kyôfu no ShakkuriKyôfu no Shakkuri (31 May 1998)
Ryouma accidentally gives Hikaru an ancient Balban bomb as a cold remedy, making him hiccup his way towards potentially blowing them up.
16Kokoro no KokyôKokoro no Kokyô (7 Jun. 1998)
Hayate and Gingaman try to impress a man claiming to be the father of the equestrian club owner; as Budoh's latest Majin soaks the ground for the Lights of Ginga.
17Hontô no YûkiHontô no Yûki (14 Jun. 1998)
Ryouma tries to teach a lesson to Yuuta about the meaning of courage as Gingaman tries to deal with a Majin trying to destroy skyscrapers with humanoid machines for the Lights of Ginga.
18Nazo no kuro kishiNazo no kuro kishi (28 Jun. 1998)
BullBlack, a mysterious knight from 3,000 years in the past, revives to open a new rivalry in the frantic search for the Lights of Ginga.
19Fukushû no KishiFukushû no Kishi (5 Jul. 1998)
As Gingaman discovers the reason behind BullBlack's battle against the Balban, they try to convince him against his reckless ways for the sake of vengeance.
20Hitori no TatakaiHitori no Tatakai (12 Jul. 1998)
When Budoh's latest Majin general puts his team and the town to sleep for the Lights of Ginga, Ryouma must fight on his own to figure out how to defeat it, even as BullBlack and his ideals get in his way.
21Tomato no shirenTomato no shiren (19 Jul. 1998)
When Hayate becomes hurt by Budoh's latest Majin targeting tomatoes, he has to get over his fear of this fruit in order to heal himself to help his teammates.
22Hikari no ShutsugenHikari no Shutsugen (2 Aug. 1998)
Hikaru and Saya must work together to escape from a dome placed by Budoh's Majin to prevent anyone from stopping his extraction project for the Lights of Ginga.
23Sôdatsu no HateSôdatsu no Hate (9 Aug. 1998)
With the Lights of Ginga released, it's a four-way showdown to claim them, leading to unexpected twists before their wielder finally emerges.
24Budô no ShûnenBudô no Shûnen (16 Aug. 1998)
Budoh escapes from Balban captivity to fight until his crimes are finally clear, even as Spectral Empress Iliess begins her battle as the new general of the crew.
25Kuro kishi no ketsuiKuro kishi no ketsui (23 Aug. 1998)
BullBlack decides to sacrifice the Earth in hopes of stopping the Balban, forcing the rage of Ryouma even as the Black Knight finally reveals his means of survival.
26Honô no KyôdaiHonô no Kyôdai (30 Aug. 1998)
Ryouma tries to find the means to speak to his older brother Hyuuga about his future as a Gingaman as the rest of the team becomes captured by Illies' mirror-manipulating Majin.
27Miira no YûwakuMiira no Yûwaku (6 Sep. 1998)
Hyuuga draws the ire of Saya when he starts protecting a girl being targeted by a Majin draining female youth for Daitanix.
28Papa no HyôhenPapa no Hyôhen (13 Sep. 1998)
Gouki helps Yuuta try to save his father Haruhiko after a Majin steals his loving heart for another spell for Daitanix's revival.
29Yami no ShôninYami no Shônin (20 Sep. 1998)
Zahab and Battobas summon a merchant ally who captures Hikaru and Hyuuga to use them in a plan to activate three special weapons.
30Hagane no SeijûHagane no Seijû (27 Sep. 1998)
As Gingaman realizes their new opponents are captured and transformed Starbeasts, they try to figure out how to save them as Zahab sets to using them for taking the squadron down.
31Noroi no IshiNoroi no Ishi (4 Oct. 1998)
Hayate and Yuuta fall under a curse of a Majin turning them into stone as a means to switch Daitanix's curse onto them.
32Yûjô no Kidô UmaYûjô no Kidô Uma (11 Oct. 1998)
Ryouma works to save the sister of a motorbike shop owner in order to regain his trust after she becomes captured by a Majin collecting fear for Daitanix.
33Akogare no SayaAkogare no Saya (18 Oct. 1998)
Saya tries to deal with a boy trying to act cool to win her heart as Illies sends her little brother in a desperate attempt to revive Daitanix with sorrow.
34Fujimi no IriesuFujimi no Iriesu (25 Oct. 1998)
Given a final chance to revive a rotting Daitanix, Illies uses her most powerful magic to force Gingaman into a showdown to reach her before she completes the beast's revival.
35Gôki no SentakuGôki no Sentaku (1 Nov. 1998)
Gouki tries to muster up the courage to tell Suzuko how he feels even as he has to deal with both a new romantic rival and Battobas' new campaign for reviving Daitanix.
36Muteki no HaruhikoMuteki no Haruhiko (8 Nov. 1998)
After becoming stuck together by glue, Hayate and Haruhiko work together to stop a Majin planning on blowing up a city in order to heat up Daitanix's heart.
37Bukuratesu no YabôBukuratesu no Yabô (15 Nov. 1998)
While Hyuuga continues to watch over the wounded GoTaurus, both the Balban and Bucrates are after GouTaurus for their own nefarious schemes.
38Hyûga no KetsudanHyûga no Ketsudan (22 Nov. 1998)
In order to save GoTaurus, Hyuuga must make a decision on whether to follow Bucrates, even if it means doing something that will further estrange him from Ryouma and Gingaman.
39Kokoro no MassâjiKokoro no Massâji (29 Nov. 1998)
An angered Saya must learn how to open her heart from a karate teaching masseuse as she becomes targeted by a Majin using Baruba X missiles to grow people to massage Daitanix's heart.
40Kanashimi no MajinKanashimi no Majin (6 Dec. 1998)
Battobas summons a sacrificial Majin to be used in a scheme to revive Daitanix; even as the warrior desires one final battle with Hikaru before his eventual death.
41Majû no FukkatsuMajû no Fukkatsu (13 Dec. 1998)
With Daitanic's revival at hand, Gingaman head forth to stop the Demon-Beast, as Hyuuga and Bucrates likewise try to stop Zahab before he can destroy the Earth.
42Senritsu no MajûSenritsu no Majû (20 Dec. 1998)
With Ryouma taken down by Zahab, Hyuuga and Yuuta must work to save him as the rest of Gingaman must stop the rampage of the massive Daitanix before it destroys everything.
43Densetsu no AshiotoDensetsu no Ashioto (27 Dec. 1998)
Gingaman recalls all of their adventures and trials facing the Balban while looking over pictures for Haruhiko's new book about them.
44Chikyû no MajûChikyû no Majû (3 Jan. 1999)
Gouki is asked by Kishimoto to apprentice under GingaBlue, as Zahab reveals an unexpected trump card put into play for the Balban.
45Yôsei no NamidaYôsei no Namida (10 Jan. 1999)
Saya receives a flower from a mysterious girl that she must figure out how to utilize in order to hold back the progress of the Earth Demon-Beast.
46Ikari no KazeIkari no Kaze (17 Jan. 1999)
Shellinda uses the memory and image of Hayate's fiancée in order to force him into a showdown with her in an attempt to try and prove her worth towards him.
47Akuma no SakuryakuAkuma no Sakuryaku (24 Jan. 1999)
Biznella sets up a trap in order to lure Gingaman into their own destruction while pursuing the Earth Demon-Beast, which only Hikaru can prevent from going off.
48Môku no SaigoMôku no Saigo (31 Jan. 1999)
As the Earth Demon-Beast corrodes the planet with pollution, Moak decides to make a sacrificial move in order to prevent it's power from hurting the planet or Gingaman. Meanwhile, the Balban locates Bucrates and Hyuuga's location.
49Kiseki no YamaKiseki no Yama (7 Feb. 1999)
With the Balban preparing to go all out to summon and grow the Earth Demon-Beast, Gingaman heads into a showdown to stop the creature; while Hyuuga finally learns the means to fully bring their battle to an end.
50Ashita no rejendoAshita no rejendo (14 Feb. 1999)
As Captain Zahab takes the grown Earth Demon-Beast as his new steed to return to his pirate ways, the Gingaman and Hyuuga must stop him and the giant beast in order to prevent him from destroying their world for his own gains.